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  1. Mashmanu

    ABS / brake lights "trifecta"

    If it’s any consolation my unit returned a month ago, refitted, cleared all codes and all fine then yesterday all 3 lights back on. Errors are pressure sensor and pre-charge pump. I know I was only able to bleed 3 of the 4 circuits so suspect it’s that final circuit I need to sort. Proper bleeding of these systems I suspect is the answer but I need to get a replacement bleed screw. Weirdly the other 3 were 11mm but the one I couldn’t remove was 10mm and given I’ve owned this car from new and it’s the original callipers at the rear, I’m confused.
  2. Mashmanu

    E39 530d gearbox

    Oh dear, that sounds fairly unequivocal. Still get it to someone who can properly diagnose it. But it definitely sounds like a gearbox is going to need to be removed. Fingers crossed it’s not going to be too prohibitive.
  3. Mashmanu

    E39 530d gearbox

    First thing you need to do is find out what is wrong. What are the issues, is it a lack of fluid, is it a particular gear, has the gearbox control unit failed. Also if it’s the torque converter that’s failed then that’s all you need to replace. Get it properly diagnosed at an auto gearbox specialist before buying parts you might not need. I agree though if it needs the gearbox dismantling and repairing, a secondhand replacement is going to be initially the cheaper option. I say initially as you have no idea how long the replacement will last. But get it checked out first.
  4. Mashmanu

    ABS / brake lights "trifecta"

    As I mentioned previously there is the main ABS unit (ECU, Valve body and pump) with 6 pipes going into it. This is easy to remove and in my own experience took about 5 minutes to remove. Ensure you seal the end of each pipe to prevent fluid leakage and moisture getting into the pipes/fluid. The precharge pump which is next to the brake servo under the in-car air filter I haven’t removed but would expect that to be very messy so lots of rags/tissue to soak up any fluid spillage and again seal the pipe ends. Refitting the main ABS unit was straightforward and yes you do need to bleed the brake system. You will need DIS or INPA to do the fronts as you need to use the pre-charge pump and actually DIS gets the ABS going too.
  5. Mashmanu

    Mid panel drama

    If you remove the HVAC module first you can get a screw driver up on the right hand side and lever the catch. I attach a couple of photos of the MID in the frame (that I’ve previously removed to fit android unit)
  6. Mashmanu

    ABS / brake lights "trifecta"

    For whats it’s worth just had my unit back from them. No issues, was well packed and it fixed the issues. They didn’t tell me what was wrong with it but looks like the pump and valve unit has been replaced and my original ECU repaired and fitted to the pump.
  7. Mashmanu

    ABS / brake lights "trifecta"

    When you say pump, do you mean the actual housing next to engine which the ECU unit bolts to or the pre-charge pump next to the brake servo? If it’s the former it’s straightforward to do but seal the ends of the brake pipes to prevent any moisture or leakage. And don’t press the brake pedal
  8. Mashmanu

    brake pad wear sensor ?

    It has two, one Front left and one rear right
  9. Mashmanu

    Help re headlight aim adjustment

    sorry if too late to this topic but you can get replacement parts, just search ebay for BMW E39 Headlight adjuster cog. Fitting the top part should be straightforward as all you need to do is turn the bottom cog to slacken the adjuster, pull it out a bit and slide in the new top cog. The bottom cog though isn't easy as you need to ensure the bolt that goes into the headlight is held in place whilst you press the cog on. Alternatively, I did my own fix. See pictures: Basically the rear facing cog is pushed onto the knurled bolt that goes through to the internal adjusters. The cog gets brittle and just gets worn away by the knurls. Once this happens you now face the problem of the knurled bolt sliding into the headlight. My solution is to drill a small hole in the knurled bolt, cut a v across the cog and slide a small pin between the cog and into the hole in the bolt. Will last a few more years, fingers crossed.
  10. Mashmanu

    Jacking Points

    Fingers crossed for you. Near side, mine look like that. Offside a totally different story. Rear one is gone but front one ok but damaged by useless tyre guys not using the jacking point!!
  11. Mashmanu

    Aux/Pusher Fan Not Working - M54 530i

    Yes the later ones are PWM driven. There is a test routine for these in INPA, so Id be surprised if ISTA doesnt offer the same somewhere. Given the tests you’ve run sounds like its definitely the fan, as your tests have cleared the wiring & the ECU. Theres plenty of cars on the Facebook E39 For Sale page being broken, so you should be able to source a working secondhand one plus breakers on ebay.
  12. Mashmanu

    540I Brake Issues

    Sounds like the near side calliper has failed. You could get a piston service kit but it’s easier and safer to get a complete replacement. So you need a new front near side calliper plus both front discs. I’d do pads too but not essential given how new they are.
  13. Mashmanu

    ABS / brake lights "trifecta"

    Unbelievable coincidence, just got this fault!! It comes on, goes off, comes on goes off and then comes and stays on until I switch the ignition off and then seems ok for a few miles and then the cycle repeats. No errors on Carly so waiting for Jimmy’s software to download and plug INPA in and see what that says. Will have my own tale to add to this thread. Interestingly had a dead battery last week so wondering if I’ve upset the system somewhere either with the dud unit or installing the new one. It’s warm so that is probably another option and I’ve got the 6 cylinder which has the heat shielding already!
  14. Mashmanu

    ABS / brake lights "trifecta"

    It depends on the age of the car, i think post 1999, its in the engine bay, prior to that is under the glove box
  15. Mashmanu

    E39 2.5D Rocker cover removal

    YouTube it. There’s loads of how to videos on there.