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  1. oberlointment

    e39 bumper trims

    got any rear sport ones for touring? nearside and offside?
  2. perfect I will take them. How much for posting to London?
  3. Am interested in the rear blinds. How much for the complete set?
  4. oberlointment

    Coolant level indicator float broken or missing

    Amazingly enough this has just happened to me. The float snapped in half and dropped into the bottom of the expansion tank. Mine happened on its own so I doubt it was the mechanics fault.
  5. oberlointment

    expansion tank

    Wonderful payment sent Best
  6. oberlointment

    expansion tank

    Hi guys did you manage to look at this yet. Best Matt
  7. oberlointment

    expansion tank

    Can you also add a price for coolant please, i believe it holds 11 litres. thanks Matt
  8. oberlointment

    expansion tank

    Hi can you please provide a quote for an expansion tank part number 17111436381. Does it come with a new cap? If not can you please add for that as well 17117639022. Reg number is RJ03BHU Thanks Matt
  9. oberlointment

    A sad end.

    That is near me will take a look.
  10. oberlointment

    BREAKING 1999 V 540i Auto TOURING E39

    Would you split this? I am after the drivers door loom and memory buttons?
  11. How much for the gearbox? Whats the mileage? Thanks
  12. oberlointment

    FS:BMW 530i Sport E39 / Paras/ Bumpers etc £600

    Hi I am interested. This looks like just what I am after. Thinking of doing an engine swop and some other things my touring. What is the year of manufacture, the mileage and how did the engine run? Any ideas about how long it was stood for? Lastly Where are you based?
  13. oberlointment

    Radio modules and head unit etc...

    All have a strong market especially the bm54 and the nav HU. Typically £80 - 100 each if working and in good condition.
  14. oberlointment

    Damp front carpets

    A faulty heater matrix will allow water to get into the footwell.
  15. Oh dear I am in London. PM me some images of you can I will see if I can sort something out.