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  1. No Wookies Here

    E39, M5's in the Northwest.

    PeeTee can I get on the whatsapp group please?
  2. No Wookies Here

    E39, M5's in the Northwest.

    I am in the North West based in Wilmslow
  3. No Wookies Here

    E39 M5 Exterior base plate and antenna

    Hello Guys I am not sure if you are still working but I need to order a new base plate and antenna for my E39 M5. If you are still working could you get me a price please? Does I need to order the adhesive seperatley?
  4. No Wookies Here

    BMW E39 M5

    Hi Nabz did you ever get sorted or did lock down happen before you could?
  5. No Wookies Here

    Rear Exhaust Pipes/Tips

    thanks will give this a go, if this saves my a few hundred quid then i owe you a beer
  6. No Wookies Here

    Rear Exhaust Pipes/Tips

    Hi guys I am just looking for some advice, the rear exhaust tips on my car are looking very tired as it is the original system. can these be replaced or will I need to go the whole hog and replace the entire rear system. I want to keep my car stock but am guessing to do just the tips is not an option. Any help is much appreciated.
  7. No Wookies Here

    E39 M5 Values - Polarising subject

    Dennis does make some good points. As with the E39 M5 and other modern classics I don't think that the mainstream introduction of electric cars will have much impact nor the rising price of fuel, these cars will always appeal to a select few who will not be using these as their daily drives. The cars which have been well looked after and have not hit ridiculous miles will I believe always be desirable, although not achieving 50K plus as with the concours vehicles these I believe will be sitting in the 20k plus bracket in the next 3 years or so. These aren't investments as such but for me certainly softens the blow of the upkeep . @Davidwood can't agree more with you on the electric car front, for anything decent it's 80K and up!!! Not to mention the environmental impact of mining all that lithium, the prices for lithium have doubled over the last three years plus is there enough to go around. Put more money into the hydrogen fuel cell I say.
  8. No Wookies Here

    E39 M5 Values - Polarising subject

    I already have mine and just spent a small fortune on bodywork etc. @David Wood it’s very true good examples will go up in value.
  9. No Wookies Here

    E39 M5 Values - Polarising subject

    This is a subject that divides people. I am in the process of buying anew car for my wife and thought about selling mine, which I am not now and thankfully just going to store her. I was looking at Pistonheads and the variation in price is quite surprising, I know that cars which have been looked after well fetch a premium but are these prices being achieved by the sellers? Do you know anyone who has actually sold their car for this sort of money?
  10. No Wookies Here

    Q8 or X6

    Anyone want to buy my M5
  11. No Wookies Here

    Q8 or X6

    Just been to Porsche and lust got the better of me so Cayenne Coupe S it is
  12. No Wookies Here

    Q8 or X6

    Hello all, I would like some advice and I know you are the guys to provide it. We have succeeded in getting the finance company to take back my wifes Range Rover (piece of absolute crap) and am looking to replace this either the Audi Q8 Vorsprung or X6 M50D, customer service is really important to us and we also have two boys one of whom is taller than her and catching me fast. We like the size of both cars and how they feel but wondered if anyone has any real world experience of the Q8 and Audi service, which one would you go for?
  13. No Wookies Here

    E39 M5 - steering vibration on braking

    I remember something similar when i first got the car but this was the bushes, had them changed for the polybushes (hate them).
  14. No Wookies Here

    E39 M5 - steering vibration on braking

    So caliper's arent available from BMW anymore! Darren Wood rebuilt my caliper and put new discs and pads on. Those are symptoms to mine Seesure, felt like the wheels weren't balanced whilst on the motorway doing about 70 and braking was horrendous. All fixed now though.
  15. No Wookies Here

    E39 M5 - steering vibration on braking

    I will need to cal Darren Wood up