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  1. L1011

    Carbon Black

    Got any from the front? like to see the grill
  2. L1011

    Carbon Black

    That looks more like saphire black than carbon black
  3. Think this one was EGR on a new car?
  4. That is a bit vague now Gareth...
  5. Yeah I know how they go, the e60 that is. Mine is an LCI 535d. Swirls,EGR,DPF out, mapped, quaife diff, paddle auto box etc. I’m still very impressed with it
  6. L1011

    Carbon Black

    180000 miles on mine. Original paint.
  7. Because the 3er was slow or that the E60 has been recalibrated?
  8. Exception to this is to deburr the edges of the cut floor only, not paint or protect. Fair enough it would be inside the newly formed plastic frame but even so. I’d want to paint that bare metal before hiding it away if I did the job myself.
  9. I’m giving it time to bed in with the local. Let them get use to what they are doing. Having read through the details, theirs not much to it.
  10. L1011

    Quiet Tyres?

    Normally new tyres in the wet are a handful until the releasing agent wears off. If they aren’t good now that’s a good sign. I think I paid about £540 for the Goodyear’s fitted all round in normal 19” flavour.