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  1. David10

    Cup-holder repair (with pictures)

    I'm glad this helped you bud, it's a minor repair but saves some money and works. Now time to change my clutch, stealership here I come. David
  2. David10

    First M5

    Hello All, I recently bought an M5 (E60) on a 55 plate although it is immaculate for its age, I have had an E36 Evo M3 and my pride and joy for the last 4 years an E46 Estoril blue, manual M3 to this day still my favorite shape of car as it was stunning from any angle. Now I have bitten the bullet and bought the E60, the engine is an absolute phenomenon and I love it. I'm still getting used to the SMG gearbox although I find fully automatic is rubbish and drive in tiptronic All the time. I have had a few niggles but the car had only done 4500 miles in the last 4 years and I don't think they are designed to be left laying around. I was glad I got a warranty with it as i have had the alternator replaced due to a faulty voltage regulator. I could've just went with the regulator but it was under warranty so.... I've had a new ABS pump fitted also (under warranty) as I had intermittent faults with start assist. I took it to my local BMW Indie in Southampton who gave it a full service for me (my cost) for piece of mind as hes as honest as the day is long. now I have a car that I have a bit of faith in and I will look after him (Brakes next). The shape is steadily growing on me although the bloody 'Tea Tray' boot still does my head in It's a small price to pay for that Engine. Definitely a Jekyll and Hyde car.
  3. David10

    Cup-holder repair (with pictures)

    Morning, I had a similar problem with my drivers side cup holder in my M5, I don't think it was as serious as Klaxhu's problem. If your holder does operate every ten 'SLAPS' or so then there is a really quick solution. Follow Klaxhu's method to remove the cup holder, then follow the instructions on the attachment I have created. It is a good idea when you have it out to give the button mechanism a good clean and re-grease with white grease. I hope this helps some one.