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  1. vcator

    Software firmware updates

    I updated my F11 15-plate yesterday from navupdates.co.uk, taking advantage of a current offer to get the next update FOC. The download from the site took about half an hour on 70mbs broadband - the main file is quite large file. The file comes compressed and it took a surprisingly long time to extract - at least an hour or so, not minutes, so I extracted to the C:, then copied the files to the USB stick (which needs to be FAT 32 formatted). I plugged the USB stick into the centre console and half an hour later or so it was all done. Very easy. Instructions are good, so no issues at all. Good luck
  2. Try https://aerosus.co.uk/bmw.html, as recommended by the specialist garage that replaced mine
  3. Air suspension springs are a very usual fault on F10 and F11 I was recommended - https://aerosus.co.uk/bmw.html There are several youtube clips, including this one btw it will only get worse, and when it fails completely, the car becomes almost undrivable.
  4. vcator

    Address Book

    When I connected my Android phone via Bluetooth to my E39 my Address Book (Google contacts) appeared - no problem. No special configurations . . . it just worked I now have an F11. I connected the same Android phone, via Bluetooth, no problem. But the Address Book doesn't appear, and I don't understand why not. [I am getting txt messages - its just the phonebook I'm not getting] Has anyone else experienced a similar issue ?
  5. vcator

    What were you doing when Chernobyl blew up?

    I was sat on the side of a yacht, all through the night, racing across the English Channel so probably sailed through the cloud of radiation that dispersed from the site. We won the race by some margin, but probably now glow in the dark
  6. vcator

    Tow bar and electrics

    Mine was a Westfalia detachable towbar. The loom was expensive . . . but it works I had a 520 Touring, and the bumper needed to be cut away. Nice neet solution. I now have a 535 Touring and it came with the folding tow bar - nice, but I'm glad the car came with it rather than me paying the bill
  7. vcator

    Tow bar and electrics

    Ambrose Trailers (Christchurch, formerly Hampshire) did a good job fitting my tow bar. Everything worked straight way.
  8. vcator

    Rear F11 suspension lower that expected.

    A leak in the Air suspension spring probably, although normally its the nearside that goes first. I've only just got shot of my second 5-series - the first eventually needed both replacing, the nearside on the second went. The BMW specialist garage I use swears by https://aerosus.co.uk/ rather than BMW's own, but I don't know if there's any merit in that.
  9. vcator

    F11 Buying Advice Needed Please

    I bought a F11 535d Touring on a 15 plate on Friday, and so far really pleased with it. As ever with BMW, check the extras - I was surprised that mine didn't come with auto-folding wing mirrors :-/ The dealer convinced me that as it had runflats, it didn't come with an inflation kit - compressor or tyre sealant. Does anyone know if this was standard from new ?
  10. vcator

    F11 rear suspension issue

    The first nearside suspension airbag I replaced took several attempts to seal the connection, but eventually did solve the problem of the rear sagging. Lately the problem has now occurred on the offside, but it is intermittent. It came back from the main dealer for the recall two weeks ago and the suspension held up perfectly for 3 days. - the only thing that has changed is the weather, being unseasonably warm. I had the same thing with a previous Touring, and didn't immediately do anything about it. By the time I had the car booked-in the suspension wouldn't hold up at all, so the drive to the garage was 'an experience' . . . and smelly, where the tyres had rubbed against the wheel arches. Not an experience I want to repeat.
  11. When one of mine went I went to Halfords and replaced both, on the basis that it took them 10-mins more to do 2 at the same time, rather the time and hassle it would take me going back a second time. BUT one failed after only 6 months. I doubt Halfords were the cheapest, but they replaced the failed one without quibble, and no charge. Can't say fairer than that.
  12. vcator

    Smoke / EGR

    When I had a similar problem I bought an ODB2 adaptor and bought the Torque app. The error message included insufficient fuel, but then tracking the fault through the links, I came across a site dedicated to the problem, suggesting the hole in the hose. If this is the cause of the problem, its a cheap/easy fix, so worth looking into.
  13. vcator

    Smoke / EGR

    I've had similar in the past. Have a look at the rubber hose that is above the manifold. The heat from the manifold perishes the rubber - oil, drips onto the manifold, hence smoke/smell. Its difficult to check - you probably need a mirror to see the underside of the hose. If it is the hose then it costs about £15 to replace. Good luck.
  14. I have a 2016 F11 touring and although it doesn't happen as frequently as yours, I have exactly the same thing. I wondered whether it was a battery issue - the battery not able to deliver juice to BOTH the starter motor AND compressor at the same time ie 'failing safe' so that the battery only delivered juice to one of the components (and succeeded) rather than trying to deliver juice to both, and failing. I'm on 90k miles, still with the original battery, but I've no idea whether that explanation is correct. I'll be interested to see what other explanations there are
  15. vcator

    Software issue

    There was a time when I could play tracks from my mobile via bluetooth, but now my Software is stuck! When I try and play tracks from my mobile, the screen shows an Unknown Track and Unknown Album "Please wait . . . ". I've waited 2 hours but it never finds a track and I can't can't change the search ie its stuck. I have the latest version of software, . . . . . and I've re-loaded, ensuring the original is overwritten just in case the software was corrupted I have tried 2 different phones, and its the same with both phones I have deleted and re-connected the phones from Bluetooth And I have made sure there is a Unknown Track in an Unknown Album on the phones. . . . but I can't get the systems out of searching But When I select tracks from a USB memory stick, no problem, it plays OK. Everything works. The phones do work fine using Bluetooth. If anyone has any thoughts, I'd be very grateful to hear them