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  1. No dreaming for me about cars any more. Speed cameras etc ruined driving for me. Back in the 1980s I had a Sunbeam Lotus and the only reason the local police stopped me was to look under the bonnet. In the 90s I had one of the first Lotus Elise. That was fun. It was the six month of yoga to get in and out of it that wasn't so much fun... In the early 2000s I had the 1987 Esprit. No power steering, no suspension, uncomfortable and unreliable. Then I discovered my E61 followed by the F11. I won't be going back.
  2. Rear air springs. Check. Air con condensor. Twice. Check. EGR. NO issues but going in as a recall next week. All fixed under warranty. No big deal as I am 500 yards from the nearest BMW dealer. Still the nicest car I have ever driven.
  3. I have nothing but praise for DPD. The most reliable courier that I know of and you get a one hour time slot and you can track the van.
  4. It's an interesting idea but then if I have a flat I have to carry two bits of wood. Excellent idea when I change all four though. Thanks.
  5. Somebody gave me a low profile trolley jack but the adapter you have shown makes the jack just too high to use on my F11. It's really annoying and I always end up having to use the crap jack supplied with my spacesaver spare to change my wheels all for the sake of half an inch.
  6. I think we all have our "can’t do without" or must haves. Mine would be a heads up display. Had it on my last two BMWs since 2010 and wouldn't be without it.
  7. The Barn at Bury Court in Bentley. Snow for miles!
  8. I'm very happy that I made the decision to brave the cold on Thursday and swap the wheels on the F11 over to the winter tyres. A great decision as the wedding show we covered on Saturday meant that we had to negotiate 4 inches of snow to get to the venue in a tiny village near Farnham. 50% of the exhibitors didn’t turn up getting stuck in the snow or simply not bothering to venture out. The F11 was fully loaded with gear and the virgin snow covered car park was treated to few doughnuts. Much to the chagrin of the caretaker of the venue. Nobody else ventured into the car park.
  9. Thanks for this info. I will have them looked at asap and get them changed.
  10. rasg

    Anybody carry a spare wheel?

    The supplied wheel brace is hopeless and the jack will do the job but I have a long bar and also one of the those cross shaped wheel braces with a piece of tube if I am struggling to remove a bolt. The last space saver I bought was for an E61 but mine came with the correct spacer for the F11 and the right length bolts. I also have 19s and have never had a problem and I've had to use mine a couple of times. I do remember mine being the same diameter as my 19s though. Yours doesn't sound right to me if the diameter is different.
  11. I had my F11 MOTd today. Two advisories. One runflat tyre on the front is wearing unevenly and a Track rod end ball joint dust cover is damaged but is preventing the ingress of dirt. Sounds alright to me as the winters will go on in the next few days.
  12. I had Slime and a couple of other tins of Goo in my car and none of them can plug anything other than a small hole. All of my punctures have had big chunks out of them or the steel side walls just cut the tyres to shreds. If you have a run flat that you've been driving on for any length of time you will simply need a new tyre. When the pair of runflats on the front of mine need replacing they will be swapped for conventional tyres. I swapped the fronts a while back.
  13. A spacesaver is so much better in the long run. I've now had six or seven punctures over my E61 and F11 and I simply got bored of having to be trailered back for distant places for something as simple as a puncture.
  14. Blackvue are very good. Mine lasted about five years before it finally died. The cheaper models are so much better than they were and I bought a good quality camera for less than £100.
  15. I bought a few Duracells from Amazon a while back and they don't last longer than three months on the F11. Not the first time I've bought the button batteries from Amazon and had the same problem.