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  1. AlexGSi2000

    Insurance (Again!)

    This post is going to be more of a rant than anything constructive - I thought I would share with the like-minded rather than my other half! Over the years, car insurance has angered me a couple of times. Originally I put it down to being a new driver, but after the years and no claims history built up - It continued to seem very expensive. Car insurance has always dictated the cars I buy, if the car is affordable and within reach - insurance has often put a stop to it. Last year and after lots of saving, I had the opportunity to purchase one of my dream cars - my e39 M5. After dreaming of the prospect I suddenly remembered about insurance which promptly brought me back down to the ground. Hesitantly I started browsing the comparison sites - to my surprise, I was presented with a few very reasonable quotes, which cemented my decision to buy. I had an insurance cost limit in mind, to which these quotes came out much lower. I took out the policy from the well known insurer - fast forward 11 months to the receipt of a renewal quotation which shows the premium will more than treble. Unless I am mistaken, I don't recall causing any major accidents or crashing during the past 12 months, or being awarded any points. If I had, then I guess it could be used as justification, but I just cant see why the increase has been so horrendously large. Dare I say it, but due to salaries remaining the same and the cost of living going up (I'm sure many people are in the same boat), its almost made the car prohibitive to insure. Not looking for a sympathy vote here, its my hobby and my decision to buy the car - I'm just baffled at how insurance works sometimes. Just for context, I have been driving since 2006, have 12 years no claims, 0 points and no convictions. I have tried classic car insurers (which seem to quote more than conventional insurance), tweaked excess options.etc - all the best quotes are within ~£150 variance. When speaking to my current insurers over the phone, the justification for the increase was along the lines of "because it has" . I guess because of the insurance hike, I cant justify premium tyres and brakes - so will have to go budget brand, which will increase the likelihood of insurance needing to pay out (not really - I'll just consume rice and beans for the next 6 months).
  2. AlexGSi2000


    Going to be following this one, if it gets any responses! I recently replaced the regulator on my alternator as it was starting to fail, I was quite suprised to see it was "only" 120A given the amount of kit usually found inside these cars. I did take a brief look at different higher current alternators, but didnt spend too much time as it wasnt crucial for me. From what I found, it looked like it was best to get the current alternator reworked for a higher output.
  3. AlexGSi2000

    V8 Drag Link / Centre Tie Rod.

    Just the info I was after - thanks! Typically the LHD ones are cheaper, needs to be done I guess as the steering feels a little vague. When I stress the drag-link, one of the ball joints (on the nearside) knocks, so will hopefully tighten things up a little.
  4. AlexGSi2000

    V8 Drag Link / Centre Tie Rod.

    Afternoon, Im currently looking to purchase a replacement centre drag link / tie rod for the V8. From Real OEM, it seems there may be two versions; 32211096060 - RHD 32211096059 - LHD Almost all of the ones I have seen online on various sites list the LHD part number. My question being - are they both the same part? I have found one listed on ebay that has both part numbers listed. Many thanks!
  5. AlexGSi2000

    Rogue Engineering X-Pipe BMW E39 M5 £350

    Hi, Could you attach or send over some photos if possible? Thanks.
  6. AlexGSi2000

    e39 Seals

    Hi, Is it possible for a price on the following please; 11137830114 11137830113 11137830112 11441406693 Many thanks, Alex.
  7. AlexGSi2000

    E39 M5 - steering vibration on braking

    The 1 series brake setup sounds interesting! - was it a straightforward conversion?
  8. AlexGSi2000

    530d or 535d?

    I have two friends that run pre-LCI e61 535d's - both remapped. They are pretty impressive cars when it comes down to power and delivery, however - they have both had issues with the autoboxes. One needed a torque converter after it was remapped, the other had another issue (cant remember), but he just swapped the gearbox for a used unit. I would keep a contingency in mind if you were to go for a 535d and have it mapped, I'm sure standard power cars will be less likely to expirience issues. My personal choice would be to go for a 530d manual and go down the hybrid turbo route - it wouldnt be far behind the 535d then. (my e39 530d with the bigger turbo didnt loose too much ground when chasing the 535d)
  9. Has anyone successfully managed to obtain a reprinted service book / work history from BMW? When I purchased my car, it was provided with minimal service history - being the car it is, I expected that it had been looked after / serviced by BMW for most of its life. I made an initial enquiry with BMW group, who confirmed my suspicions and provided a list of dealer locations and visits between 2002 - 2016. They advised me to contact each dealer on a case-by-case basis to obtain further information. Flip me - its like getting blood from a stone. Im only talking about the first dealership, so cant quote them all - however it looks like its going to be a difficult task. The initial call to the first dealership consisted of me being passed to three people (I understand they have bigger and better things to do), after being told multiple times that the history is stored on the key/car despite informing them that the car is from 2001 and it wasnt, they stated they could provide printouts of the work done. Good news I thought - until they told me they couldnt do this unless I visited the dealership along with the V5, they wouldnt entertain it if I sent/emailed proof of ownership. So at this rate, it looks like I have a 763 mile round trip - best book a few days off work.
  10. AlexGSi2000

    Car part suppliers - Autodoc and others.

    I have been using Autodoc for the past year - its been a godsend IMO. They list parts that usually arent available from the likes of eurocarparts - the likes of BMW specific seals.etc Must have placed around 15 orders with them - no issues so far. If you can wait a week for delivery then I would recommend them.
  11. AlexGSi2000

    E39 M5 exhaust heat shields.

    Hi, I'm after a pair of exhaust heat shields (that go above the rear silencers) - e39 M5. Thanks, Alex. Sent from my BBF100-1 using Tapatalk
  12. AlexGSi2000

    e91 318d reliability and worth

    Just out of curiosity, how many miles is it doing to the gallon? I personally think they are reasonable engines once the achilles heel(s) have been removed. I have the earlier N47 320d engine which seems to be doing well after two years of ownership. I removed the DPF, EGR & Swirlflaps - combined with a remap, it will do around 63mpg on the motorway. They are abit agricultural, but fairly economical. I wouldn't worry about the turbo, as they are easy to replace - as others have mentioned, I think all N47s are prone to timing chain issues, despite people stating the later ones are not susceptible. I would budget in a chain replacement if you plan to keep the car a couple of years, keep oil changes regular too - I service ours every 7k.
  13. AlexGSi2000

    Residual heat - hot air for only one minute

    Mine does the same - kind of pointless after a few seconds, as you say - it just cools the heater matrix. Maybe jump on RealOEM and take a look at the cooling circuit to see if there are any components such as pumps on there.
  14. AlexGSi2000

    e39 Parts - Job Lot

    Price update - £50. Some photos below - apologies for the poor quality, but should give some idea (there may be some non-e39 parts in the photos)
  15. AlexGSi2000

    Bodyshop Recommendations.

    Sounds good - could do with you taking a look over to see what you make of it. Sent from my BBF100-1 using Tapatalk