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  1. AlexGSi2000

    What were you doing when Chernobyl blew up?

    I was born a few years after. I remember people talking about it when I was a kid - always fascinated me, I knew it was bad - but never realised how bad. I knew there were cover-ups, but the mini-series really drove it home. Was shocking to think it was still fairly recent in the grand scheme of things. I have seen an advert for "the real Chernobyl" - not sure which channel it was on, but may try and find it.
  2. AlexGSi2000

    R53 Part

    Many thanks, will send via PayPal in a moment. Sent from my BBF100-1 using Tapatalk
  3. AlexGSi2000

    Rear brake overhaul

    May be worth refreshing the caliper seals / replacing the pistons too. I'm sure you can get replacement handbrake parts - usually websites such as: brakepartsinternational will stock most wear items, if not copy the part numbers from realoem into eBay or get a quote from Cotswold's on here. Sent from my BBF100-1 using Tapatalk
  4. AlexGSi2000

    R53 Part

    Hi, Is it possible to have a price for; 2x 33531495714 2x 31326761054 (Mini suspension parts) Many thanks, Alex.
  5. ECU was removed from my 530d last month due to breaking the car (manual gearbox). The car was remapped on the dyno by Unicorn Developments in Stockport, for use with a GT2260v turbo from the e60 530d (vac actuated). The other mods on the car were; ebay intercooler, full 3" exhaust. The car made 247bhp / 596NM with the standard injectors. If you were to fit directly to your car, you would need to have the EWS immobilizer removed first - or I can provide the EWS modules / ignition barrel & key with the ECU if required. After £125 posted for this. Thanks.
  6. AlexGSi2000

    Winter Vehicle Storage.

    During the last winter period, I decided to park up the e39 to keep it away from all the road salt and bad weather. The car was due some bodywork in the not too distant future, however I wanted to try and prolong getting the work done as the rust didn't appear to be too bad. I have the use of an industrial unit, which is shared between a few of us - I thought this would have been the ideal place for storage too keep the car dry. The unit is not heated, it can get very cold during the winter months as the inside is not exposed to any sunlight or breeze. I decided to put the car away mid-October 2018, the weather had been dry for around 5 days prior, I didn't bother washing it before I parked it up. I disconnected the battery, left the windows cracked slightly, doors not fully closed (but on the catches), placed a breathable cover over the car and left it for 5 months. When I removed the cover in late March, I was horrified - the small areas of rust had become visibly larger, the whole underside of the car covered in damp with droplets all over. It was by no means mint before it was stored, but was shocked to see the car after trying to avoid anything like this happening! It looked like any damp from within the unit had coated the underside of the car (concrete floor). I actually think I would have been better off using the car over the winter period. Now I have the M5, I'm pretty much going to be in the same boat when it comes to the Winter again. The car will need some work within the next two years but I would like to prolong this and focus on the mechanical aspects of the car before this is done. I would still like to store the car, but minimize the spread of corrosion over the winter months. As for the unit I currently have access to, the atmosphere within I will not be able to change - so will not be doing what I did last year. My parents home has a garage, the central heating boiler is located within - I had thought about trying to persuade my dad to allow me to use it for a few months, however its currently used as a dumping-ground so its going to be a no-go! (ideal chance for a clear-out though). I can rent a car space in another unit close-by. - its not heated, however its in almost constant use as other cars are moved on a daily basis, a 230v outlet is also provided, but will cost me circa £40 per month. At home I have space for one-car on the driveway - its open to the elements but the car will not be used, I'm thinking that despite the rain - the constant breeze will help. One final thought is to purchase / invest in an inflatable car "bubble" for use at my current unit - I have found a few used for around the £450 mark that come with fans / dehumidifiers but unsure as to how good they actually are. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of storing cars or can offer any advice? Many thanks!
  7. AlexGSi2000

    Battery advice please

    Voltage sometimes isn't enough as a way of testing. I have had batteries in the past show good voltage but not provided enough amps. May be worth getting the battery load tested at a garage? Sent from my BBF100-1 using Tapatalk
  8. AlexGSi2000

    Battery advice please

    Do you have a battery from another car you could swap over as a test? Sent from my BBF100-1 using Tapatalk
  9. AlexGSi2000

    2002 e39 530d Sport - Breaking - Final Parts

    Bump - Final parts listed on original post.
  10. AlexGSi2000

    MAF issue? (e39)

    As an update to this - the issue is now resolved. I managed to find a pair of new Bosch MAFs for a reasonable price. Whilst I was waiting for them to arrive I removed the plenums and checked all gaskets / seals and vac lines - all looked like they were in order. Fitted the new MAFs, reset adaptation and the car now appears happy. Shedloads more lower and mid-range torque as well as the top end power - no codes showing and the lambda integrator for bank two now hovers around 1 (same as bank 1) where as it was previously maxed at 1.25 and throwing the code. Upon inspecting the old MAFs, they both had different part numbers, one I think being a VAG part. Thanks for all the advice and suggestions.
  11. AlexGSi2000

    Intake Gasket

    Many thanks - PayPal sent. Sent from my BBF100-1 using Tapatalk
  12. AlexGSi2000

    MAF issue? (e39)

    Spent a few hours on the car this-afternoon trying to identify the issue by process of elimination. I'm basically trying to avoid loading the parts cannon and hoping for the best . So, the current issue; Code; 145 Lambdaregler 2 (the code appears again whilst idling after being cleared). Lack of power unless the MAFs are unplugged. Observations; Missing gasket/seal between the MAF and intake pipe on the passenger side (assuming bank 2) - however there doesn't seem to be any air getting in. Things attempted; Switched over the MAF sensors - no difference. Switched over the missing seal to the other MAF sensor - no difference. Unplugged both MAFs - I get errors for no MAFs and temp sensor, original 145 code does not appear whilst they are unplugged. Switched over pre-cat lambda sensors - no difference, same 145 code. As the code related to the lambda on bank 2, I thought it may have been a defective sensor, but as I switched these over and got the same error - I have ruled out the lambda itself and assume this is being triggered because of another condition. I'm not sure if I'm leading myself on a wild goose chase or over-complicating things, when it could just be a bad MAF (or both) - thankfully Jamie may have a spare set we can try, but thinking it could be caused by an air / vac leak, a bad injector, or a wiring issue. My next plan is to try the different MAFs, then remove the inlet to inspect vac lines. For the time being - I will add some screenshots below, maybe something obviously not right; Code; Analogue values (at idle); Run Unrest (at idle);
  13. AlexGSi2000

    Intake Gasket

    Hi, Is it possible for a quote for 1x 11611406807 please. Thanks, Alex.
  14. AlexGSi2000

    MAF issue? (e39)

    Evening, Wondering if anyone has experienced the same potential MAF issues that I "think" I have at the moment. Today I changed the spark plugs and air-filters on the M5, I drove the car home - it felt the same as it has since I have owned it. When I got home I plugged the car into INPA for the first time to check any codes, thankfully there weren't any. Whilst I was on INPA I saw the option for "delete adaption values" - because I'm trigger happy. Went out for a drive shortly after and found the car was underperforming - massively. Around 3500 rpm where the car usually starts to sing, it flatlined in terms of power. I could still get to the redline but felt like I had half the power. I read a few threads regarding throttle adaptation (leaving the key on pos II for 30 seconds.etc), this didn't make any difference. I decided to unplug both MAF sensors to see how the car ran on a default air/fuel condition, oh my word - the car flew. I don't think it was placebo, but the car felt quicker than it ever has under my ownership. I drove the car for around 5 miles like this, it performed flawlessly. Upon plugging both MAFs back in, the car lacked power again, combined with the engine management light. I cleared the codes, but the car was still underperforming. To me - it sounds fairly conclusive the MAFs are bad (car is on 145k with no record of the MAFs being changed), but before I shoot from the hip and buy a pair, is there anything else that may cause this? Thanks.
  15. AlexGSi2000

    e39 525d / 530d EGR Blank.

    Removed from my 530d - will allow complete removal of the EGR pipe (models without EGR cooler / coolant feed). Purchased from X8R a few years ago. £15 posted. Cheers.