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  1. Irbyblue

    E61 bootlid catching on roof

    I have no idea on how you adjust it would I'd love to know you're thoughts, pros/cons of the 530i after owning a diesel.
  2. Irbyblue

    Bouncing revs

    It's not a constant thing tbh, while it's warming up it isn't too bad then sometimes it's ok when warm but sometimes it's really annoying. The only thing that struck me today was that it was a little warmer and other times it's been warmer it's not as bouncy, like today. O2 sensor or similar? I've had the codes read but nothing shows and the gearbox oil and filters were recently done. The other thing is at idle sometimes it feels like misfire where the revs drop on a cycle and other times it's fine. But no codes show. Maybe be I should try blocking the egr vac to see if there's a difference.
  3. Irbyblue

    Bouncing revs

    I've noticed that when the weather gets below say 5 degrees I get the above but out today (7-8 degrees) it's not as noticeable. I've now realised that on warmer days it's much better. Is the warmer weather affecting the torque converter (oil?) or might it be something else? or is it my imagination?
  4. Irbyblue

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    What have got lined up to replace it with?
  5. Irbyblue

    DPF and Cat delete

    Not too sure as I've never been under the car so can only go on what I've been told. Although not being a mechanic I couldn't tell if I was under the car anyway. I thought though that the DPF would have been before the cat as it needs to get it up to such a high temperature to burn off the soot that it wouldn't be achieved if it went through the cat first?
  6. Irbyblue

    DPF and Cat delete

    Apparently he's had to put a hole through it to get the engine to breathe and stop it blocking up again. Not too sure how this all affects the emissions test for the mot but I'll cross that bridge in 9 months when it's due for renewal. Personally I'd rather the car was stock as I don't like things non legal and messed with, but it's a hell of a lot nicer(and safer) than it was previously
  7. Irbyblue

    DPF and Cat delete

    turns out my car before I bought it had had the DPF removed and mapped out ( I didn't know) but was still showing as having a full DPF via Carly. At one point no exhaust gas was going through the exhaust and had actually blown the sensor pipe off and was using that as the exhaust. I'd had caustic soda put into what was thought the DPF but turns out it was probably the Cat which seemed to sort the problem. Eventually no amount of forced regents was doing anything (and why would it) , except it would actually clear itself out and then run ok-ish. After coming back from Liverpool and it driving so slowly it was dangerous 40-45 mph max! I took it to a mate to sort it out once and for all, and after a load of head scratching it was realised that the cat was full of soot as it wasn't collected by the DPF so it was easier to smash it out. What a difference!! Very quick of the line and pulls brilliantly plus the bouncing revs has gone. I was worried about it being smokey with being high mileage but it's thankfully not at all. Hopefully thats the end of its problems* * awaits timing chain snap
  8. Irbyblue

    Time for driver seat replacement!

    The base and lumbar sections have lost support. A bit like yours it's lower on one side (closest to the door) so it twists my lower back making it pretty uncomfortable on long drives. The passenger side has loads of support and looks like new. Swapping the base and backs over would seem like a cheaper and easier solution if a decent second hand seat can't be found. But can they just be swapped over?
  9. Irbyblue

    Time for driver seat replacement!

    I'm not certain that it is but hopefully someone else from the board with more knowledge may be able to confirm one way or the other, as I'm in the same boat as you with the drivers seat knackered but the passenger seat is like new.
  10. Irbyblue

    Time for driver seat replacement!

    What is the passenger seat like? Can you not just swap the backs and bases over?
  11. Ouch! How much did that cost?
  12. Looks like the same problem I had. The DPF is so blocked it's now using that pipe as the exhaust and its blown itself off the sensor. While it's running see if there's any gases coming out of the exhaust to check. You'll need to get the DPF taken off and cleaned out which should hopefully sort it. Make sure you do a forced regen every so often to keep on top of it.
  13. Irbyblue

    Angel eye fault or me?

    Not sure on those I'm afraid.
  14. Irbyblue

    Angel eye fault or me?

    What lights do you have? If it's adaptive xenon's with an after market Angel eye bulb(like mine) you can see the inner ones when on but the outer ones are barely noticeable.
  15. Irbyblue

    Radio shenanigans

    Glad I'm not the only one to have noticed this. Weird if it's an area thing too. I had to arf at the .....yet, bit of your post. Whenever I read of people's problems on the board I'll think, ' phew, at least mine doesn't do that....yet.'