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  1. GeeJayJoe

    F11 520d Hissy fit

    I think you would see more of any pipes from above than below. But really the first step is to read the codes as this should tell you exactly the problem. Having a code reader is part of owning a BMW. Lol
  2. GeeJayJoe

    Steering/Suspension Issue

    Did you try parking on full lock and check to see if it actually was touching the wheel arch?
  3. This noise can come from the exhaust system if it has a worn bush or if something is touching it. The vibration could be set off by the prop shaft going out of balance under strain. Or a wheel bearing possibly.
  4. GeeJayJoe

    2015 530d Clicking

    First check to see if there is anything loose in the glove compartment, we’ve all been there..... second it could be a worn bush, try parking it on park, no handbrake ,and rock it back and forth to replicate the click.
  5. A rumbling sound is usually produced by a worn bearing. Your noise happens when the car is regenerating the battery. Regeneration happens when you decelerate, and especially after start up, I would check the bearing on the alternator as this is under more stress at this time and all the bearings connected to that drive belt. Somewhere to start looking I think
  6. GeeJayJoe

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Leaking windscreen or sunroof?
  7. GeeJayJoe

    Mixing Tyres?

    It’s always best to have firmer tyres on the rear to help with straight line stability, which is why we inflate the rears more that the fronts. So either all the same or runflats on the back.
  8. GeeJayJoe

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    We’ve all been there. next is to remove the panel on the door, one screw, and pour water over the window. You will see the water dripping past the seal. A new roll of sealant will cure that. The rest of the sealant I put around the grommet for extra safety.
  9. GeeJayJoe

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    As the government has given us an extra 6 months to get the car mot you could have waited til December to do it. Maybe the garage added this 6 months to your next mot. Just thinking out loud.
  10. GeeJayJoe

    Air Suspension

    I get the very same fault come up on mine about once a week. I put it down to corroded connectors on the ECU next to the battery. Stopping the car and starting again gets rid of the warning on the dash and then is ok for a while. I would check all these connectors first
  11. GeeJayJoe

    BMW Button Fading / Wearing

    When you get the new ones, give them a good coat of polish to protect them in the future.
  12. GeeJayJoe

    F07 Air Suspension Oddity

    First I would check for fault codes as it does not seem like a leaking bag issue. Both bags are totally independent of each other. there are many electrical connections for the air bag system around the battery in the boot and it can get quite damp in there.
  13. GeeJayJoe

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Needed to wash mine after this cherry blossom shower. They stick like glue if allowed to dry out.
  14. GeeJayJoe

    Post your ash mass and mileage

    Actually I believe that regenerations only turn soot into ash , and the ash will only increase over the lifetime of the car. Your ash levels due to the mileage should be around 60g Mine at 60000 has an ash content of 20g with the soot going from 5g to 20g and back again.
  15. GeeJayJoe

    Electric swivelling towbar problem

    The instructions for mine said to switch off engine before folding in the towbar.