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  1. Mr_530i

    Is Audi overtaking BMW?

    I Agree. Have you seen the new 3 series, looks like a Lexus from the back, and the 320d has two tail pipes, which back in the days used to be reserved for a proper power house like 335i. Stinks of desperation to me, to appeal to the masses. I don't even know if one of the tail pipe is just for show? The real question is.... Where BMW ever in front? Don't really answer that questions guys,was only meant to be joke.
  2. what is that? Is it a nissan primera?
  3. Mr_530i

    My E39 M5 for sale

    @paulie031Which part of the country are based in?
  4. Mr_530i

    Coming back to the BMW fold...

    What major problems did the e90 give you out of interest?
  5. Mr_530i

    Back in a Beemer Whooohoooo

    Not if its right car for you and makes you happy
  6. Mr_530i

    Back in a Beemer Whooohoooo

    how much did you manage to steal her for?
  7. Mr_530i

    Drilling straight

    A big thanks to everyone for their advice. Today I mange to drill my first straight hole by listening to the advice from everyone on this thread
  8. Mr_530i

    Drilling straight

    Thanks for the tips much appreciate and your right in your assumption couldn’t quite get a chair in there.
  9. Mr_530i

    Drilling straight

    Thanks i did do the latter. Questions: When drilling through plaster board and then brick, do I start on drill mode and then switch to hammer mode once I hit brick? With the pilot hole should go through the wall as far as I would with the main drill bit? Thanks
  10. Mr_530i

    Drilling straight

    I will try going all the way through next with a pilot hole next time. I did do a pilot hole just to mark the screw holes but didn’t go all the way through. Keep the advise coming guys if there’s anything new.
  11. Mr_530i

    Drilling straight

    Maybe that’s what I need is some more experience. Anyone need any holes drilling? Lol
  12. Mr_530i

    Drilling straight

    Masnory drill bit it does have hammer action but I was using the drill mode. As I thought the hammer action is more for chiselling bits off.
  13. Mr_530i

    Drilling straight

    Just trying to drill a straight hole. Not sure if it’s because I’m drilling holes just above my head height is why it’s going wonky. Meaning I can’t get as much power behind the drill. This is what I drilled in holes for today.
  14. Mr_530i

    Drilling straight

    Hi Guys Anyone got any tips on how to keep cordless drill bit straight when drilling through mansory (1930’s Brick)? I just can’t seem to drill straight, there must be a knack. The drill doesnt have one of those side handles. I cant wait to see all the sarcasit and funny comments. Sort of asking for them aren’t I! Should have posted this this in the jokes section lol
  15. Mr_530i

    E39 540i saloon - Jap import

    Does anyone reckon the e39 would appreciate in value for more than £11k in the next few years, as I am very tempted due to its condition.