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  1. simont

    Interior swap....?

    +1 I wasn't too sure at first, but I actually like that, something different from the norm.
  2. simont

    Help - Sold my F11...Now found one

    Lovely looking car, congrats
  3. simont

    No Service Book anymore ?

    There is a thread on this already, but yes it does seem what they are doing now. The cynic in me thinks that it may be a way to ensure that you stay within the dealer network for servicing as opposed to going to an indie.
  4. simont

    F11 suspension problem

    Yep, but both were perished. Apparently they have changed suppliers for the parts now, but they still took over 3 weeks to come in
  5. simont

    F11 suspension problem

    They've just done mine at 67k miles on my AUC warranty
  6. If it helps it doesn't cover mine which is an F11 530d MY2012
  7. simont

    F11 rear shock absorber wear

    Can't comment on leaky shocks, as I'm no expert. However, my AUC warranty recently paid for rear suspension airbag replacements so they are worth checking as there are well documented faults on these. I had to pay for the bump stops at the same time, which weren't that expensive and mine had almost disintegrated so looked a lot worse than yours!
  8. I wish my local dealer had a 7 series loaner, they seem to have plenty of minis instead. Great review, enjoyed watching it
  9. simont

    Front grille options

    I can't comment on number 1, but my own feeling is that I prefer my own car to be as 'God intended' and not to look like an M5. It's obviously a matter of choice but if you do go down that route, if you can, stick to genuine parts.
  10. I use my phone too, but after that cost....I'll continue to do that!
  11. If it's any help, I have just had a quote from cartronics and the cost was quoted at an eye watering £2030.40 to retrofit to my F11. I mean I like Dab like the next man, but for that price I think I'll just go to the Maldives on holiday!
  12. simont

    bmw warranty

    It's all mileage dependent I gather. Once you trip over 60k the cost gets pretty expensive, as I have found out.
  13. simont

    bmw warranty

    My monthly cost with a £250 excess was £89...
  14. simont

    bmw warranty

    It's all a gamble, but at this price, they've made my mind up for me