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  1. falcodub

    battery charger

    Ctek 5.0 currently on special at £58 on Amazon Got one but yet to plug it in as I generally disconnect my battery on the M5 when not in use. I shall be rigging it up soon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/CTEK-MXS-5-0-Reconditions-Motorcycle/dp/B00FC42HAA
  2. falcodub

    Touring spring conversion

    The parts someone listed on another thread from BMW. Three parts in total per side. £35 the lot. Pic below of part numbers. And some eibach springs. Not loaded it as yet. I don't think my SLS ever worked properly. I drove it with bags pretty much deflated and it only rubbed a little. Albeit empty!
  3. falcodub

    Touring spring conversion

    Spring conversion done. Drives so much better No idea what was wrong with the SLS as bags are fine. Anyhow. It won't fail again!
  4. falcodub

    Touring spring conversion

    This code came up initially but then nothing else
  5. falcodub

    Touring spring conversion

    Managed to get inpa to work but my limited knowledge of it was an issue Couldn't get inpa to raise or lower the rear and it just shows it as inactive. I may buy a known good second hand controller and swap that out. My knowledge has run out so I am booking it into my indy for this and the new issue with my abs system after rebuilding my calipers as I now have spongy pedal and can't work out how to get the abs to bleed with inpa. Going to use the M5 until it's fixed! Once it's diagnosed I will evaluate the options on springs. Fit and forget is my idea of a solution. May pm you Dennis about those springs!
  6. falcodub

    Touring spring conversion

    Evening all My SLS is playing up on the touring. No obvious fault. 2003 530d sport. Seems to have a mind of its own. One side lower than the other. Then that swaps. Then both. Then fine Light has been on for months. Bags all ok. Only a couple of years old. As I don't tow. And don't really load it up with bricks I don't see the need for the SLS so have been considering the spring conversion. I'm running BC coilovers up front so lowered rear springs are required. Anybody used something they can recommend? I know I will need the cups and code out the SLS. Anything else I need?
  7. falcodub

    Replacement sills

    I have a guy lined up who's very good. But it'll be a private job. He's yet to fully explore the extent of it but you're probably right in that it's just a plate so full sill may be overkill
  8. falcodub

    Replacement sills

    It's mainly the rears both sides. Just thought it would be easier having the panels pre shaped
  9. falcodub

    Replacement sills

    Hi all Has anyone used the sill repair panels sold by central panels? Both my rear sills need sorting on my M5 https://www.centralpanels.co.uk/product/bmw-e39-5-ser-1996-2004-new-full-sill-lh-saloon/ Cheers
  10. falcodub

    Andy's E39 M5

    Not much of an update really. Just a pic of it in the drizzle at the weekend
  11. falcodub

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Both front wheel bearings done today on the daily diesel and fresh discs and pads up front. Tie rod ends need to come off but couldn't budge the locknut so that will have to wait
  12. falcodub

    M Tec brakes?

    Just the standard ones. I did consider the grooved discs and ceramic but this is a bit unexpected. Already thrown a few quid at it this month so just keeping the spend under control. Meant to be spending on the M5!
  13. falcodub

    M Tec brakes?

    Thanks gents Went for ATE in the end. £150 for discs and pads
  14. falcodub

    M Tec brakes?

    Dust wise I've no idea what's on there and they are really dusty and lack any feel whatsoever. Didn't think EBC were much good on the E39? Mintex discs are £75 for the pair on euros. Blimey. Cheaper than the eicher junk. Hmm. How do they behave with a heavy foot?