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  1. AJ-E60

    BEST alloys to suit the E60/61 Model

    I loved this thread
  2. AJ-E60


    Apologies for the random photos, I didn't take any photos directly before/after the spacers but hope this helps. I think 15mm is a popular choice for many E60 owners. I put 20mm spacers (H&R, hubcentric & bolt on) on the rear and have left fronts standard. No more hiding in the arches! Before After
  3. AJ-E60

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Do give us an update please been thinking about doing this for a while but kept putting it off
  4. I do really like this thread Would like to see more views of these new grills you have Keep up the pics!!!
  5. AJ-E60

    Aux point.

    As above, check behind the centre console..
  6. AJ-E60

    Help me decide please!!

    Yeah defo should test them both even if they are far apart. Are they both the wide screen CCC drives? Maybe even look at other things like heated seats, electric folding mirrors, disk changer, DAB radio etc... This may help you decide as well, sometimes these smaller things can make a difference to the overall experience.
  7. AJ-E60

    Help me decide please!!

    Ouch, if only both were LCI, then that 535d would have been perfect. Ask yourself if you would regret not going for the LCI in the long run.. I personally had a similar choice between pre-lci and lci when choosing my car and really glad I went for the LCI option! But There is a 52k mileage and 2 owner difference here.. Do they have the same iDrive system/screen? Has the 530d been looked after well (receipts etc)?
  8. AJ-E60

    Sat Nav Disc

    Westy, mine works fine. Try putting your old one back in, turning your system off for 5 minutes & testing that it works.. Then put your new one back in, turn your system off for 5 mins, and try again? Let us know how you get on!
  9. AJ-E60

    Sat Nav Disc

    Sorry to see that MattyP, maybe contact the seller and tell him the disk is faulty, more often than not he will send a replacement. I bought one and it arrived Friday, works a treat!
  10. AJ-E60

    Sat Nav Disc

    I'd love to see some pics of what it looks like. Does the car notify you when a camera is approaching or do you need to keep an eye out for it? How reliable are the routes? I found that my current standard one doesn't always give me the best routes..
  11. AJ-E60

    H7 Bulb help!

    What did you find wrong with them? Not far reaching?
  12. AJ-E60

    bmw e60 hit and run tonight...!!!! LX57 WKS

    Thanks - will have a look when I get home tonight
  13. AJ-E60

    H7 Bulb help!

    For high beams? I didn't see how effective HIDs would be for a quick "thank you" flash considering they have to warm up..
  14. AJ-E60

    bmw e60 hit and run tonight...!!!! LX57 WKS

    Great set up! And the quality on the 0806 looks good too. Question - Might be a silly question but I don't think I have this glovebox torch power connector, or does every E60 come with it standard? If so, does anyone have any pictures of it so I can identify it?