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  1. Couldn't believe my eyes saw this article in Modern Classic, Gooding & Co sold at auction an E39 M5 with 437 miles on the clock in pristine condition for £134,000. Whats the most you have heard or known an E39 to sell for lol.
  2. PeterL

    AP Racing Calipers

    Hello wise M5 owners, I just wondered if anyone has gone down the AP racing route for Calipers on an E39 M5 and if so what else did you upgrade. I don't track my car but would like some real life experience on these if you have used them or something similar and can let me know your opinion I would be really grateful.
  3. PeterL

    AP Racing Calipers

    thanks for this Luke do you remember how much they cost?
  4. PeterL

    How much to ask?

    Prices on M5's seems to be influenced by maintenance history, condition and unusual options. If you have lots of documentation and she looks like she is in near perfect condition I would even go higher than £16K depends on how quickly you want to sell the car. But Essexboy is more knowledgeable as he only recently bought his car.
  5. Hello, Could you provide a quote for the following parts all for an 2001 E39 M5 please. Bootlid M5 Rear bootlid spoiler Wheel Bolts and locking nuts Wheel Centers Front and Rear BMW Badges Rear M5 Badge Front and rear windscreen window rubbers Front and rear black trim for the bumpers If you need more info please let me know. Thanks, Peter
  6. PeterL

    Parts for 2001 E39 M5 respray

    here you go 51 32 7 890 087 51 32 7 890 088 51 34 7 890 089 51 34 7 890 090
  7. Hi All, I feel like I am asking shed loads at the moment. I am restoring my E39 M5 and she is with Darren Wood at the moment getting mechanical's, MOT and service done. The next up are the wheels and a respray, I live in the South Manchester area and I was wondering if anyone can recommend a wheel refurbishment company, I had them done about 5 years ago but I spotted a few blemishes on two of the wheel and asked for these to be corrected only to find that the two that were corrected were then different to the two without blemishes (this was done by Prestige Wheels), I am reluctant to use them again and would welcome your recommendations. Next up will be a full respray and freshen up of the black rubbers and plastics, could anyone recommend an exceptional bodyshop please in or around South Manchester? Once this is done I need to replace the rear view mirror glass and get her detailed. i will post photos as this work is being done hopefully with before and after shots. Can't wait to get her back into tip top condition, not that shes bad now of course.
  8. Some really strong opinions on Wheel finish but I agree with Cableguy they should be Shadow Chrome which is a black base layer.
  9. PeterL

    Parts for 2001 E39 M5 respray

    Sorry just another part I need. There is a trim on the doors which are located in between the front and rear windows over teh B Pillar, could you price for these as well please for both sides and front and back?
  10. PeterL

    Parts for 2001 E39 M5 respray

    great thanks
  11. PeterL

    Parts for 2001 E39 M5 respray

    Hello could you also add this. Sorry not sure what its called but it connected to the drivers side wiper arm, its a large plastic cover which goes over the wiper mechanism and can be seen when the bonnet it down. Also could you add the NS and OS wiper arms? Thanks
  12. Hope everyone is enjoying the weather at the moment and making the most of it. I have been running my E39 M5 as my daily drive for the last 10 years and love her to bits but the time has come for a change and after much thought I would like to go for an F10 M5 (bloody M division has made me an addict). Having not driven one or even knowing what I am looking at with regard to the options list, DCT, impact on price of interior colours etc I have a few questions and am looking for some advice. I Have heard that you should go for a 2014 car due to transmission problems prior to this, what are there differences between 2014 and pre 2014 - True or False Are all F10's DCT? Was there a recall on the battery and if this wasn't done can it still be changed - How do I even know the battery has been changed? Cant confirm this but some people have reported heavy oil usage, what have you guys heard? A warranty is a must but as with all things there will be some good and some bad - can you let me know if you have had good warranty companies please and names? Is there anything you have heard? looking at the classifieds I think my budget should get me into a 2013/14 You input is invaluable as it will help me find the right car or go for something totally different (X6 M50d, RS4 but these have their issues). Looking forward to reading your replies.
  13. Could be my screen but they look a bit too silver for an M5, how do they look for others. These aren't mine. https://www.m5board.com/vbulletin/e39-m5-e52-z8-discussion/575073-shadow-chrome-wheel-restoration-uk.html
  14. I know that you used to be able to lookup the specification of a BMW from the factory through a website but does anyone have the URL please?
  15. Here is a question that will no doubt cause a lot of debate. I am looking at restoring my E39 M5, not that she is in bad shape but the typical areas need addressing: SAI Warning Rear Arches Sills at the front new bootlid There are other bits that need doing and the mileage is 111,400 now, the idea is that I would have her resprayed whilst getting the bodywork done. In my mind its worth doing as I intend keeping her and after the work is done keeping her in storage and only driving her occasionally. What else would you do if anything and what would determine if the work I have planned is actually worth it? I am budgeting around £5,000. What are your thoughts, my seasoned E39 M5 sages? One more thing which is annoying the hell out of me and I only just noticed my gear knob doesn't light up at the moment is there a series of checks I can do to rectify this?
  16. PeterL

    E39 M5 potential restoration

    Good ideas will defo change the bonnet liner and get the detailer to do the rest.
  17. I don't mind putting my car up on axle stands for a bit to send them off to get my wheels done properly. Still looking for a good bodyshop though, Preston is too far unfortunately.
  18. Where are leptons based Robsey
  19. PeterL

    Factory Specification lookup website

    Cool will try to get the VIN of the dealer, thanks
  20. Only when I get her back from Darren, will endeavour to get some done this weekend.
  21. PeterL

    Factory Specification lookup website

    thanks but I don't have the VIN numbers for the two cars I would like to check over.
  22. PeterL

    F10 M5 Purchase or Not - What to look for

    Just got back of holidays and started looking again. Jeez you can get the F10 for well under £35K, lovely.