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  1. Alant1

    Bmw e60 525i head gasket

    It seems such a waste and shame to scrap this car. I will keep looking at any other options.
  2. Alant1

    Bmw e60 525i head gasket

    The cheapest one I can find is over £2k plus fitting with no real guarantee if could break down in a month or so.
  3. Alant1

    Bmw e60 525i head gasket

    I don’t see many options being honest. Car is/was a beauty with around £10k of extras but value only around £5k. Replacement engine and labour cost will outweigh selling price. Garage is considering an offer to buy the car as is. I currently have a bill of £300 for work so far. I am in no position to strip and sell the cars as spares.
  4. Alant1

    Bmw e60 525i head gasket

    Unfortunately very bad news regarding my car. Under cylinder 6 the block is crack. The 6th cylinder is clean due to coolant and the other 5 cylinders as you would expect.
  5. Alant1

    Bmw e60 525i head gasket

    Thanks again for all your replies. I spoke to the garage yesterday afternoon and he believes it’s the head gasket but will need to strip it down to check. He mentioned a possible £2k repair. When I questioned the cost he said it’s about 20 hours labour. I told him I had online quotes for around £800 via client a mechanic for head gasket replacement and he checked his laptop and then said about 12 hours labour. I have used this garage before for service and repairs and always found them good.
  6. Alant1

    Bmw e60 525i head gasket

    Thanks for your replies. Really appreciate them. Will the garage have to strip the head to view the damage or is there another way beforehand?
  7. Alant1

    Bmw e60 525i head gasket

    Thanks for the reply. Car was on my driveway not being used for about 2 weeks. Driving like a dream with no issues up until then. Went to start the engine and it struggled to start, feeling like a flat battery. Managed to start car and engine very lumpy. When I used the throttle to rev the engine lists of smoke/steam came from exhaust. After a few minutes the coolant light came on. No signs of any leak from the car. Phoned my local garage and he suggested refilling coolant. In total about 2 litres. Drove for about 1 mile steam from exhaust very bad and engine still lumpy. Within a few minutes coolant light came on again.
  8. Do anyone know how many hours a garage would need to change the head gasket on a 2009 e60 525i engine Thanks
  9. Alant1

    Bmw snap in cradle for iPhone 6/7/8

    No longer required. Thanks.
  10. Do anyone have a snap in cradle for my e60 bmw for iPhone 6/7/8. Must be the model that can play music through the iPhone. Thanks.
  11. Alant1

    E60 Firmware update

    Wanted to update my sat nav on my e60 2009 car. They have told me I need a firmware update before I can do this. Any idea of time and cost for this work to be done? Thanks.
  12. Alant1

    Snap in phone cradle

    I have a 2009 e60 with sat nav and built in dvd player. i have been considering a bmw phone snap in cradle. Question, if I have the music/media model I believe it will play music direct from my phone but will it play any videos/downloads from say Netflix to the DVD player screen?
  13. Alant1

    525i 2009 mot advisory inner suspension

    I’m away at the moment. So will get some feedback from independents when I return. I spoke to the mot station and they were suggesting £400 per side.
  14. Alant1

    525i 2009 mot advisory inner suspension

    Anyone got any ideas?
  15. Any advice would be welcome. My bmw e60 525i 2009 model with cic. Passed mot but had advisory for the following. Nearsid Rear Inner Suspension arm pin or bush worn but not resulting in excessive movement Front Offside Rear Inner Suspension arm pin or bush worn but not resulting in excessive movement Front My garage said it’s quite common and my car had very little wear and wouldn’t recommend replacement. I only drive about 6k per year. Is it an expensive repair? Thanks