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  1. I had these symptoms on a diesel before and it was caused by the maf air flow sensor not working. It did not show any error codes but a new one fixed it. or it could be something else.
  2. GeeJayJoe


    I used to put any screenwash in the car but recently I had to pay for this by dismantling the car to get at the filter which had completely blocked up. I will empty the bottle in future before refilling it in case the screenwashes react again. I have discovered that the juice I just put in is no longer available...gone bankrupt So the moral is to stick to one brand when topping up.
  3. GeeJayJoe

    'Normal' air suspension failure symptoms

    There are hundreds of posts on this topic on this forum and your problem is 100% airbag failure. the air seeps from the airbag walls so it doesn’t hiss, actually these bags run at quite low pressures
  4. GeeJayJoe

    Bmw 520d 2014

    As the bags are 5 years old they will start to perish now and will deflate erratically. If no errors come up for suspension on the dash, then it means that the bags need replacing.
  5. GeeJayJoe

    Short distance between regens

    It could be that too much soot is coming from the engine which would indicate that a sensor is malfunctioning. first thing would be to do a diagnostic scan to see if this is so.
  6. GeeJayJoe

    B47 2.0d engine noise timing chain?

    Is it louder if you remove the oil filler cap as it sounds like loose tappets to me. Or it could be that the injector timing isn’t where it should be. I used to work on old tractors and this sounds like one of them
  7. GeeJayJoe

    525d, 3l or 2l?

    I had the same choice and went for the 3lt. it will be more pleasurable to drive than the 2lt and can be remapped to a greater hp but a quick calculation says that you will be paying £280 per year extra on fuel at your mileage. I get 45 mpg on a long drive but a lot less doing short trips around town.
  8. GeeJayJoe

    OS Rear door water leak

    Mine does this depending on what slope I park the car on. I don’t think that it is really a problem
  9. GeeJayJoe

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    What puzzles me is why people need to charge their batteries. The car has an adequate charging system and the battery holds the charge well when not in use. I drove the car doing no more than 2 miles a day for a month in the winter and had no starting problems at all. In the past I have charged batteries but on ones that were past their best but with modern batteries I thought those days were gone.
  10. GeeJayJoe

    F11 Rear Air Springs

    This is the typical age of car for when the airbags begin to leak. when you buy new ones, don’t go for the £35 eBay ones as they are a false economy. Arnotts are far more durable and it will resolve all your ride height variations
  11. GeeJayJoe

    Shocking trade in value on my F11

    I have to pay the ULEZ charge in London now for my 2010 525D. with the CCL charge as well and the £7 hour roadside parking (it’s extra for diesels) it’s an expensive trip.
  12. GeeJayJoe

    Driveline Warning

    The first step is to get the codes read to see which sensor had a hiccup or a faulty component. If you wish to do this yourself, the new Carly App will give you the answer and lots of programming options as well.
  13. GeeJayJoe

    Air suspension

    Had a similar problem which was caused by corroded terminals on the compressor cpu. This is situated by the battery, a white box slid into a holder with wires coming out the top, and is easy to check this. Most likely culprit imho.
  14. GeeJayJoe

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    To me looks like under inflation and misalignment. Can’t think what else would cause this