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  1. falcodub

    E39 alloy radiator and fan options

    Ah sorry. Will do. Cheers
  2. falcodub

    E39 alloy radiator and fan options

    Cheers deepan What made you go back to oem over the direnza?
  3. Evening all. My M5 is in for an MOT and it's failed. There are a fair few things to address once I get it through. One of which appears to be a leaky radiator. With that in mind I had been thinking as I'm spending may as well go all in. Alloy radiator from direnza or other options if anyone has any experience? https://www.direnza.co.uk/bmw-5-series-e39-m5-4-9-ac-98-03-aluminium-radiator Also changing the viscous fan for an electric one. Is there anyone with first hand experience of what's required? Cheers
  4. falcodub

    Strongflex poly bushes

    Hi all Anyone used strongflex poly bushes on their E39? I would like to replace my diff mounts, sub frame bushes and no doubt more as they require on my M5. Power flex ones are obviously an option as is meyle HD but just looking at others. https://www.strongflex.eu/en/51-bmw-e39-sedan-95-03 Cheers
  5. falcodub

    Wiper mechanism

    Evening all My wiper mechanism broke around a month ago. Assume it was the original on 210k. UK car so half of that must of been in the rain! Replacement was with a 120k mile old complete mechanism and a month later that dies. Are they just a horrendous design or is there something I'm missing?! Both times it's the passenger side cup and ball that has separated. I am collecting another mechanism tomorrow so 3rd time lucky. Probably pick up another spare for next month! Anything I can do to extend the lifespan of it and stop it leaving me high and not dry? Cheers
  6. falcodub

    AlexGSi2000 - e39 M5

    Haha. You will. And I will be envious as mine will be much the same as it is now! A list of jobs and none have been looked at. I have a few months before the spring so all to play for.
  7. falcodub

    AlexGSi2000 - e39 M5

    Looking good Alex. When you doing mine?!
  8. falcodub

    E39 bass upgrade options

    Evening all. Looking for some guidance on options to improve the sound quality in my 2002 E39 Touring I have an eonon (spelling wrong possibly) android head unit and thoroughly impressed with it. But the set up lacks depth in sound. Not much bass. Standard speakers all round as far as I'm aware. I could add a sub in a box of course but don't want to use up much load space. Any other options? Don't want sound off levels. Just better quality and some depth. Cheers
  9. falcodub

    Wobbly knob

    Evening all Both my 530d and my M5 have a similar issue which just annoys me more than anything. The gear knob seems to wobble in second gear whilst under steady load. Well 2nd on the M5 and 4th on the 530d. No issues with gear change and put your hand on it and it doesn't feel wobbly. Odd. Is it the bushes in the gear linkage? Or something else? Oh both manual boxes btw Cheers
  10. falcodub

    M5 rocker cover gaskets

    Apologies. I have been away. Can you honour the price above? Are you able to send me the part numbers too please. Cheers
  11. Somebody hurry up and buy this. I need another car and I can't use this in the winter much as I want it
  12. falcodub

    M5 rocker cover gaskets

    Ah yeah that may help M5BGJ
  13. falcodub

    M5 rocker cover gaskets

    Evening Could I have a price please for a pair of rocker cover gaskets for a 2002 M5 please. Could also do with input diff seal Many thanks Andy
  14. falcodub

    AlexGSi2000 - e39 M5

    Looks lovely Alex. Really must come up in mine for a mini meet
  15. falcodub

    Stretch's 530d/S62 Sport Touring. Updated 18/2/20

    He did indeed. I also had a very good look around the car at beaulie today. Loads and loads of work gone into it. Looks awesome