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    Thank you Rich, yes, i didnt have high hopes when i made the trip to visit the car, however due to the fact that there arent many of them and this had very to almost non existant dings for a car abandoned like this, and only superficial rust i had to take it. i am doing most of the job myself but the paint and rust.
  2. Hey, im in need of some parts information regarding availability. For an m535i e28 '86 61661367596 63121368656 51131909501 x2 Hope you can help out! Vin is 0655529
  3. Hello Guys! Just passing by to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Rodrigo, you can call me Rod for convenient reasons. I am from Chile (main language spanish) but i defend myself with english i guess. I am a bmw user since 2010, with my first purchase of an US imported e36 328is black coupé, had to give it some TLC but it is used now as a daily, still needs lots of TLC soon to come. Last year i purchased my second e28, a 528e, for project purposes, but ended used it as a badly DD. As my love for the 5's grew (long ago from the e39 and e60), i found a rare specimen m535i , i know, they are not that rare, but in my country there may be like 4-5 of them including mine. This car is my actual project since it was abandoned since 2006 and needed a major restoration, car sat on sweet water for some weeks, no huge rust issues except the windshield frames and spare wheel bottom . Im actually in the process of stripping the final bits for the paint job and rust repair. I am not so much organized so a folllow thread wouldnt be possible and im too shy to try. I named her the black pearl as my fiance's suggestion, for obvious reasons.. Anyways i am in the search for new parts and used ones, ive got a pair of friends on UK, that are users on this forum too (at least one of them), and since im getting some parts from them by sea freight, maybe any used or new parts purchase can be sent to them if too big. Adding some pics of how i found out about the car ( flooded), then how it was when i when for it, and finally after a good wash. Then it got stripped for the TLC process, it seems they are not in order. Wish me success!! PD: If anyone curious about optionals, vin number is 0655529