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  1. Mashmanu

    Stereo head unit recommendation - E39

    I replaced the standard cd/tuner/mid in my 2002 530i last year. I’m fairly handy around the car so it wasn’t much of a faff imo. I bought a cheapish Chinese android unit which is ok but wish I’d spent either a bit more on an Eonon version or spent less and got a non android unit. One key advantage of keeping the OEM unit is the anti glare screen. In answer to to your specific questions: No DSP = Not an issue in fact very few aftermarket units work with DSP Car Errors = you will need to buy a Bluetooth ELM327 ODB connector that Eonon supports and an ODB app on the head unit. The link you used shows the extra part you need to buy for it. Control Cluster Panel = not sure I understand. Are you referring to the High MID on-board computer? If so then you will lose the option to select via the head unit but it should still operate via the BC button on the indicator stalk.
  2. Mashmanu


    Depends which pulley it is that’s squeaking. If it’s one of the idlers/tension about £20 each. If it’s the AC compressor Steering Pump or Alternator a few hundred quid. Could also be the water pump (about £80). Likely culprit will be the idlers and maybe worth getting new belt s too. You can rule out/in the ac compressor by switching aircon on/off and see if it makes any difference.
  3. Mashmanu

    Sport front shocks renewal

    There is also two types of Sport suspension. m Tech and M Tech 2. You’ll need to do VIN check to confirm which one. Mines a May 2002 build and has M Tech 2.
  4. Mashmanu

    E39 how should the bonnet / hood open

    And in answer to your question about your experience, no that's not normal for new, only for old and knackered!!
  5. Mashmanu

    E39 how should the bonnet / hood open

    Sometimes that leaver (#15) gets stiff or the spring begins to fail preventing the leaver from popping out or the bonnet catches/springs (#16) also seize. Spray them all with WD40 to clean them and apply a bit of LM grease to see if that free's them up. Mine is finally giving up the ghost so new cables, catches and latches on the to-list for me too I guess!
  6. Mashmanu

    Rear trailing arm fitting problems

    I followed this. Following this exactly worked. The link above I tried to follow but was a bit dubious about the pry bars!
  7. Mashmanu

    Rear trailing arm fitting problems

    Feel for you. Had that fun myself 2 years ago. I found the offside the most awkward but there is a YouTube video that shows how to do it. From memory I slept on it. Got my strength back and then followed the advice in the video. I just need to find the video I followed
  8. Mashmanu

    Touring subframe mounts

    Only if it’s hanging off There’s the two elements: the guibo (!) and the Universal Joint. Jack the rear up and put it on stands(can’t remember if you have to do just one side or get both wheels off the ground due to the diff) . Take the handbrake off and turn the wheels by hand back and forth to see if there is any play. It may need two people one to hold the prop shaft while the other turns the wheels to see if you can feel any play it.
  9. Mashmanu

    Touring subframe mounts

    Blimey Duncan sounds very familiar. Think they designed the suspension 'for display purposes only"!! Just did the rear control arms one side a doddle, but the other so rusted that the whole ball joint just spun round when undoing the nut. Tried mole grips but it stripped them. Eventually used a nut splitter that could only half do the job because the nut had a washer pressed into it! As for the Traction Arm, gave up, couldn't even access the rear bolt. As for the purpose of this thread, have you considered the prop shaft universal joint for the clunks/rattles?
  10. Mashmanu

    Touring subframe mounts

    Hi Duncan, probably something for a separate thread but are you able to share your woes learnings on doing the front TCA's? Something I'm thinking about doing as getting wheel vibration and funny juddering noises from the brakes?
  11. Mashmanu

    Heaters still not working

    They probably did as its usually the primary suspect for the blower. However there are lots of cheap versions that don't last long. From personal experience the cheap ones last less than a year. I bought the Meyle one two years ago and no issues. Touch wood!
  12. Mashmanu

    Heaters still not working

  13. Mashmanu

    Heaters still not working

    Hedgehog! They're a pita those things. Officially its the Final Stage Resistor. Google it and look for a decent brand replacement (e.g. Meyle). No specialist tools other than being able squeeze under the drivers side dash. There are a few YouTube videos on how to replace.
  14. Mashmanu

    528i 1997 testing aux fan

    Yes it should turn freely. So if it’s not turning freely suggest that’s why the fuse blew and I suspect the fan motor is now toast. Newer versions of the fan(ie on my 2002 version) run via PCM signal from the EWS so a 12V DC supply does nothing on its own. Mine uses. 3 PIN connector. Look it up on RealOEM to find the right version and search EBay for a replacement.
  15. Mashmanu

    523i query

    1. Switch Aircon off by pressing the snowflake symbol then all air is directly from the outside OR open the windows 2) there are covers over the mirrors in the sun visors. Slide the covers over.