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  1. falcodub

    Carcoon question

    Evening all. My m5 needs to be moved into the rented storage I have but it's not amazing. That said better than sitting outside. I've seen a car coon for sale locally fairly cheap but it's 5m long. My e39 is 4.8m so it fits. Is that big enough or is 10cm too little for clearance? Cheers
  2. falcodub

    Alternator issues

    Rectifier number 2 and fingers crossed so far!
  3. falcodub

    Wheel stud conversion

    Thank you
  4. falcodub

    Wheel stud conversion

    Quick one I hope. Want to change my wheel bolts to studs. Can anyone confirm if 75mm or 82mm are required with style 65's and 15mm spacers all round. Cheers
  5. falcodub

    Alternator issues

    Failure no 3 of my alternator looks like something is arcing out and moved
  6. falcodub

    Alternator issues

    Is there anything in the wiring that could cause a problem with the alternator? As in shorting it out so it fails? Earth's and wiring been checked and all appear to be fine. Importing an alternator from USA is an option. But I am not 100% certain they are refurbished with bosch inners.
  7. falcodub

    Alternator issues

    Ah yes thanks for reminding me. I shall investigate it further once its welded
  8. falcodub

    Alternator issues

    Another update. After having a new Rectifier and check over alternator was working fine. Went to drop it off for welding today and a gentle drive over (the wife was following) with one red line flurry near the end and the car cut out completely and now the battery light is back on. Can't check anything until its back from the welders but the alternator looks to of died again £1100 on a new bmw one is getting closer
  9. falcodub

    Alternator issues

    Update on this.. Rectifier replaced and all is now well. Interestingly the Beru regulator I oredered was made in China and didn't work. Hopefully I can return it as it was 50 quid. Hopefully this now lasts longer than 12 months this time
  10. falcodub

    Alternator issues

    Cool. Will check it out and see if I can find anymore compatibility details
  11. falcodub

    Alternator issues

    The frustration continues. New beru regulator fitted. No output. Refurbished one bought from eurocarparts for 350 quid. Fitted to car. No output. Took both to a specialist and neither output any voltage. He reckons the Rectifier has failed and it isn't available for the m5 alternator. This all explains why nobody has much success refurbishing these alternators. Where I go from here is lucky dip second hand (if I can find one) Brand new from bmw for around 1100 quid or another refurbished one from West Lancs auto electrics for 150 ish. They can't confirm exactly what they do for a refurbished one but 18 months warranty is something I guess. Anyone got an m5 alternator for sale talk to me!!
  12. falcodub

    Alternator issues

    Ah Good find. Sadly I'm waiting on the autodoc one now so you'll probably see yours before I do.
  13. falcodub

    Alternator issues

  14. falcodub

    Alternator issues

    BMW genuine price is 250 quid. I've ordered a beru one from Germany
  15. falcodub

    Alternator issues

    I'm sadly at a loss on what to do. Lottery on replacement recon unit. An alternative recon unit. Or over a grand for a genuine new one I could buy a regulator but why am I doing this for a recon alternator!?