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  1. I'm in Houston so not from the Inverclyde but I'll just count my fingers to make sure [emoji23]. The wife loves her cars and really looks after them so the rims are all unblemished. It was lighthouse tyres and yeah, on the right as you go up the Clune. I like using wee places like that - it's the quality of work which gets the repeat business so they always seem to try that extra bit harder. I got the windows B-pillar back tinted at Pentagon. Had a few motors done there and the service and quality is always excellent. Think I paid £175.
  2. £135 was fitted for a 225/55R17 97Y Pirelli P7 runflat as fitted to the car from new. It's only done 12,000 miles and there's not much wear on them. It's generally wafted about by my Wife so tyres tend to last a while. Did I see you talking about a garage in Paisley earlier in this thread - is it Owen Ferry? Used him a few times for my old 1 series and the service was excellent. I got this tyre fixed at a place on the Clune Brae in Port Glasgow - really decent guy. Price for a new one was through Asda tyres and getting it fitted at McConechys Paisley.
  3. I have a compressor which I used to top it up to get it 3 miles home. I took the wheel off to go to the tyre fitters though so I wasn't driving on it.
  4. After I posted this I sent a local guy a message about it - a trip to see him and £10 later and it's fixed - just on the cusp - a mm further towards the sidewall and the repair probably wouldn't have taken. Happy to maintain the matched and evenly worn set of tyres - and save £125 [emoji23][emoji23]. Just need to work out how to cancel the tyre and fitting I've ordered through Asda tyres now.
  5. Wife told me the tpms had went off, found this [emoji849]. Probably picked it up when she had to move to the side of the dual carriageway to let an ambulance through to a crash. Luckily it's an SE with 17" wheels so £135 for a new Pirelli to maintain the matching set. Then I gave it a good wash! .
  6. Ratboy01

    Write offs...

    Usually a write off means the cost of repairs and associalmted expense is more than 50% of the vehicle value. This will be the trade value of the vehicle so a lot less than half of that sale price. It will also include a hire car etc - and new panels instead of second hand panels etc. It all easily starts to add up - especially when the insurance companies value a hire car at £65 a day!
  7. Ratboy01

    Stop/Start Question

    I pull up to the lights using the footbrake, once the vehicle comes to a stand still, the engine stops, I leave it in D, apply the parking brake and remove my foot from the footbrake. The engine and stop lamps remain off. When I push the accelerator pedal, the engine starts, the handbrake releases and I drive off. I would love to use Auto H but as said above, the stop lamps stay illuminated and I won't have them dazzling the drivers behind me.
  8. Ratboy01

    New Family Wagon

    Well we took delivery of it yesterday. What a car - absolutely love it. Mrs Ratboy drive it a few miles with me then went a spin last night by herself to get used to the size of it and driving her first auto. So much tech in it - just registered for Connected Drive - any tips on this? Here's a picture
  9. Ratboy01

    New Family Wagon

    Have to say I'm very impressed with the standard spec of the car - heated leather, nav etc. Everything we look for in a family car.
  10. Ratboy01

    New Family Wagon

    Wee test to see if I can post pics.
  11. Ratboy01

    New Family Wagon

    Thanks, I'll stick a few pics up when it arrives. I'm interested to see it myself - doesn't seem to be many Mineral Grey SE's out there - there all Space Grey or Sorristo Grey. Only option we wanted was the Auto - I wanted it with paddle shift but this one was in the country and the dealer was giving a fantastic discount for September sales - must have been slow after the new plate change. It also has the LED fog lamps - which I find strange are an option and not standard! Do I need to have a certain amount of posts before I can post pics? I'm on several other forums which require 15 posts.
  12. Ratboy01

    New Family Wagon

    Hi all, Recently signed up as the wife and I have just purchased a new 5. It's a 520d SE in Mineral Grey with Step Auto and LED foglamps. Had a few BM's before, a 1er hatch and Coupe and a few Minis, the latest one being a Countryman Cooper D which is going in favour of the 5. I regularly drive a 530d through work but the specs on the new 520d look really good - more bhp and Torque (more importantly!). The dealer has been trying hard to sell us a few they had coming in but we knew we wanted Mineral Grey so was worthy the wait. It should arrive at the dealership tomorrow and hopefully be registered and PDi'd for pick up on Monday. Seems a good forum and have been enjoying reading through the posts. Cheers.