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    Heavy rain, Water leak

    So my water issue returned and I booked my car in to another dealer to be looked at. Dropped it off at 8am today and the guy said they'd probably need to keep it for 3 days. Had a call at 5pm to say it had been subject to 4 hours of water testing after being stripped on the inside but they couldn't find the leak, BUT they did find a crack in a a/c pipe which was letting water drain back into the car inside of draining out underneath the car. Part ordered from Germany and will be here in 3-4 days
  2. grantsteve

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    I have exactly the same problem with my 2014 F11, except my floor mat was soaked. I've had the car back to the dealer who kept it for 4 days over the weekend and apparently stripped the car back and water tested it twice but couldn't find where the water was coming from. I've since collected it and driven it for a week. Floor seemed to be drier (but still damp) but has been wetter again, although not to the same extent, since the rain at the weekend. I've read elsewhere that there is a common issue with the vapour barriers inside the door cards and the water effectively runs out of the bottom of the door card, and hence in to the footwell, rather than being directed through the drains around the edges of the door to the bottom corner where it drains. My car needs a service in a couple of weeks so I'm proposing to monitor until then but I'm not convinced that its a one off and the issue has been resolved.
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    Hi, how long did the guy take to get back to you after you paid for the FSC code? I paid for my code and provided current map details and VIN yesterday afternoon but haven't heard anything yet I also need a link for the map download which I have asked for. EDIT - ignore me, I've just received an email from him!