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  1. mickybo

    2007 530d - Correct CO2 figure

    LCI 525d used the 3ltr engine just in a lower state of tune 194bhp and 295lb-ft, co2 is 172g/km, pre-lci 525d is 211g/km http://www.parkers.co.uk/cars/reviews/facts-and-figures/bmw/5-series/saloon-2003/36374/ the 176g/km is for a LCI 530d SE http://www.parkers.co.uk/cars/reviews/facts-and-figures/bmw/5-series/saloon-2003/36376/
  2. http://www.usedcarsni.com/2010-BMW-5-Series-SE-NEW-MODEL-EXCELLENT-SPEC-FINANCE-WARRANTY-AVA-160741913
  3. mickybo

    E61 535d M Sport

  4. mickybo

    Losing power [emoji848][emoji52]

    best on a lift, undertrays of and check first to see if the sump has been leaking, a real weak point of the tranny, had mine replaced twice in 2 years as they are plastic and warp and leak, and with the car running remove the fill plug, its on the left side near the back of the tranny, its a big allen grommet, make sure its running or the fluid will run out, and first try topping it up or if its full already with car off try draining the box completely and removing the old sump and replacing it with a new 1 as it has the filter integrated into it and refilling with new fluid, takes about 8 litres of lifeguard 6 oil, parts are about £120
  5. mickybo

    Losing power [emoji848][emoji52]

    you might of cooked the tranny fluid? I'd suggest getting the fluid level checked and either topped up and changed, also get codes read and see if its either a tranny or engine fault
  6. mickybo

    New Car, with thanks

    I was told bmws have a lifetime body guarantee, I know a guy just in the last 2 months has a 2001 e39 and the rear arch started bubbling from the inside out, took it to bmw and the said yes no problem, they will sort it a the car has a lifetime anti corrosion warranty which covers the car indefinatly up to 120k miles which they say is the lifetime of the car,
  7. mickybo

    Should I keep 535d or upgrade to m5?

    Don't rate it, just looks like a SE with a big engine,
  8. mickybo

    E60 parking sensor problem

    the IBS sensor on mine has been disconnected for 2 years now with no problems
  9. mickybo

    DIS V57 install onto VMware6.5

    make sure you are running as administrator, right click on the desktop icon and select run or open as admin, if that doesn't work if you got it from the site cable shack then jimmy will remote access your pc and fix it for you
  10. mickybo

    Transmisson fluid change cost?

    Resetting the Adaptions is simple, done via DIS takes about 10 minutes, I done it myself when I got mine done 2 months ago, should be no charge if they are servicing the box already
  11. mickybo

    DPF issues and cold coolant temp??

    shouldn't be dropping that low really, with new stats should sit roughly constant at about 88-90
  12. mickybo

    Transmission issue getting worse.

    sounds like your small turbo no working, think its a common issue on the 35d
  13. mickybo

    Should I keep 535d or upgrade to m5?

    M5 is special, mate has 1 and it's a real beast of a thing, but can be costly to run, has spent circa 3k in a year on it, new bank 2 throttle actuator and idle control valve, all new spark plugs, new coil pack, loves it but only wanted it for a year just to get it out if his system as always wanted 1, think he's looking to change to a X5 now.
  14. mickybo

    Angel Eye Bulbs.

    what year is it? do you have Xenon headlights?