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  1. AlexGSi2000

    Pubs shut, takeaway recommendations

    Like going to a brass house for a hug!
  2. AlexGSi2000

    Pubs shut, takeaway recommendations

    Why do you have to go and create a post like this I decided to cut down on the drinking three weeks ago as I found I was drinking in the house a lot during the weekend - which I thought would take the gloss off going out for a beer when we are allowed to again! Not only that, I have stopped the take-aways/fast food and the occasional vape. The past three weeks have been utterly horrendous Thats said, there seem to be a lot of micro-breweries popping up over the past few years. There is one round the corner from me - Big Bog Brewery that do collection and delivery service. They did used to open up the warehouse on a Friday night for a few hours and have a few tables out, which was always an expirience.
  3. AlexGSi2000

    E39, M5's still appreciating in value?

    Unless something drastic happens to the economy then I think prices will rise, for the below reasons; Demand - There will still be a fair few people in the future that will like the idea of owning one. Availability - will inevitabley slow down as these cars age, get broken for parts, crashed.etc All modern classics seem to be going up in value, look at the prices of 635CSi's - E30 M3's, Sierra Cosworths.etc Across the board, I think the e39 M5 has more than passed the point of being at its cheapest, people were picking them up for less than £5k 5 years ago. Even very shabby examples are commanding more than this now.
  4. AlexGSi2000

    The cheap E60 winter car.

    This is the kit I went for; Link It wasn't difficult, more time consuming than anything else. I removed the seats from the car, it was then a case of removing the leather covers which are attached to the seat wires using hog rings - these need to be cut and new ones fitted when the seat goes back together. I also purchased a set of hog ring pliers and 200 hog rings. Initially I was being very cautious and not applying much force, however you have to be quite tough with them. The wiring straight forward - especially with the seats out. I followed the seat loom back - removed the centre console and ran the cables back to the fusebox / distribution block behind the glovebox. The kit uses a live and a switched live - so took the live from a free terminal on the rail and ran the switched live to the cig lighter. As for the heat, they take longer to warm up than standard seats. They have five levels, 3 being around the temperature of standard heated seats on max - level 5 being too much! I would say it took me around 8 hours in total.
  5. AlexGSi2000

    Another E39 died yesterday on the notorious A34

    Funny looking e39. How can you have over 1k posts on a 5 series forum and not know your arse from your elbow I'm just jesting, easy mistake to make.
  6. AlexGSi2000

    The cheap E60 winter car.

    The e60 is now back in service for the winter months. Why can I never leave a car alone? During the summer the car snapped a suspension spring whilst it was parked up, I decided to try out some cheap lowering springs, as I always felt mine sat a little too high - especially at the rear. These have closed the arch gap nicely, the ride isn't too bad to be fair, the seem well matched to the standard M shock absorbers. Of course, this then meant the wheels looked a little too tucked in, so I added a set of 20mm spacers at to the rear and 15mm at the front - sits perfectly in my opinion. The springs combined with a set of front brake disks and a quick service saw the car through an MOT for another year - clicking just over 220,000 miles. Typically this is the only car I have that doesn't have heated seats - and the only car I drive during the winter! I did keep an eye out for a set of standard sport seats to swap them with, but opted for a cheap heated seat mat kit from eBay, as I quite like the tan interior - so far I'm pleasantly surprised, the car hasn't burnt to the ground just yet!
  7. AlexGSi2000

    AlexGSi2000 - e39 M5

    As requested Dan, quick video ; YouTube Clip Its only been in storage for two weeks and I sorely miss driving it already.
  8. AlexGSi2000

    The never ending 520d questions / rant!

    Which engine do you have? the N or M 47? There is a difference in power / MPG between them both.
  9. AlexGSi2000

    S62 Engine

    Looks like he's at it again; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bmw-M5-S62-E39-V8-Complete-Engine-S62B50-5-0-Motor-Transmission-Gearbox-Ecu/264896596106?hash=item3dad11488a:g:BMUAAOSw6olfhEI~ Same images, same text!
  10. AlexGSi2000

    AlexGSi2000 - e39 M5

    As my 2020 season is now drawing to a close, the car will soon be parked up for the winter months. The summers seem short and the winters very long with these cars. Unfortunately we missed out on the European road trip I had planned earlier on in the year, on a positive note, the car will be in a much better position by the time I go (hopefully next year depending on whats allowed due to the pandemic). The car has mainly been on local trips over the past couple of months on sunny weekends - loved every minute. A few weeks ago, Russ Fellows informed me that he had completed the fabrication of the headers and exhaust - I was over like a shot to collect it! The headers are nothing short of a work of art - I did contemplate fitting the system early 2021 and leaving the headers in the living room, however, I decided to get them on the car that weekend - its a shame you cant see much of the headers from the engine bay. Fitment went well, they are a very tight fit in the bay - not a difficult job by any means, I needed to drop the sub-frame to get proper access to the bolts, once the headers were on, the rest of the system flew together. The quality of the exhaust is very good, all the mount locations for the center pipework and rear exhaust hangars line up perfectly - a doddle to fit and much lighter than the standard system. The exhaust now has a deeper tone and a lot of rasp - similar to the rasp from the e46 M3, which is very nice. It is a tad loud and does smell quite abit due to the decat, so will kindly ask Russ to fabricate a set of pipes with 200-cell cats. I used the ECUWorx tool to turn off the EML for the cat efficiency - it really is a neat tool. I saw a recent post from a member on the M5 board that has also recently fitted a set of these headers and made a very impressive dyno figure after having the car remapped at DMS Automotive. Originally I wasn't planning on having the car mapped, but after seeing the figures, it would be silly not to take full advantage of the new headers. I will aim to book in once the car is back on the road next year. To get an idea of how the car was performing, I took the car to a local dyno - it came out at 389bhp at the flywheel (no wheel figure from this dyno for some reason), which I'm happy with as I think its a good ballpark figure. So - a final few photos for 2020;
  11. AlexGSi2000

    e39 M5 Exhaust Center Section

    After recently fitting a full Russ Fellows exhaust, I am looking to sell the standard exhaust center section. I was going to keep this section, but could do with the space - I cant see it ever going back on the car either. The exhaust has been cut on the rear section as I had aftermarket back boxes fitted. Instead of just cutting out the cats and weighing them in, I thought it would be best to offer it complete in case anyone needs the entire section. Much to my suprise I have been offered over £1k for the cats alone, but would rather it go to someone who may need this. I'm looking for £1k or as close as possible. Collection only, as it weighs a lot!
  12. Back box / muffler delete section for the BMW e39 M5 4.9 V8 (1999-2003). This section replaces the standard back boxes and is an easy fit. The pipes are 304 TIG / fusion welded stainless steel with 73mm slash cut inward rolled tail pipes - these suit the rear bumper very well in my opinion as they compliment the shape and curvature. The standard back-boxes will require cutting from the centre pipe and removing, this back box delete then slips over the centre section and is secured using the supplied Mikalor clamps and mounted using one of the existing brackets on each side. I have recently removed this from my car as I have fitted a full Russ Fellows system. Collection preferred due to the width, however it can be cut at the centre support for shipping, then welded once you have fitted it. Asking what it cost me to have made - £400. Thanks.
  13. Hi Tim, Are the plastic sill covers available? Part 12 on the diagram, but could do with both sides. Thanks.
  14. AlexGSi2000

    e39 Fuel Tank (Petrol)

    E39 petrol fuel tank required - closer to Liverpool the better, don't require the primary pump. Thanks.
  15. AlexGSi2000

    Breaking E39 530d sport, manual, 2001, titan silver

    Hi Tim, How much for the foam insert that goes at the top of the rear bumper?