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  1. falcodub

    M5 rocker cover gaskets

    Apologies. I have been away. Can you honour the price above? Are you able to send me the part numbers too please. Cheers
  2. Somebody hurry up and buy this. I need another car and I can't use this in the winter much as I want it
  3. falcodub

    M5 rocker cover gaskets

    Ah yeah that may help M5BGJ
  4. falcodub

    M5 rocker cover gaskets

    Evening Could I have a price please for a pair of rocker cover gaskets for a 2002 M5 please. Could also do with input diff seal Many thanks Andy
  5. falcodub

    AlexGSi2000 - e39 M5

    Looks lovely Alex. Really must come up in mine for a mini meet
  6. falcodub

    Stretch's 530d/S62 Sport Touring. Updated 04/06/19

    He did indeed. I also had a very good look around the car at beaulie today. Loads and loads of work gone into it. Looks awesome
  7. falcodub

    Andy's E39 M5

    Not much of an update from me. It's had a once over from an indy to diagnose a couple of things. Rocker cover oil leak All three diff seals leaking. Quote was £900 They aren't too bad. Yet. So it can wait Rockers I'm sure I can tackle. Diff not so keen. Either way. I'm still smitten
  8. falcodub

    Replacement conservatory roof - advice needed

    Where in the country are you? I can recommend someone but he's I. Southampton
  9. falcodub

    530d touring in beige!!

    Haha. If it had been London I may of gone for a nosey
  10. falcodub

    E39 M5

    Me three
  11. falcodub

    530d touring in beige!!

    I thought this was in Northern Ireland? It's a lot of beige. But I like it
  12. falcodub

    Andy's E39 M5

    Not much to update with unfortunately. List of things to do is growing. Battery drain or suspect battery issue to address asap. The battery itself isn't very old and came from BMW. Unfortunately the warranty doesn't transfer from previous owner as far as I am aware. Diff leak and engine oil leak from somewhere at the gearbox side of the engine to find and resolve. Gear shift bushes need refreshing and it still needs a deep clean and polish. Also want to tweak the ride height and get a full geometry set up done as it feels a little twitchy in the twisty bits. But I am loving it even though I know it's going to eat money
  13. falcodub

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Took it into work today. Most of the week in fact given the daily is not trusted now. Love it. Even on the motorway it makes me smile
  14. falcodub

    Help with fault codes - Auto box issue

    My dilemma now is I don't know if I should eBay it and declare the fault or just get rid as is and say nothing. Alternatively I could spend some money on it but hmmm. My conscience tells me I have to be honest. I'm not feeling the love for the car and regret selling my tired 530d E39 but hey. Lesson learnt! Don't sell what's been loyal
  15. falcodub

    Help with fault codes - Auto box issue

    I can't find this ad. Just says content not found Edit that. Not a member on there. Just asked to join. Cheers