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  1. Sten

    Part number required.

    The clips are these ones (no affiliation) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/500pcs-Car-Body-Push-Retainer-Pin-Rivet-Trim-Clips-Panel-Moulding-Assortment-Kit/174661341218?hash=item28aaa09022:g:buYAAOSwxOleafTR Apologies, 51491946195 appear to be the clips (item 18 below) though I just used a couple of fixings from the above kit to fit the panel back on.
  2. Sten

    Part number required.

    I think they may be 51718102299. I bought a box of assorted BMW trim clips off EvilBay, have a look at item 174661341218 as that looks to include the two 'tie wraps' you were originally looking for.
  3. Sten

    Part number required.

    Thanks - that's listed as part no 16 in real.oem, it shows two of them in the picture and I'd assumed it was a different clip - it does list quantity=2 though and having seen a pic of it now that's definitely the correct part.
  4. Sten

    Part number required.

    It's 32411112282 - I've just replaced the same hose on my 525i, along with every other hose while I had the inlet manifold off to replace the starter motor. You can re-use it if you haven't cut it, lever back on the tab and you can pull the end of the tie wrap part out. They're silly money from BMW, it's part number 17 on the diagram below although real.oem shows it without the mounting clip. ( https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=HJ52-EUR---E34-BMW-525i&diagId=11_4813 ). I couldn't find a part number for the two plastic clips that hold that hose in the metal brackets, it would be part number 18 but it's 'greyed out'. I found that my replacement hose won't sit in the other side of the bracket that also holds the fuel lines, it was a Gates hose but looked exactly the same as the original.
  5. Sten

    1995 E34 525i Starter Motor removal

    Thanks, that's useful info. No access to a ramp sadly! Starter is the old type with the extra support bracket on the rear, the exchange Bosch ones are indeed shorter currently at £104.93 from ECP when you take the surcharge off.
  6. Sten

    1995 E34 525i Starter Motor removal

    Thanks Gents, it's out - a combination of 1/2" 16mm socket with a 3/8 adaptor on a long extension with a 1/2" adaptor and a 3' Snap On breaker bar on the nut, with an E12 socket and 3/8 Tommy Bar to hold the other end. Off to my Auto Electrician to check it out and refurb as necessary.
  7. Morning All, Any tips on removing the Starter Motor? I've removed the Intake etc and I can see the two E12 Torx headed M10 bolts that hold the damn thing in but I can't undo them. Are they just ridiculously tight? I've tried the correct E12 torx socket on the bolt head but there's no wiggle room to get any purchase on them. Other end of the bolt appears to be a 16mm nut - pics show one bolt head and one nut. This is all part of a longer saga which I'll post as a topic when I get it running again. Barry
  8. You have a PM.. Mod from another site was kind enough to provide the link, you'll need a switchable ADS interface similar to this one as well:- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-INPA-Ediabas-OBD-ADS-Interface/264851324724?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  9. Sten


    Are these just a stiffer version of the standard dampers?
  10. I managed to get an old version of INPA with ADS and can happily report that I can now interrogate the DME (and just about any control unit by the look of things). Fault logged against Lamda Sensor so ordered one online. Next weekend I'll hopefully be fighting the old one out..
  11. Does anyone have an old copy of INPA 3.0.1 they could loan/sell me? I'm trying to read live data from the DME as my car is running way too rich. I have Carsoft 6.5 and INPA 5.0.6 on an old laptop running XP with a true serial port which will read most of the ECU's (Airbag, ABS etc) but not the DME. I'm aware that older models need an ADS interface so I've bought one but INPA 5.0.6 doesn't support ADS. After much reading through the various BMW forums it seems that I need INPA 3.0.1 to be able to read the DME. There's a lot of information out there and even more broken/outdated links. Alternatively, what does anyone else use to read live data?
  12. Sten

    The e34 rear sill thread

    @FIVE-OH I thought I'd replied to you, obviously didn't submit properly. Jacking points had just been wleded over and there was a patch inside the rear wheelarch.
  13. Sten

    The e34 rear sill thread

    To summarise, and to make sure you know what you're taking on if you go down this road, total time to repair both sills from start to finish was 39 hours. I wouldn't have attempted this myself, I don't have a ramp at home amd my welding/fabrication skills are nowhere near good enough. The sills will still rot even without the sunroof drain tubes in the mix. My next job is to empty a tin or two of Dynax S50 into the sill structures and hopefully never have to go in there again. All credit to FIVE-OH for his efforts,I know how much is involved.
  14. Sten

    The e34 rear sill thread

    Has a rattle can of Calypso Red made up at my local paint shop and painted the repairs, then carefully measured the sills to drill the fixing holes for the sideskirt clips.
  15. Sten

    The e34 rear sill thread

    And considering the state of the other three corners, the o/s rear was actually fine - cut a piece out to have a good look with the Endoscope and welded back in