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  1. Gucci

    Coolant location

    Thanks for your replies guys. Yes, bit of a novelty the 523i - good old fashioned 3.0 straight six petrol. Sounds just like the BMWs I gawped at when I was a teenager!
  2. Gucci

    Coolant location

    Brilliant many thanks for your reply
  3. Gucci

    Rubbing noise - dodgy tyre?

    The mystery to this was solved incidentally. The tyre was disintegrating from the inside! Tyre fitter took the tyre off, called me over and showed shards of tyre peeling away from the wall. SO glad to have got it sorted before something awful happened at 70mph.
  4. Gucci

    Coolant location

    Hello, first of all SORRY! Basic question I know. I have a 2011 523i F11 (love it) but today it has asked for a coolant top up. It's asked for this before a couple of years ago and was topped up by someone else. Obviously I looked in the owner's manual, but the location of the coolant isn't illustrated. Took this photo - apologies for image quality, but wanted to sort it this evening! Is the cap in the top right the right cap? It says not to open if hot, so assuming so. Amazingly, I couldn't find a video on YouTube either. It's like I have an alien engine!! Anyway, hope you can help. I have coolant and distilled water at the ready...hope you can help, thank you.
  5. Hello, A little ago, there was a grind noise coming from my rear driver side wheel. Thought it might’ve been a run-flat down on pressure, because they've made a similar noise when low. It seemed to subside, but now back. So made sure all pressures are right, but still there. So, I got the wheels swapped over, front to back to see if the noise was wheel or brake related. The noise now comes from the front, so that answered that. It sounds like something making contact at just one point, so is an intermittent sound, speeding up as you drive. Any ideas? Iffy tyre? Thank you
  6. I'd have thought you'd be entitled to a refund or replacement given such a short lifespan. They have to be fit for purpose and degrading so shortly is clearly a contradiction of that. Your supplier can shrug their shoulders as much as they like, they have a legal obligation to sell you a satisfactory product.
  7. Thanks for the heads up, these look the very same RIva alloys. So I'm guessing you can add the BMW centre caps?
  8. Thanks, I'll look them up
  9. Thanks for the feedback, yes I've seen so many OEM alloys that discolour and have no obvious quality advantage over 3rd party
  10. Hello, So my OEM alloys are smart enough - after all, I chose the car with them fitted. But thought I'd look at non-BMW options...not one for the purists. Quite liked these 19" from Riva. Tyre and wheel fitted package pretty compelling. I spoke to a tyre fitter a while back and he reckoned OEM alloys were a massive rip off given so many are manufactured in the same place and bought in - Italy a big exporter apparently. Anyway, what do you think?
  11. I've checked the RF pressures, all correct (I've heard a similar sound when one of them was very low once). I wonder if the sound could be a brake making very light contact perhaps?
  12. Gucci


    Just found your post - thank you!!
  13. Gucci

    F11 rear fuse box

    Okay, sooooo, I have found the fusebox, and the card that comes with it. Thought of sending it to GCHQ. Was hoping to find something more explicitly relevant to me. E.g "The fuse to order for the rear tailgate courtesy light is 30"
  14. Gucci

    F11 rear fuse box

    Brilliant, many thanks for your help!
  15. Gucci

    F11 rear fuse box

    So I replaced the tailgate courtesy light with a crisp white LED festoon, replaced the meta plate and then the crystal clean light went out. As did the two others courtesy lights. Too a look behind the two panels for the fuse box. Not immediately obvious as to where it is. Looked behind a black panel on the right side, it was empty. Left had side panel blocked in with cables and a silver box. Googled it - lots of close up pictures of the fuses, but I don't see its actual location. I'm sure one or all of you are rolling your eyes, but if you could enlighten me, I'd appreciate the help. Thanks Richard