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  1. Gearbox selector now sold
  2. Hello Yes still available Jay
  3. j525i

    Various M54 Parts

    I have for sale various parts for M54 cars 2 Precat Lambda sensors at £40 each posted Oil level sensor £40 posted M54 valve cover for the later engines with pencil coil pack in late E39s and early E60s £65 posted Regulator with new brushes free to whoever needs it
  4. I have for Sale a sports steering wheel with paddleshift and a sports gear selctor for an E60 E61 LCI The Steering wheel is £245 posted and Gear selctor is £170 posted
  5. j525i

    E60 pre or post LCI, DAB options

    Dab retro fit is an option on the LCI and I had it done on my 2008 530i Lee88 put a diy guide on here so search under his name Jay
  6. j525i

    need two good axle stands/car jack

    Halfords 5 piece lifting kit at £68 is a great deal at present I prefer thier 3 tonne trolly jack at £64 and 3 tonne ratchet axle stands at at £30 Jay
  7. j525i

    SAT gearbox advice

    What He said only an E60/ E61 and needs coding Jay
  8. j525i

    Looking to buy F10 Petrol

    In London this ULEZ charge is crazy and is likley to get worse btw my 2001 M54 E39 was ULEZ compliant so dont know how these mobsters at TFL workout the tariffs Jay
  9. j525i

    Looking to buy F10 Petrol

    I think that's due to the Ulez regulations coming in Jay
  10. j525i

    Looking to buy F10 Petrol

    Nice car but a bit pricey for 2016 car
  11. j525i

    Looking to buy F10 Petrol

    thanks chaps for a good bit of info and first hand experience. Coming from E60 530i lci looking for a bit more power Jay
  12. j525i

    Looking to buy F10 Petrol

    yes finding a good F10 535i is like looking for hens teeth
  13. j525i

    Looking to buy F10 Petrol

    Thanks Mike for the heads up on the hybrids Jay
  14. So a question to Andrew535i and others that own the petrol F10s What are thr pitfalls to look out for, what to test and what specks are best? I've seen a few Acitvehybrid 5 for sale on Autotrader so what's the group's opinion on these? regards Jay
  15. j525i

    New battery for E39 535

    Bosch at Costco are a good price Jay