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  1. PeterL

    Chester area meetup?

    I would be up for it
  2. PeterL

    M5 purchase potentially

    I hate people like this
  3. PeterL

    Buying an e39 M5.

    looks lovely, It's one of those rare cars that the longer you keep the prouder you get.
  4. PeterL

    E39 M5 rust repairs

    Looks like a really good job. well done.
  5. Couldn't believe my eyes saw this article in Modern Classic, Gooding & Co sold at auction an E39 M5 with 437 miles on the clock in pristine condition for £134,000. Whats the most you have heard or known an E39 to sell for lol.
  6. PeterL

    AP Racing Calipers

    thanks for this Luke do you remember how much they cost?
  7. PeterL

    AP Racing Calipers

    Hello wise M5 owners, I just wondered if anyone has gone down the AP racing route for Calipers on an E39 M5 and if so what else did you upgrade. I don't track my car but would like some real life experience on these if you have used them or something similar and can let me know your opinion I would be really grateful.
  8. PeterL

    How much to ask?

    Prices on M5's seems to be influenced by maintenance history, condition and unusual options. If you have lots of documentation and she looks like she is in near perfect condition I would even go higher than £16K depends on how quickly you want to sell the car. But Essexboy is more knowledgeable as he only recently bought his car.
  9. PeterL

    Parts for 2001 E39 M5 respray

    here you go 51 32 7 890 087 51 32 7 890 088 51 34 7 890 089 51 34 7 890 090
  10. Some really strong opinions on Wheel finish but I agree with Cableguy they should be Shadow Chrome which is a black base layer.
  11. PeterL

    Parts for 2001 E39 M5 respray

    Sorry just another part I need. There is a trim on the doors which are located in between the front and rear windows over teh B Pillar, could you price for these as well please for both sides and front and back?
  12. PeterL

    Parts for 2001 E39 M5 respray

    great thanks
  13. PeterL

    Parts for 2001 E39 M5 respray

    Hello could you also add this. Sorry not sure what its called but it connected to the drivers side wiper arm, its a large plastic cover which goes over the wiper mechanism and can be seen when the bonnet it down. Also could you add the NS and OS wiper arms? Thanks