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  1. AlexGSi2000


    Many thanks, will send PayPal shortly. Just to confirm about part ending 703 - you listed it in your reply as part 730, just checking this was a typo and not the incorrect part. Cheers, Alex.
  2. AlexGSi2000

    Titan silver wings

    Cheers Andy - these were the ones Darren bought
  3. AlexGSi2000

    2003 BMW E39 Sport - External Door Trim

    Hi Stu, I have one - send me a PM if you are interested. Cheers.
  4. AlexGSi2000


    Hi, Is it possible to get a price on the below parts please? - Registration is M5 DFP. 1x 1x (e60 part) 1x 1x 1x Many thanks, Alex.
  5. AlexGSi2000

    e39 M5 Gearbox - Do I need detents?

    Many thanks for the input - will replace all bushes / seals and take it from there. @ttrw2 - the car has the standard shift lever.
  6. Should be fine Jamie - send me a PM! :)
  7. Took the pricing off as I was able to give better pricing for people wanting multiple items. Turbo is the GT2260v from the e60 530d - I bought it used off ebay two years ago, no play but unsure on the mileage.
  8. Jacking points are solid, however there is surface corrosion. Battery tray good and so are the floor plans.
  9. AlexGSi2000

    e39 M5 Gearbox - Do I need detents?

    Since purchasing my M5 around a month ago, I have not been entirely satisfied with the way the gear changes have felt. I feel like I am using too much force on the lever to select gears - I think it should be a little smoother when selecting also, it is more prominent when cold. The gear changes are not difficult, it isn't hard to find gears, no crunches and it doesn't pop out of gear. Compared to my e39 530d manual it just feels too "stiff", which makes quick gear changes slow and cumbersome. The gearbox oil has been replaced with Redline MTL, which has already helped, however I think there are still a few improvements to be made. RealOEM shows a diagram with various detents with a repair kit, my question being - does it sound like I need to replace them? I thought a symptom of the detents being worn was that the car popped out of gear / difficult selecting reverse - am I correct in stating the car should have revised detents as its a 2001 model? I am planning on fitting an e60 short shifter along with replacing all shifter bushings and nylon bearing, would I be wasting money loading up the parts cannon by replacing the detents? Whilst driving I also notice the occasional whiff of gearbox oil. When I removed the box off to replace the clutch, I noticed the inner bell housing was a little wet so pkan on replacing the input shaft seal. There was also weeping coming from the casing where the bellhousing bolts to the rest of the box - I assume I can split the box with relative ease and re-seal with the likes of Dirko sealant? Any advice appreciated - thanks!
  10. Selling a pair of facelift Hella halo headlights removed from my 2002 e39 530d. Lenses have been polished to remove the usual light yellowing, adjusters and seals are good. These headlights are Halogen units, however I will include the HIDsDirect 35w Xenon kit I purchased a few years back (temperature 6000k). The Xenon kit is plug & play, so if you don't want to use it - or go back to halogen at a later date, its just a case of fitting a halogen bulb. A small amount of the reflective coating has flaked off on the nearside high-beam reflector - as seen on the photo, it has not become any worse over the 4 years I owned the car. Happy to include some of the facelift wiring loom and brackets if anyone is converting from pre-facelift. I am asking £150 - collection ideally, however I can post if required.
  11. Full black leather interior removed from a 2002 e39 Sport. Includes seats and door cards - will not come with silver trim. Seats in good condition, light wear - no rips or tears, bolsters good. From a non smokers car. Seats are non-eletric, non-heated. Perfect upgrade for an SE/non-leather car and an easy fit. Asking £160 - collection only from Liverpool. Thanks.
  12. AlexGSi2000

    AlexGSi2000 - e39 M5

    I am now at 1000 miles into ownership and was able to give the car a good shakedown yesterday after I had addressed the crucial bits. Work carried out so far; Paddle clutch replaced for standard Brake pads replaced (OEM Bosch & ATE Typ200 fluid) Front snapped suspension spring replaced Gearbox & Diff oils changed Engine oil replaced Headlight adjusters repaired Replacement exhaust gaskets - old exhaust studs removed. Tint film over the clear parts of rear lights - may not be to everyone's taste. I have also swapped a few parts over from my old 530d to help tidy the car up; door seals, phone cradle removed, working cup-holders.etc The verdict so far is that the car has some way to go until it gets to a level where I deem it to be good, the beauty of it is that its a working car and can be driven - I bought the car as a long term purchase, I will be forming a list of work over the next week or so and will tackle it over the next few years. From working on the car its obvious that the car has suffered the ill fate of rogue mechanics at some-point, examples being; Self tapping screws used to secure the O2/Lambda sensor covers - right through the floor pan into the interior. Rubber mounts had broken on the oil filter housing - again, secured by a self tapping screw - this had caused the oil & power steering pipework to chafe. The engine appears strong, although ever so slightly noisy - supposedly the VANOS had been rebuilt and timing chain guides replaced in the past - I will more than likely do the rod bearings in the next 12-months. The car seems to push on well, not best suited to the tight roads - feels like the ratios could be a little shorter in that respect, but for the more open B roads the car is well suited. When the car is warm I get a constant smell of gearbox oil, I did notice when I pulled the box off that the input shaft seal could do with replacing - it also appears to be weeping slightly from where the bell-housing meets the gearbox casing. Shifts have become better with the Redline MTL gearbox oil, but still not as quick as I would like them to be - so in the coming months I will take the box off again, replace the seals and replace the shift pin / detents - potentially go for a short-shift kit too. Sills will need addressing within the next 24-months, they are OK at the moment, still solid - along with the jacking points, however they are definitely on the way out - unfortunately bodywork isn't something I have done before so will leave this to the professionals. Verdict so far - I'm on the fence - I did buy from the cheaper end of the market with the anticipation of doing some work, however when somethings not perfect it grinds away at me! - I need to learn to take my time with this one. Its a great car and the V8 is lovely. Once the car is sorted I'm sure it will pay dividends.