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  1. Ste333

    Just got my bargain Imola red E39

    great colour
  2. Ste333

    New E60 owner

    that's great, thank you
  3. Ste333

    New E60 owner

    Hi all, As per the title, I've just got myself a 2007 LCI E60 525d. Love it so far. It's not my first BMW as I had an earlier (pre LCI) E60 530d a few years ago. I've just started browsing the forum again, and looking for some subtle styling inspiration. Can anyone advise the best place (dealer aside) to buy the main dash brushed aluminium trim piece? The one in my car has a stupid phone kit piece which was botched on to it by a previous owner and damaged. Also looking for some black kidney grills. I've seen loads on ebay, but can anyone recommend a good quality set that fit well and where to buy from? Cheers
  4. Ste333

    Remap + DPF delete, Good price?

    Yeah I saw the same thing. I'm sure there is some truth in it....but as someone said above. I can't see how they'll enforce it on older vehicles.
  5. Ste333

    Exhaust manifold quote

    Hello mate, Please could I get a quote for exhaust manifold: 11622248166 and the associated gasket set?
  6. Ste333

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    had my auto box sump changed, fresh oil, reset adaptions Seems much smoother now.
  7. As per the title really. Unfortunately the exhaust manifold appears to be cracked on my 55 plate E60 530d. I don't think it's bad at this stage, but I get the odd whiff of fumes in the car so it's something I need to address at some point soon. A friend mentioned that the earlier M57 cast manifolds from E46, E53, E39 etc 3.0D diesel models will fit as long as you use the corect gaskets. I just wanted to check if that was the case? I'd much rather have a cast jobby which will last a long long time, as opposed to putting on a brand new inherently flawed manifold of the same design which will probably crack again. If they will fit, can anyone recommend the best place to purchase one? Other than ebay..... Thanks
  8. Ste333

    Remap + DPF delete, Good price?

    I think 300-400 is about the going rate. I've had a few quotes too.
  9. good to know mate thanks. Just weighing up whether to source all the parts/oil myself, or whether to just let the dealer handle it. I get a hefty discount so....
  10. Can anyone recommend which gearbox oil I should be buying so can get mine changed. And also where from? I suspect I'll need a lot.... does anyone know how many Litres required a 55 plate 530d?
  11. It wasn't frozen but i was fairly cold yeah. It was about 6am in the morning.
  12. Hi all, as per the title. I had the strangest thing this morning. I got into my car as usual to head to work, selected reverse to come off my drive, but found that the revs just went up and I had no drive at all. I looked down at the selector to make sure I hadn't been an idiot, and it was definitely in "R". There were no horrible noises, no errors or flashing letters on the selector. Just no drive seemingly..... So I put the car into "D" and it moved forward no problem. So reselected reverse, and it them seemed perfect and pulled away as normal to come off my drive. I don't know if it's just psychological because of this driveway issue...but the shifting on my car seems a bit strange this morning as well. You don't seem to feel a solid engagement in gears when it is shifting down/up anymore..the revs just seem a lot free'er, if that makes sense? I'll find out later when I leave work if the car is the same. But aside from the driveway issue the car got me to work no problem and felt ok. The car was good as gold over the weekend as well, never had any loss of drive previously. Anyone else experienced selector glitches? Cheers
  13. Ste333


    Looks good mate, what spacers did you use? I mean where from, are they proper bolt on? Or just slip on 12mm's? And I assume you're using slightly longer bolts too?
  14. Ste333


    how much arch work we talking? Liner trim and arch rolls?