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  1. Chasen

    Ista - P

    As i know for BMW F-series ENET cable with E-sys software can work.
  2. Chasen

    ISTA D/P and FRM worries

    hello,man i found these blog collection about BMW coding and programming,maybe it can help you. http://www.car-auto-repair.com/tag/bmw-coding/ http://blog.uobdii.com/bmw-coding-reprogramming-guide/
  3. Chasen

    BMW TIS online

    hello,what is BMW TIS? The link provide is invalid
  4. Chasen

    ISTA Version (DATE)

    i found many topic about BMW ISTA on these websites,maybe it is helpful http://blog.uobdii.com http://www.car-auto-repair.com
  5. I found a blog write some topic about Carly BMW Coding gudie: https://www.car-auto-repair.com/tag/carly-bmw/
  6. CGDI BMW FEM BDC key learn is in the dismantling method instead of OBD method. Then you have to know the FEM/BDC system location, 95128 IC location, 95256 IC location and Key learning position, read the detail in the below parts. BMW FEM/ BDC installation location. 95128 IC location 95256 IC location Key learning position That’s all. Article edit by CGDI
  7. Chasen

    Hello,I am freshman!

    BMW X3 WO xxxxxx