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    BMW's, Staying dry
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  1. John Johnstone


    Anyone know if Bmwland forum is back up n running n if not any idea when thanks
  2. John Johnstone

    My beast

    As above ,I don't know if already posted pics of my car so will do now .
  3. John Johnstone

    E60/61 passenger door mirror glass

    For sale as above I bought this on eBay turns out it's not for my M5 as mine has the black surround on it ,it's heated with a blue tint brand new in the box never been fitted looking for what it cost me £50.00. im in Aberdeen Scotland .
  4. John Johnstone

    Whisky drinkers

    The Singleton is a nice speyside for me ,I also njoy the 16yr old jura ,over the past two years I've discovered the Glengairoch distillery pronounced Glen geerie at old Meldrum they do a few nice malts I bottled my own fro the 97 barrel charcoal n all
  5. John Johnstone

    x mas present for your i drive!

    Hi there Duffy Do you have any with the square for the badge for my E60 M5 ??
  6. John Johnstone

    18"Alpina softlines

    Maybe some folk have not got the money you obviously seem to have its the wheels that are being sold the two tyres are a bonus ,I don't care if you make a swing out of them ,let your dog drag em around your garden ,a wise man once said to me if you can't say anything positive about something that doesn't concern you then don't say anything at all .
  7. John Johnstone

    E53X5 winters

    Ps I'm in Aberdeen
  8. John Johnstone

    E53X5 winters

    As above I have for sale a set of 5 winter wheels n tyres plenty of meat left in the tyres n wheels in good condition looking for £500 ovno
  9. John Johnstone

    Hi was on here a few yr back

    Yea don't know what happened there as they right way up on my phone
  10. John Johnstone

    18"Alpina softlines

    Ps the grainy one I think your on about was just to show its an original Ronal wheel Thanks for your input
  11. John Johnstone

    18"Alpina softlines

    I have put the size and the make my location,grainy ???? How old is your computer I don't see anything wrong with the pic s maybe you need your eyes tested lol
  12. John Johnstone

    Anyone running m5 over the winter?

    All yr round yes,with winters on usually from October till march tho it's very mild this yr so not got them on yet this was two yr ago
  13. John Johnstone

    18"Alpina softlines

    Here's a pic of the wheels on the car
  14. John Johnstone

    Hi was on here a few yr back

    Since I can't get onto BMWLAND I've decided to give this ago I was on here a few hrs ago under the name of wetbell ,here's a pic of my daily
  15. John Johnstone

    18"Alpina softlines

    Wider rears , 255/35/18 ,Aberdeen