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  1. AlexGSi2000


    One thing that has wound me up slightly over the past few days, is this clapping for the NHS and other key workers. I cant help but think that it goes hugely against the vital advice of giving two metres distance being asked to comply with. If both I and my neighbour (to my right) stand outside our front doors at the same time, we would be less than 1 metre away from each other - that combined with everyone on the street outside at the same time completely baffles me. Surely if you were carrying the virus and the infection was on your hands, clapping may send particles up into the air in close proximity to your neighbours? Farfetched I know, but just seems like an un-necesary risk. I know they are saying transfer is droplet based rather than aerosol, but better to be safe than sorry surely. That said, I agree that the NHS and other key workers should be given the upmost support, praise and thanks for what they are doing at the moment, I'm not sure I would like to be in thier position, so hats off to them all. Hopefully they may get the recognition thats deserved once we are through the thick of this, in the monetery form.
  2. AlexGSi2000

    Warning; S62 Engine on eBay.

    Posted on the e39 buy / sell page, but think it's still pending approval. Sent from my BBF100-1 using Tapatalk
  3. Word of caution for the following listing; Listing Engine is supposedly in Liverpool, however; I thought I recognized the background, turns out the images are from e39 source over in the US; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5O9ErXgaFM The account looks like its been pretty dormant for a year and was previously buying/selling clothing.
  4. AlexGSi2000

    Parasitic battery drain

    As it happens, the HVAC control on your car was from Falcodubs old 530d...
  5. AlexGSi2000

    Harrys Garage

    Been watching his videos (also the farm ones) for a couple of years now. Love the content, very well produced and informative.
  6. AlexGSi2000

    AlexGSi2000 - e39 M5

    Day release; My insurance flicked over on the 9th March, perfect timing! Especially after a horrendous hike in my insurance premium. After spending a lot of time on the car over the winter, preparing for my stag trip around some of Europe - shortly after getting the car back on the road, it quickly became a realisation that it wasn't going to happen due to the current pandemic. With that in mind, I predicted that we would be in a "lockdown" before long, so I made it my aim to get a few miles under the cars belt whilst I could. A quick oil change to Shell Helix 10-60 and we were back out. Considering many parts had been off the car without test runs in-between, I anticipated a few issues - thankfully there were next to none; - Handbrake dragged slightly as I had been too keen when adjusting it - Tracking was horrendous after replacing the steering drag-link The car went to Awesome GTi for a full alignment, after this was done - I could begin enjoying the car. My verdict - over the moon. The car feels so much tighter, more predictable and ultimately enjoyable. I think all the work and small items replaced amounted to a car that feels completely different. Its gone from an underwhelming / disappointing feeling car to something I itch to get out and drive. I used it daily for a fortnight before we were all told to stay inside, I enjoyed every moment. I ordered some cleaning gear a few weeks ago, in the form of a clay bar, Meguiars polishes for the DA and DodoJuice wax, providing the weather is good this weekend, the car will be getting a mini-detail, not like I have much else to be out doing!
  7. AlexGSi2000


    Condolences AnilS. Is anyone watching the Dr John Campbell videos on YouTube? I have stopped watching the news now, as it was starting to drive me abit crazy - the videos Dr Campbell uploads are to the point; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOPSl6He0tQ
  8. AlexGSi2000


    As many have said, interesting times. I work in IT, so we have been very busy ensuring the people who need to work from home have the ability to do so - other project work still continues but at a slower rate. People are in a much worse situation and have lost family members, so im not one to complain - however I have had to cancel my stag do next month (small driving trip around europe) and the wedding now has a question mark over it. We have wedding insurance, I have read through the small print which doesnt sound like there are any loopholes, however Im a little reluctant to start paying up for everything if theres a chance it may not even happen.
  9. AlexGSi2000

    Pattern Splash Guards

    Morning, Wondering if anyone has any experience with aftermarket splash guards from eBay? The ones on my car are broken in various places. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-BMW-5-SERIES-E39-M-SPORT-FRONT-INNER-FENDER-SPLASH-GUARD-COVER-PAIR-SET/153655622087?hash=item23c696b9c7:g:auYAAOSwCXFb7qIx
  10. AlexGSi2000

    E39 Sat for 6 Years :-)

    6 years is a very long time for fuel to sit. At the very least I would drain the old stuff, change the fuel filter, change the engine oil and spark plugs. Sent from my BBF100-1 using Tapatalk
  11. AlexGSi2000

    Insurance (Again!)

    Thanks for everyone's advice on this subject. I have just renewed for 2020 - I managed to find insurance that fitted my requirements for just over double last years premium. Still a bitter pill to swallow, but not quite as bad as the first quotes I was getting. I guess its either pay up, or not drive the car - which isn't an option. The chap I spoke to over the phone mentioned that insurance had pretty much risen across the board over the past two months due to all the insurance claims for the recent flooding in parts of the UK.
  12. AlexGSi2000

    AlexGSi2000 - e39 M5

    Winter Update; The works on the car have now pretty much drawn to a close for this winter (unless anything breaks!). The past couple of months have been busy, but the car is now in a much better state and feeling a lot better. My insurance switches over mid-March, which should hopefully give enough time for the weather to warm up slightly and get all the salt off the roads. Only final things to do are to replace the butyl vapor barrier tape (I'm doing this as preventative item, as you usually find out they have failed when you have a soaked carpet! ) and give the car a good clean up / detail. Since the December update, I have done the following; Replaced the front suspension arm bushes for Powerflex items Alternator regulator replaced (14v) Replaced 2x leaking power steering fluid pipes. Rocker cover gaskets Oil sump gasket Replaced the steering center drag-link Rebuilt the front calipers with new pistons and seals. Brake fluid flush with ATE Typ200. Replaced the front tyres - Pilot sport 4s Spaced the wheels out (15mm front, 10mm rear) A few other smaller items have been done too. A back-box delete was also done - the car previously had a set of Russ Fellows back-boxes fitted, which were of very high quality - whilst the car was going back together, I ran the car without them fitted. A set of pipes were then made, with slash cut tips - which I think suits the car a little better. If the noise gets annoying, I can quickly swap back to the Russ Fellows boxes. Drove the car around the industrial estate yesterday, despite only getting to around 30mph, it feels so much better - cant wait to get the car back out onto the roads. Since the suspension and steering components have been off, I'm going to book in for a full alignment - then I'm off to Europe in April for my stag trip (will be covering around 2700 miles), so hopefully the car performs after all the work! Plans for the car going forward are to continue replacing items that have worn, I'm planning on doing the rod bearings next year as a preventative item, whilst also saving to get the bodywork done and the sills replaced, but for now they are still solid and will probably be fine for the next couple of years - but would like to get them seen to within the next 24 months. A brake upgrade is also on the cards - the standard brakes have always looked a little sub-par for an M car. Again, photos are lacking, and the ones from my phone aren't great due to lack of lighting - will add a few more once I have detailed the car in a few weeks. Alternator regulator; One front arm bushing; Front brake caliper, before & after (they did get painted after the photo was taken); Exhaust tips; Back on all 4 wheels;
  13. AlexGSi2000

    Insurance (Again!)

    This post is going to be more of a rant than anything constructive - I thought I would share with the like-minded rather than my other half! Over the years, car insurance has angered me a couple of times. Originally I put it down to being a new driver, but after the years and no claims history built up - It continued to seem very expensive. Car insurance has always dictated the cars I buy, if the car is affordable and within reach - insurance has often put a stop to it. Last year and after lots of saving, I had the opportunity to purchase one of my dream cars - my e39 M5. After dreaming of the prospect I suddenly remembered about insurance which promptly brought me back down to the ground. Hesitantly I started browsing the comparison sites - to my surprise, I was presented with a few very reasonable quotes, which cemented my decision to buy. I had an insurance cost limit in mind, to which these quotes came out much lower. I took out the policy from the well known insurer - fast forward 11 months to the receipt of a renewal quotation which shows the premium will more than treble. Unless I am mistaken, I don't recall causing any major accidents or crashing during the past 12 months, or being awarded any points. If I had, then I guess it could be used as justification, but I just cant see why the increase has been so horrendously large. Dare I say it, but due to salaries remaining the same and the cost of living going up (I'm sure many people are in the same boat), its almost made the car prohibitive to insure. Not looking for a sympathy vote here, its my hobby and my decision to buy the car - I'm just baffled at how insurance works sometimes. Just for context, I have been driving since 2006, have 12 years no claims, 0 points and no convictions. I have tried classic car insurers (which seem to quote more than conventional insurance), tweaked excess options.etc - all the best quotes are within ~£150 variance. When speaking to my current insurers over the phone, the justification for the increase was along the lines of "because it has" . I guess because of the insurance hike, I cant justify premium tyres and brakes - so will have to go budget brand, which will increase the likelihood of insurance needing to pay out (not really - I'll just consume rice and beans for the next 6 months).
  14. AlexGSi2000


    Going to be following this one, if it gets any responses! I recently replaced the regulator on my alternator as it was starting to fail, I was quite suprised to see it was "only" 120A given the amount of kit usually found inside these cars. I did take a brief look at different higher current alternators, but didnt spend too much time as it wasnt crucial for me. From what I found, it looked like it was best to get the current alternator reworked for a higher output.
  15. AlexGSi2000

    V8 Drag Link / Centre Tie Rod.

    Just the info I was after - thanks! Typically the LHD ones are cheaper, needs to be done I guess as the steering feels a little vague. When I stress the drag-link, one of the ball joints (on the nearside) knocks, so will hopefully tighten things up a little.