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  1. falcodub

    M5 alarm/remote locking

    Unfortunately that didn't work. Think the battery is dead in the key itself.
  2. falcodub

    M5 alarm/remote locking

    Hi all My remote doesn't work on my car. 2002 M5. I assumed battery dead on the fob. But how do I check my alarm works as my insurance assumes it should! It doesn't go off and I've not physically checked if its there or plugged it in for any diagnostic. Car starts fine so immobilizer must be working. Is it as simple as new key/battery and coding it. Then all should work as it should? I should add the car had been sat for a month or two with the battery disconnected. Not sure if that makes any difference though
  3. falcodub

    Titan silver wings

    Alex has some I believe as he is breaking a titan silver
  4. falcodub

    2003 E39 530d Sport

    Likely to be dismantled at the end of the month if no interest in buying.
  5. falcodub

    Leather cleaning

    Cool. I have a load of autoglym stuff already so may well give it a bash
  6. falcodub

    2003 E39 530d Sport

  7. falcodub

    2003 E39 530d Sport

    Evening all I will put this up here in case anyone is interested but appreciate most people will either already have one or had one. 2003 E39 530d sport manual gearbox MOT until end of July 2019 Titan silver 232k miles HSD coilovers Black Leather non heated manual adjustable interior Silver trim 18" Paras Car was previously an auto and converted to manual by the previous owner. Once purchased I sorted a few bits out and have changed oil and filters every 10k miles without fail. Rear arms last year. Lemforder. Poly bushed front ARB bushes Working cup holders EGR delete Swirl flaps blanked Decat 3" exhaust Remapped and coded to a manual car by End Tuning so no lights on dash etc No dead pixels on dash either I have owned this car for 3 1/2 years and have covered over 60k miles in this time and it has been pretty much faultless. Bad bits It's 10k miles since last oil change which was done at 223k Wheels need a polish and re-lacquer ideally. One is worse than the others. Genuine E39 staggered fitment though. All four tyres will need replacing. Passenger rear arch a little crusty Has a slight wobble on the brakes. Suspect it needs another set of front control arms. These were last changed 30k miles ago for meyle HD items I do have some poly bushes for these I swapped out when the last set of arms were put on. Or possibly a caliper a bit sticky. Scabs here and there as almost all do but all jacking points solid. Boot lid has rust around the lock and number plate lights. Headlights fitted with HID and adjusters work. Need a polish ideally. Both fog light lens cracked/one missing now. Small scuff on corner of rear bumper. Reverse lights don't work. Haven't done since box swap. These are not an MOT failure so I've never worried and it's never been an issue. I have listed all the bad points as I know what traveling miles to be disappointed feels like. It is a genuine car and well looked after. I had intended on dealing with the few minor mechanical niggles and then continuing to run it until it daily but I have purchased another E39 and want to focus my attention on that. One E39 to keep the rust at bay is enough for me! It drives well. Engine is strong. I have made it sound awful but it doesn't need much. Car is in Southampton Prices seem a bit all over the shop tbh. Some up at 4 grand some not. £1800 Ono SENSIBLE offers will be listened to but in bits it will achieve more. Time is not my greatest commodity to do this though but will if my price is unachievable. It is advertised elsewhere at a slightly higher price in case anyone has spotted it. Cheers Andy
  8. falcodub

    Looking for new Car - What you got.

    Yes advert is on E39 Facebook page. But I can send you some details. It's not a perfect example but a very good car that I do need to let go Pic to possibly tempt you
  9. falcodub

    Leather cleaning

    Hi all I'm looking at giving my newly purchased cars leather a clean and feed. I have no leather cleaning stuff left. Previously used gliptone and worked well but the interior on my new car is a bit nicer than I'm used to. Looking for recommendations. My interior is caramel heritage if that makes any difference? Cheers
  10. falcodub

    M5 purchase potentially

    Glad I'm not the only one! Even if it's clean I do it!
  11. falcodub

    M5 purchase potentially

    Haha. Will do. My first wash/bonding session is lined up for tomorrow with a quick once over on everything. Will want to do a deep clean/clay/polish/wax etc but it's going to have to wait
  12. falcodub

    M5 purchase potentially

    Update on this. I have taken the plunge and gone for it. Drove it home last night. Some niggles but drives so well for the miles under its belt and nothing that I didn't really expect at its price point. Interior is just lovely
  13. falcodub

    Looking for new Car - What you got.

    I have an E39 530d for sale. It's not on here mind. Not sure if that's of interest?
  14. falcodub

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Washed it. And put it up for sale. 65k miles in my ownership and it's been an amazing car. But it's time to let it go
  15. falcodub

    BMW E61 530d Touring SE Auto - 2004 - Now Sold

    Ah not far from me. Hmm. I have far too many cars at present. But I'm in the process of culling some. Sadly my 530d is on its last legs. Are you around tomorrow eve? I'm passing through chi at tea time