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  1. Fozzy

    Lci rear lights

    Circle lense? You mean the rear side lights and fog light?
  2. Fozzy

    Lci rear lights

    OK guys thinking of changing my rear lights to lci ones is it just a case of buying lights and buying this cable 181818336201 ebay He says he will sell just the rear cables for 35 would everything work I have lcm 1 but only doing rear lights as I already have xenons and keeping fronts
  3. Fozzy


    Manuals can't take to torque of the diesels
  4. Fozzy


    My torque converter is slipping and I heard lci is rated more
  5. Fozzy


    Is it possible to put a 535d LCI gearbox into a pre lci 535d Been thinking might be a cheaper option than getting a full refurb done at 2600 plus they can handle more torque Is it just a case of coding it?
  6. Fozzy

    power surge between 1500-2000 rpm

    Mine does the same mine is a worn torque converter
  7. This had split on my 535d so put a bypass kit on
  8. Have you checked the metal flexi pipe on egr that goes from manifold to the egr cooler
  9. You need to take engine cover off and get a telescopic mirror to see were it's coming from I couldn't see any cracks on my x5 s manifold all the cracks was underneath and didn't notice any noise difference Saying that I could only see my fumes at night with head lights on yours looks pretty bad so it could be oil burning off on top of manifold?
  10. I'd say a cracked manifold and as you say it doesn't do it as much when warmed up as metal expands and closes the leak up
  11. Fozzy

    Hiccuping when accelerating in Sport mode

    Yep my mates just paid out 3 k for his box refurbished on his range rover
  12. Fozzy

    Another oil question (sorry)

    I went for the mobile 1 Oil but I would have got castol edge otherwise
  13. If your temps are low also your car won't regenerate to burn soot off in the dpf filter in the exhaust system
  14. Fozzy

    Hiccuping when accelerating in Sport mode

    Sounds like torque converter or cracked manifold