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  1. I get 12427503054. This part is seated in the inlet manifold. Part nr 7
  2. Mashmanu

    M sport/ sport

    Well after being ridiculed on another thread for calling my sport an m-sport this is quite topical!! I suspect the difference is an. M-Sport would be the M5 and sport would be all the other engines with the Sport optional extra package (wheels, suspension, steering wheel, bumpers, door mouldings and interior trim)
  3. Mashmanu

    E39 Parcel shelf Colour

    Yep black parcel shelf too (or purple as they become with age !!!)
  4. Mashmanu

    The E39 First World Problems thread

    And the fact that the components that make up the Sport edition were labelled the M Sport suspension, the M Sport steering wheel and M Sport Light Alloy wheels.
  5. Mashmanu

    The E39 First World Problems thread

    Here’s another one. Purple parcel shelf
  6. Mashmanu

    The E39 First World Problems thread

    Thanks I’ll check it out. Haven’t seen anything in INPA regards errors. Thought it was just a cold old gearbox needed a bit of persuading
  7. Mashmanu

    The E39 First World Problems thread

    Having to move auto gear shift into self select mode and back again when car first started so that it automatically shifts out of first into second!
  8. Mashmanu

    Part number help. E39 m-touring under-tray

    Try this. Lower right front bumper sport 51712694832
  9. All the way until it contacts the stop on the strut according to Haynes manual. It also mentions that there should be a mark on the strut for aligning it with the gap in the hub carrier. There should be a mark for if the shock is fitted to the left or right side of the car. TIS also refers to this. If there is no mark then you need to make one before removing
  10. Mashmanu

    cd changer issues- changes volume

    The tape player, is also the tuner and the brains behind the system. The MID display unit underneath is basically a display unit controlled by the head unit (tape/cd/tuner) above. So yes you can swap it very easily for a CD version. However the problem is these units are now getting on a bit and the processors are prone to failure so finding one that is without fault is unlikely. They can’t even be repaired. Now I suspect the issue you are having is with the CD changer itself so suggest you source a secondhand one off ebay, there are plenty, and see if that resolves the problem. One simple option, have you pulled the fuse to the tuner/cd changer? Its fuse 56 in the boot and will completely reset the system. I gave up with OEM system last year and bought an Android unit that is a perfect fit and looks just like the OEM widescreen satnav head unit.
  11. Mashmanu

    how to hack into blocked m57 dde4?

    Hi, Ive been following this thread and Im not entirely clear what you are trying to do however, try taking a look at this document. This may help you find what you are looking for https://www.scribd.com/document/251395295/BMW-Bus-Systems-pdf
  12. Mashmanu

    how to hack into blocked m57 dde4?

    Assuming you asking in the context of the thread then no, the gearbox has its own module, AGS, which is wired alongside the DME. See attached diagram
  13. Mashmanu

    PDC proximity problem

    They operate in series so if one is faulty then the whole system is compromised.
  14. Mashmanu

    PDC proximity problem

    Ask them to run a free diagnostic to prove their innocence. INPA or Navcoder can be used to check distances but imho it’s likely to be coincidence and a faulty PDC sensor. They do fail. One of mine failed when the car was only a year old!
  15. Mashmanu

    how to hack into blocked m57 dde4?

    No idea but my first port of call is Youtube. Have you tried searching that? What is it you are trying to do?