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  1. GeeJayJoe

    Tyre Pressure Monitor Sensitivity

    When I last got a nail in a tyre, the monitor went off at 20psi. Just enough to get me home.
  2. GeeJayJoe

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    I didn`t remove the carpet as there are two black discs in the base of the rear carpet. Give half a turn and pull out leaving a hole through the carpet and place a wet vac over the hole. A few minutes of this whilst pummelling the floor removes all the excess water and leave the sunshine to do the rest.
  3. GeeJayJoe

    DIY F11 air spring replacement

    This is an electronic failure of a module or ride height controls. The car is telling the suspension to deflate as each wheel is totally independent of the other. the compressor only needs to work when a load is placed in the rear of the car so can go for months without being used.
  4. I had this with a BMW Engine and it was caused by a faulty maf sensor.
  5. GeeJayJoe

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    If you polish the buttons it will stop the chemicals on your fingers reacting with the paint and should stay like new.
  6. GeeJayJoe

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Had just the same problem with my wheels so replaced the pads with low dust ones but it made no difference. One journey and they’re filthy. I think that maybe different wheel designs suck more air through the spokes and deposit more grime.
  7. GeeJayJoe

    Air Suspension

    I have had 2 years of the nearside airbag not inflating when a load has been put on the car. This started randomly but got progressively worse. The fault code said a faulty solenoid so I have replaced it twice. Still the same. Finally I found the cause of this problem, the metal connectors in side the plug that attached to the pin on the solenoid were slightly wide. I crushed it together so now it grips on the solenoid (left wheel) pin and bingo all is now fine. How long did it take for me to work this out...... The moral of this story is that with any electrical problem, continuity testing is the first thing to try.
  8. Small point but how do you replace the spark plugs in a diesel? or did you mean heater plugs. is it using any oil as this may cause more regens.
  9. After watching a YouTube video on the difference between a cheap tyre and a top brand one, I would always go for the dearer one. Cornering and stopping were vastly different especially in the wet and the cheap ones did not last as long. It is a false economy.
  10. GeeJayJoe

    Odd vibration

    The new timing chain could sort the problem if the old one had stretched and slightly put the timing out.
  11. GeeJayJoe

    Odd vibration

    2 possibilities to look at. a weak injector gearbox oil change
  12. GeeJayJoe

    BMW 520d tourerF11 rear suspension drop

    As both bags are totally independent of each other it would suggest to me that it is an ecu problem. Checking the fault codes should soon find the problem.
  13. GeeJayJoe

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    The road has been closed since Tuesday until they work out what to put in the hole. So Matt, it looks like we’re neighbours.
  14. GeeJayJoe

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I actually hit that hole just before it was that bad. I think that my high speed helped me fly over it so the wheel didn`t have time to drop in it. Just a bang and the wheels seem fine.
  15. GeeJayJoe

    DIY F11 air spring replacement

    Easiest way to deflate the bag is to just push a screwdriver through the rubber. Saves undoing the solenoid ends. Also you can do one side at a time as they are totally independent of each other.
  16. GeeJayJoe

    Electric swivelling towbar problem

    Have you tried : Engine turned off , ignition on , and press the button soon after.
  17. GeeJayJoe

    'Normal' air suspension failure symptoms

    As the car should stay fully inflated for months on end without the use of the compressor, the problem must either be that there is a leak between the solenoid and the air bag or the self levelling device is faulty. If the car is riding too high or thinks that it is, it will release some air to find the correct level. As yours is intermittent it is quite likely that there is a bad connection in the wiring. there should be a fault code for this though.
  18. GeeJayJoe

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    If this helps. The calliper cradle bolts do not need to be removed only the Allen keyed ones.
  19. GeeJayJoe

    Rear Suspension

    I bought 2 cheap air bags off eBay and they were leaking from day one as the rubber was already perished. I inflated the bags off the car with a foot pump and put in water to find the problem. I have Arnotts on now and the rubber is thicker than the cheap ones.
  20. GeeJayJoe

    Rear Suspension

    If the car reduces height over night then the only explanation is that the air bags are leaking. The compressor would be over working to keep the car raised as it normally only operates to raise the car when weight is loaded to the car.
  21. GeeJayJoe

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    There is Turbo Dynamics in Christchurch which is partnered with Celtic Tuning. which I believe is close to both of us. I use a tuning box which is a great improvement to fuel economy and performance and easy to fit yourself at Tuning-diesels . com Hope this may help.
  22. GeeJayJoe

    DPF continual regen?

    The ash content will not decrease after a regen. Actually it will increase until it is full and will require a physical clean out Usually after 200000 miles
  23. Either the two pipes were not aligned together under the clamp or there is crack in the pipe next to the clamp.
  24. The exhaust bubbles are usually unburnt fuel from a cold engine. Or if the engine was not cold it could be a leaking injector.
  25. GeeJayJoe

    Dpf fault or bimmertool app

    Your ash mass of 5.8g should be at least 10 times that amount for the miles the car has done. Maybe this incorrect reading is causing your problem.