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  1. Winter tyres are for Winter or rather sub circa 8 degree average temp use, often labelled saying similar as well, chances are if you used them in the summer: Your insurance might be invalid in the event of an accident. They would wear down prematurely. The tread pattern might overheat rapidly and the handling would be all squirmy.. The idea does not have any merit at all. Oh and sentences like the opening and closing ones in the original post typically start with an 'I' HTH
  2. Alexak

    Finding VIN numbers online

    QED https://www.bmw-warranty.co.uk/Login/Index The problem here and across the myriad of other forums asking the same question is as soon as any link is posted the usage flies up and it gets modified to remove the functionality so everyone loses. Anyone posting such links is a prat to put it bluntly! Yes there are sites out there, 5 minutes of googling found one yesterday and that is the emphasis here, people need to make the effort and go and find them themselves. Many of the spoon fed community will not bother which is a good thing because the benefit to those of us that make the effort is the site remains available a little bit longer. Your mate needs to make a bit of effort and look, and if he does not have the skill set to use a search engine then what is wrong with spending a quid or two getting an HPI check done on a potential vehicle which will also provide the Vin or even asking the seller for it? I appreciate this sounds selfish but that is a reality of cyberlife today.
  3. Alexak

    Performance air filter

    I hope you are pleased with the improved performance of the sticker
  4. Alexak

    This must be a truckers worst nightmare

    Fortunately the trucker was operating the vehicle. Just imagine the scenario if he had been boiling up a pot noodle with his feet on the steering wheel whilst watching videos on his dashboard mounted Laptop or reading a book! I say that having watched a recent YouTube video from police footage on the very subject of what some lorry drivers do whilst at the wheel, bloody scary! And a good reason to kep well away from them.
  5. Alexak

    Tyre pressure warning

    My Winter wheels went on this weekend. Each tyre had dropped just 5 psi in 6 months of storage.
  6. Alexak

    Tyre pressure warning

    Imho most digital gauges or terribly inaccurate and can be very temperature sensitive especially the cheap ones I have on of these and it always scores highly during tests: https://www.amazon.co.uk/RACE-RX0014-Tyre-Pressure-Gauge/dp/B000VZ8S26/ref=as_li_ss_tl?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1487627457&sr=1-5&keywords=tyre+pressure+gauge&linkCode=sl1&tag=bestreviewer1-21&linkId=74e5214f1b1bd04ee840cbf505796c0a I always did my non TPMS tyres Bi weekly and I still do weekly for my motorbikes where it is probably a lot more important. The Proper TPMS sensors are pretty accurate as well I have TPMS on my F11 and my Kia Soul but Kia decided just to provide a yellow light on the dash rather than present the pressure and temp data on the centre screen!
  7. Alexak

    Beautiful 21k mile E34 525i

    I am always suspicious of dealers that remove plates from cars it makes it just that much harder to check even the basics. There's a dealer up the road from me that buys almost 100% from "little old ladies" on eBay and marks them up, turds and all, normally circa 300%.
  8. Correct you have the poor mans version of TPMS. Which makes the assumption that if a wheel is rotating faster than the others it might be under pressure/deflating. When I bought my winter wheels and tyres from Mr Winter wheels they installed the wrong sensors which was bloody annoying!
  9. Alexak

    Shock absorber boot

    Both of the rears on mine had disintegrated they are made of a mix of cardboard and shaving foam! About £20 each and easy enough to replace.
  10. Alexak

    BMW connected drive app on IPHONE

    It is limited to the point of not being fit for purpose and I would love to see a class action suit Mine works maybe 1% of the time and that is being generous No BMW, the car is not in a poor signal area either which is always the stock excuses! Added to that the appalling performance of a GPRS sim and its really a recipe for endless frustration It the crappiest most dysfunctional tool I have ever had the misfortune to stupidly buy!
  11. Alexak

    Kawasaki Z750 - Modern Classic?

    Hmm a naked with a chain and no ABS just as winter arrives, no thanks I will stick with my 2005 R1200ST. I am a bit biased though 15-20,000 miles a year for the last 40 years has made me a shaft drive fan for the last 30 of those. If that style of bike suits your craving then go for it the price seems very fair. in the mid 70's I used hanker after the then new Z650. That was a superb bike for its time.
  12. Alexak

    IMPORTANT - What do your kids know !

    If you think that was worth posting on a UK forum then you are a plonker. Everyone knows the average yank is a tad backward in the worldly and general knowledge arena. If you yourself are a yank then obviously you now need to look up the meaning of plonker.
  13. Alexak

    7up has finally betrayed me

    Hope this helps
  14. Alexak


    I do Project Manglement as well. I am so Agile I will probably lap myself during my next track day!
  15. Alexak


    PPS Contracting in the early years without demonstrable consistent income via audited accounts, can have a knock effect to things like mortgage applications credit scoring etc. If you are thinking of buying a house or taking out some other form of crippling loan do that first whilst you are still a permie.