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  1. j525i

    523i n53b25a misfire

    Have you tried resetting the throttle adaptations? That may help if not done yet The oil leak from oil cooler and oil filter housing is common and easy fix Jay
  2. I also followed this post with interest and glad you got it all sorted without great cost Jay
  3. j525i

    ZF gearbox service

    All good after your coding in the SAT and Paddle steering thanks
  4. j525i

    ZF gearbox service

    Nice one Lee great write up and job well done Jay
  5. j525i

    Possibly considering one of these....

    I have a 530i N53 engine and after the injectors replaced the engine efficiency is amazing. knowing what I know now and was in the market for an E60 I would opt for the N52 530i as it has a lot less problems and cheaper to maintain Jay
  6. j525i

    Misfire + fuel trim bank?

    yes probably a vacuum leak, look around the rubber boots and the 2 rubber caps at the back of the inlet manifold
  7. j525i

    Good/best E39 brake brands

    Go for Textar or BMW valueline as they are original Good luck
  8. j525i

    h.i.d problem

    Im sure the spares are available on Ebay and maybe the warning was the canceller was on its way out
  9. j525i

    523i n53b25a misfire

    you have MAP thermostat error. did you change the thermostat? as that causes poor running Jay
  10. j525i

    E60/E61 Parts

    Hi will you except £67.00 posted for these items? 2 x Genuine LEMFÖRDER brand new Rear Lower Track Arms £15 each (33326770749) 2 x Genuine LEMFÖRDER brand new ball joints £25 each (33326767748) Jay
  11. Sounds about Right I've been quoted £160 Labour if I supply the parts, Which with integral link is about £100 Jay
  12. How much did the indie charge to change the Rose bush? Jay
  13. I've used the guys below for service kits various cars in the past and had great service. they are not far from me so normally collect https://www.autolinkautomatics.com/ Jay
  14. j525i

    Rear ball joint Relacement

    Thanks Guys for the info I think I'll get a garage to do it on a ramp and air tools Jay
  15. My E60 needs the rear ball joint, aka Rose bush, replacing and wanted to know is it doable on axel stands on drive way and how difficult is the job? Jay