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  1. Mashmanu

    Wheel wobble

    I’d second the sticky brake callipers. Had exactly the same symptoms that were like that for 1000 miles and then suddenly over a few miles disk went too warped to drive. New calliper and disks and no more wobble. You mentioned you’d replaced them with secondhand units. I’d say that’s a big clue given all the other things that’s you’ve done. All the things you’ve done were on my list to do until the disc warped on the way to its MOT!!
  2. Mashmanu

    E39 530i se to sport conversion

    If it’s a sport touring you want best to wait, there’s plenty on the market and don’t be put off by a high mileage so long as it’s been well serviced. Do you subscribe to the Facebook BMW E39 Club Buy/Sell group, seem to be a few on there? Used it to buy parts. Seems to be well used.
  3. Mashmanu

    E39 530i se to sport conversion

    it’s just Sport btw. depends how far you want to go and how accurate you want it to look. Here is the full list Exterior: Bumpers including black bump strips, air ducts, lower front corner splash guards, black door strips, M tech suspension and ARB. Style 66 Alloys. De chrome around door windows. Clear indicator lights on front wings. Oval fog lights, and a sport front number plate frame. Exhaust back box with polished Stainless steel straight end pipe Interior: M kick plates, anthracite roof lining and A, B & C pillar covers. Black curtesy lights front centre and rear passenger. Black sun visors. Sport seats. Brushed aluminium strips to doors , dashboard and centre console. Sport steering wheel i think that’s it. Not sure if there is a spoiler for the touring as there is for the saloon.
  4. Mashmanu

    Front doors not locking

    Ouch. Cant quite see if any wires have been severed but I suspect given the symptoms it’s as good as and certainly looks like the culprit. Looking at the scoring on that sound proofing layer it’s certainly taken some abuse. And Blue/Red is the P-Bus which explains the behaviour you are seeing.
  5. Mashmanu

    Front doors not locking

    Fantastic. Just old and awkward. bit of twiddling and away it goes. There’s a YouTube video by Diagnose Dan regarding a failed heater valve that’s quite interesting and may offer some insight.
  6. Mashmanu

    Front doors not locking

    Hi Adam, been following your woes. I feel your pain. I know its no consolation, but I’ve had my E39 since new and can honestly say I’ve never seen the number if issues you are having. That said, I've had the hedgehog woes, the leaking vapour barrier and constantly failing parking sensors. As for the specific issue on this topic, it points to the either drivers door module ( the bit with all the buttons on) or the wiring loom on the drivers door. In isolation, I would say that’s the culprit, however considering all the other issues you have, you need someone to take a deeper look. I could be wrong, it could be a cruel coincidence and the drivers door module gone rogue, however before sending it the scrap yard or phoning for an auto spark , check a couple of things 1. The old power cycle reset: Disconnect the battery for an hour. Let all the systems fully shutdown. Reconnect and if you are still seeing issues, disconnect before you get another dead battery. 2. Next water issues: You need to check for water ingress. Check under the carpet behind the drivers and front passenger seats, its easiest if you lift the back seat up, just pull it up from the front. You need to get under the foam under the carpet and see if its wet. If there is water under there it can get into some of the connections under the drivers seat and this means you need to fix the vapour barrier on the doors on the side where its wet, before doing anything else and dry the foam which is really difficult. Tell tale sign for water ingress is windows misting up 3. Ignition switch: they can cause all sorts of weird issues that stops things switching on or off properly. This is usually associated with other random faults like sun visor lights not coming etc. Its a bit fiddly to get at but would certainly be worth checking this out. You have to remove the steering column cowls to get to it. Ideally do this whilst you have the battery disconnected as per step 1. These are old cars that started using a lot interconnected modules to allow all sorts of features like remembering your settings depending which key is used along with customisations like which doors to unlock, what lights to switch on when you lock it etc. Once you start pulling on wires to fix one problem its possible to inadvertently trigger another so all work needs to be done carefully. I would also recommend you get some diagnostic equipment if you haven't already invested in some. These cars can seriously test you especially if you don't have deep pockets or don't enjoy the challenge of getting things to work. Personally I love it when something goes wrong and I get to play. And yes I do have a second, reliable car too, just in case! And if it wasn’t for the current situation, you would probably be able to find someone local who can take look for you. Don't give up, nearly always the issues can be solved and the rewards of a great car to drive will be yours.
  7. Mashmanu

    faulty MID exchange ?

    I believe ve you should be ok. Based on my own experience, it won’t be an issue. I installed one with different buttons to check and that worked perfectly. The important bit is the unit above the mid and the main instrument cluster.
  8. Worst case 4 hours labour to allow for seized bolts and a stuck bush sleeve. and then wheel alignment check/adjust which ranges from £80 to £200 so all in I’d say £400 plus parts worst case. I did my rear suspension a couple of years ago. It took me two days to do and a month to recover!! These jobs really do benefit from having the right tools including getting the car at a decent height to work on. So if you can afford it, it’s money well spent IMHO
  9. Mashmanu

    Any one else had a recall letter?

    That’s for your E93 mate!
  10. Mashmanu

    Trim clips, Washer bottle related.

    Try this. 51478166992. It’s under Bodywork, Front Body
  11. Mashmanu

    Track rods / ends

    I believe the steering rack for the v8s is completely different hence the different tie rods. The first picture is for the 6 cylinder engine.
  12. Mashmanu

    What inspires you with your car ?

    The empty tray behind the drivers side headlight is normally occupied by the left bank air intake filter for the V8’s. Take a look at the engine bay pictures of M5s or 535/540’s.
  13. Mashmanu

    What inspires you with your car ?

    Wow that’s fantastic, what an inspiration and a unique perspective on the UK motor industry. My passion/inspiration stems from a far less interesting source and may even be considered snobby but I’ve always loved anything with wheels and making them work well and fast. It started with bikes and living on a steep road in Lancashire was able to go really fast with little effort. However my father had little interest in cars. They were just to allow him to get to places. He didn’t have a lot of money with a growing family and having had to move to a bigger house during the recession of the 70’s left no money for luxuries such as a better car. He had family cast offs, old Vivas, a Zodiac (which I thought was amazing) which I loved cleaning. I too was limited to second hand bikes which I would do up so that they ran well. However my real love of cars was sparked by two cars. My fathers best mate was a builder and he bought a brand new bright red Triumph Stag and my Uncle (who nowadays would be called a millionaire) bought a Mercedes W116 350SL. They seemed like things from a different planet in comparison to our hand painted green Vauxhall Viva. I never knew cars could be that luxurious, that fast and so comfortable. In a weird twist of fate, my first car was a Dolomite 1850 HL inherited from my Grandfather in the late 80’s. I did a full restoration on that to get it like new. Sadly I had to trade it in for an Escort 1.6L Ghia as I needed something reliable for my daily commute across the Pennines. I’ve had many cars, always looking for comfort and power, budget allowing. After the Escort I had a 2 door Astra then an Audi 2.2 Coupe Quattro before getting my first new car, a VW Polo 1.6. That was followed by a new Golf GTI Mk 4 and then an Audi S3. I fully loaded both the Golf and S3 but whilst they were quick, they weren’t comfortable especially on long journeys. When I bought my E39 new in 2002, it took me back to that first experience sitting in my uncles 350SL. It was luxurious, quick but so comfortable and it’s so easy to maintain and keep looking and running like new. Having something that is well designed and made and being able to maintain is what inspires me but also the feeling, to me, that I have something special. Last year I bought an X3 M40 which is stupendous but you don’t feel as involved in the experience as I feel with the E39 and I can’t see the missus allowing me to get my spanner’s anywhere near the X3.....well not for a few years !!!
  14. Mashmanu

    Engine Management Light

    The great thing about these cars is that the majority of warning lights aren’t terminal and the car isn’t overly dependent or ruled by the electronics so mostly they just annoy us especially those of a more perfectionist nature. They are also getting old so wear and tear both mechanically and electrically comes with the territory so some issues have to be expected. It also helps if you are handy with garage tools too, or have a healthy bank balance. I’ve always loved tinkering with anything so find these cars allow me to tinker easily and safely but also such fun to use. And I just love finding out why something doesn’t work and you get a lot of opportunity as it gets older
  15. Mashmanu

    Engine Management Light

    As D_a_n says MAF is one cause but most common reason for EML light is usually associated with emissions and fuel return vacuum so I second the take it for a spin to see the if it clears. Next step check fuel filler cap and make sure it’s properly tightened. If that is ok check the seal on it. Make sure it’s not cracked. Otherwise you need to get the error codes read and see what is flagged. The fuel return purge valve is also a common culprit which is cheap and easy to replace. Lots of YouTube videos on that subject (E39 P0444)