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  1. AlexGSi2000

    2002 BMW 530i Sport Auto - SOLD.

  2. AlexGSi2000

    Wanted - e39 Sport Undertrays

    Hi All, I am after an engine and gearbox undertray for an e39 using sport bumpers. Car is a 530i but believe undertrays from other sports will fit (except the v8)?. Thanks.
  3. I recently had the opportunity to purchase a 2002 530iA Sport from someone who also rents a unit on the same estate I do. I have known of the car for many years, however I was contacted by the owner a few weeks ago regarding the car. The owner was looking to sell, as it had developed an issue around 6 months ago, numerous people had looked at the car, but the issue/s had not been ironed out. Normally, I wouldn't have been interested - but I have known the car was well looked after, with low miles considering its age and had one of the cleanest shells I have seen recently - I made an offer that was accepted, and I drove the car approx 500 yards to my unit. At this point, I'm pretty sure I have found the main causes of the issues - so thought it would be interesting to document in-case anyone else experiences the same. Symptoms; Car runs and drives normally for around 5 minutes, no signs of any issue. After around 5 minutes, the PRND lights will flicker slightly, the interlock on the gearbox (brake switch) activates randomly, allowing you to select gear without holding the brake After a further minute, when stationary, you can hear the gearbox (solenoids) actuating, load is placed onto the engine - sounds like gears are being selected. PRND lights are now off by now - transmission warning light illuminates - transmission continues to make noises, becomes very "jerky" as it will be in failsafe mode. When the final symptom occurs, communication to the control unit via INPA is lost, other modules show errors communicating with the transmission control unit. The above symptoms persist until the engine is switched off and on again - if the engine is started again immediately, the issues will begin again after a few seconds, however if the engine is left to go cold, then you will get 5 minutes of normal behaviour. After a lot of thought and checking connections, it looked to me like the issue was potentially heat related due to 5 minutes of normal behaviour from cold. All connections were checked - I had the sporadic thought of removing the gearbox control unit cover and seeing if trying to cool it would help. I placed a large fan in-front of the cooler and left the car run for 20 minutes - this resulted in no symptoms or issues. I removed the fan and the issues began again. So, after the car sitting for 6 months and the previous owner fitting a used gearbox, it turns out the issue was a defective control unit. Thankfully Darren Foden lives fairly close and had a spare - this was switched over and the issue (bar one) is resolved. The unrelated issue with the gearbox is that both control units report a "Steptronic-Schalter" error, which explains why the "S" light on the dash flashes randomly along with steptronic not activating when the gear selector is moved over to the left when in D. I will strip back the wiring on the shifter later, as it looks like this may be prone to wear and tear - failing that I will grab a used shifter. Quite an interesting one - first case I have ever come across of control unit / ECU failure - first time for everything. I'm wondering if I should fit a heatsink on the chip of the replacement control unit, or a fan in the ECU compartment?
  4. AlexGSi2000

    Steering rack compatability.

    Morning Guys, Been a little while since I have posted on this forum - I'm currently having a small "situation" on a friends e60 LCI 520d with steering problems. Long story short, the car went in for bodywork a few months ago - when he went to collect the car, the rack failed and drained all the fluid - this is where the escapade started. The paintshop agreed to sort it out of goodwill, but ended up going back a few times, whereby the car would be fine for a few days and then feel like there was no power steering assistance - especially when turning to the left. Since the issue, the power steering had gone "heavy" and was never as light as it was before it went in - at times power assistance is not there, but will happen randomly and without warning. Anyway, since they were unable to repair the issue, my friend has asked me to take a look - I recommended replacing all power steering components (pump, lines, rack.etc) with correct items as I am unable to tell what may or may not have been replaced by the bodyshop. The parts that I ordered arrived last week, so set to work with the car yesterday - lowered the subframe and removed the existing rack. Comparing the rack side-by-side with the one I ordered, it was evident the one I ordered had different part numbers to the one I ordered (I orderd a rack with the part number 777537 as listed on RealOEM). I was reluctant to fit it as it was dated 2004 and appeared to have run on ATF rather than CHF11s, the part number also referenced the 530d (501 902) so didnt want to risk it. I ended up re-fitting the existing rack and changing all other components - the result was the same, so think it definitely has something to do with the rack. Supposedly the bodyshop had replaced the rack (it looks like a recon unit as it is painted black) and has the part number; 7853 501 233 - when looking at RealOEM, this part number isnt listed for the 2009 LCI 520d. I have contacted the seller of the incorrect rack and order another - hopefully that will sort the issue. I was wondering if someone could confirm that the part number 777537 is the one I should be going for - when taking a look on RealOEM shows the following data; Are they really that critical? Could I have fitted the rack with the different part number? Many thanks! 32106777537 Exch. hydro steering gear Servotronic From: 04/02/2007 Supersedes: 32106780945 (11/02/2006 — 04/16/2007), Exchangeable retrospectively 32106775426 (02/03/2006 — 01/17/2007), Exchangeable retrospectively 32106773772 (08/01/2005 — 03/06/2006), Exchangeable retrospectively 32106770314 (09/01/2004 — 01/17/2006), Exchangeable retrospectively 32106769302 (09/01/2004 — 12/06/2004), Exchangeable retrospectively 32106768061(12/01/2003 — 11/04/2004), Exchangeable retrospectively 32106766656 (09/01/2003 — 12/09/2004), Exchangeable retrospectively 32106762449 (03/03/2003 — 10/04/2005) Part 32106777537 was found on the following vehicles: 5' E60   (12/2001 — 02/2007) 5' E60 LCI   (11/2005 — 12/2009) 5' E61   (10/2002 — 02/2007) 5' E61 LCI   (11/2005 — 05/2010) 6' E63   (06/2002 — 07/2007) 6' E63 LCI   (04/2006 — 07/2010) 6' E64   (09/2002 — 07/2007) 6' E64 LCI   (04/2006 — 07/2010)
  5. AlexGSi2000

    Mortgage / House Move Advice.

    Afternoon, When it comes to house moves - I am a complete novice and know next to nothing! At somepoint over the next year, we would like to move home - we have been in our current first home since 2013. During this time we have saved a small amount as a deposit for the next place, the property value looks to have also increased by around 20% (based on an online valuation). The biggest unknown for us at the moment is to try and find out what we can realistically afford for the next place. When using online mortgage calculators, they don't seem to take the current property into consideration. Based on our combined income the sites typically advise a mortgage amount around the value of our current home. At this point should I be seeking independent financial advice, or can the mortgage lenders offer guidance? We both like to think we live fairly lightweight according to our combined income, the only fixed outgoings are the mortgage, bills, phone contracts.etc - we have no car payments or other loans. Once we have ascertained what we can afford, I guess the next step would be to have the valued agreed in principal, so offers can be made on properties that are for sale? In regards to advertising the current property, I guess this can be done at any point? I suppose if the property is advertised before an offer made on the next place, there could be a chance we would be moving in with our parents for a while! Next concern for me is the property market, values are continuing to increase due to demand and short supply. A few properties I have seen on the market previously would now be unaffordable. - I wonder if this is artificial inflation, with the likelihood of this receding over the next 12 months or so? I am fairly clueless when it comes to all this - so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. AlexGSi2000

    E39 M5 meet UK

    Looking forward to it now - first meet I have been to in around 10 years! Hopefully the weather is kind to us.
  7. AlexGSi2000

    2003 E39 540i Sport Auto - Dead Gear Box - Free to Collect

    Was a pleasure helping out with this one. Drove really well considering it had been laid up for a while, I didnt want to give it back - that V8 torque combined with the auto box is lovely, seems to pick up very well compared to the 98' 540 I used to own (vanos / non vanos I assume?). Diamond in the rough at the moment, but I know Darren has plans - after seeing the rest of his work, I'm sure it will be back to its former glory before long.
  8. Evening, After a piece of foam sound deadening found above the rear shock towers in the boot of the e60 saloon. Its the drivers side I need. Cheers!
  9. AlexGSi2000

    e60 LCI - Retrimmed Sport Steering Wheel

    Not after anything for it mate - just a straight swap. Sent from my BBF100-1 using Tapatalk
  10. AlexGSi2000

    e60 LCI - Retrimmed Sport Steering Wheel

    Hi, Not yet - no takers. It's still on the car! I did think about just buying a used wheel and then listing this one on eBay, but would rather just swap it over with someone who likes it. Sent from my BBF100-1 using Tapatalk
  11. AlexGSi2000

    e60/61 Halogen to Bi-Xenon Conversions

    Yep - pretty much plug n play with the exception of an external xenon balast, which can be secured using cable ties. Sent from my BBF100-1 using Tapatalk
  12. Looks like it's settled - had to pop out earlier, so over a 10 mile trip, the voltage dropped to 14.1v and stayed there. Happy camper. Sent from my BBF100-1 using Tapatalk
  13. Well - it is cold for May! But the battery is new - maybe the weak regulator flattened it abit and is now making up for it. Sent from my BBF100-1 using Tapatalk
  14. Thanks again for the advice. Have just swapped over the regulator - you may be able to tell from the photos that the brushes are pretty well worn! Hidden menu now reads around 14.7 - 14.9v I'm guessing this is more reasonable - or has it gone too far the other way? Sent from my BBF100-1 using Tapatalk