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  1. falcodub

    530d touring in beige!!

    Haha. If it had been London I may of gone for a nosey
  2. falcodub

    E39 M5

    Me three
  3. falcodub

    530d touring in beige!!

    I thought this was in Northern Ireland? It's a lot of beige. But I like it
  4. falcodub

    Andy's E39 M5

    Not much to update with unfortunately. List of things to do is growing. Battery drain or suspect battery issue to address asap. The battery itself isn't very old and came from BMW. Unfortunately the warranty doesn't transfer from previous owner as far as I am aware. Diff leak and engine oil leak from somewhere at the gearbox side of the engine to find and resolve. Gear shift bushes need refreshing and it still needs a deep clean and polish. Also want to tweak the ride height and get a full geometry set up done as it feels a little twitchy in the twisty bits. But I am loving it even though I know it's going to eat money
  5. falcodub

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Took it into work today. Most of the week in fact given the daily is not trusted now. Love it. Even on the motorway it makes me smile
  6. falcodub

    Help with fault codes - Auto box issue

    My dilemma now is I don't know if I should eBay it and declare the fault or just get rid as is and say nothing. Alternatively I could spend some money on it but hmmm. My conscience tells me I have to be honest. I'm not feeling the love for the car and regret selling my tired 530d E39 but hey. Lesson learnt! Don't sell what's been loyal
  7. falcodub

    Help with fault codes - Auto box issue

    I can't find this ad. Just says content not found Edit that. Not a member on there. Just asked to join. Cheers
  8. falcodub

    Help with fault codes - Auto box issue

    Ok. Change that to auto in any car. My experience hasn't been great. Bad luck and yes a risk at the mileage. Wasn't expecting a forever car. But a year or two would of been nice! It's not thrown the issue up since but I've not used it much. Still not sure what to do.
  9. falcodub

    Help with fault codes - Auto box issue

    This is all just crap luck it seems. Hey ho. I shall never buy an auto BMW again. By the way I never insinuated anything nor did I mention who I had bought the car from. This post was to find out what was wrong with the car not point the finger
  10. falcodub

    Help with fault codes - Auto box issue

    Looks like it's a scrapper then. Yay. Just cost me 60 quid a mile. And they said M5's were expensive to run!
  11. Evening all. Recently purchased an E61 530d auto 2004 plate and after a whole 200 miles the car decided to get stuck in gear and the red cog came up shouting at me. Stopped and offsy onsy and it carried on but I no longer trust it. I am relatively new to INPA and have read the codes which I could do with some help understanding. It's not looking promising as it points to box issues. This is my first and likely my last auto BMW! Car has 215k on the clock with an oil and service on the box at around 165k I parted with my old Diesel E39 and am regretting every minute so far
  12. falcodub

    E39, What annoys you.

    The fact they didn't galvanise them has to be my top annoyance
  13. falcodub

    Leather cleaning

    Kit from leather repair company trialled on the new daily and worked well. Only did the driver's seat as my back wouldn't allow more! It was pretty dirty. Now beige in all its glory! The M5 seats though have scared me. Drivers is the dirtiest so started on that one. Worked well with lifting the dirt but also removed some dye onto the cloth so I stopped. It hasn't removed it to bare leather I just didn't want to see if it did! They may have been repaired/dyed at some point so I shall park that for a minute until I've spoken to a specialist!
  14. falcodub

    Leather cleaning

    Yep that's what I've ordered. Good reviews
  15. falcodub

    Leather cleaning

    I've decided to buy some stuff from the leather repair company. Will add some pics to my project thread once it's here and I've tried it out.