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  1. smashie

    BMW 535d error code confussion

    ibs codes are only there since i disconnected today. ibs is fairly new having been replaced a year or so ago. only disconnected it to rule out an issue with it.
  2. smashie

    BMW 535d error code confussion

    I have the same error code. other codes are relating to ibs as I have disconnected it in case that is the cause of the drain.
  3. smashie

    BMW 535d error code confussion

    Bit of a thread resurrection, but did you ever get an answer on this?
  4. smashie

    Air compressor

    Don't know I am afraid. Just trying to think of a way to blow them through. I do not believe that a tyre compressor would give the volume needed especially if there is crud in there.
  5. smashie

    Air compressor

    I have an E61 and after the last round of issues, I should probably be taking some more proactive measures. With that in mind, I think it would be wise if I blew through the drainage hoses once a month. What should I use to do this? I have no air compressor and I do not have space to store one. Anyone know of a small compressor type thing that would do the job?
  6. smashie

    Cats for 550i

    Just checked online and no 550 listed. Would prob have to call/email them
  7. smashie

    Cats for 550i

    3k is a back of fag packet figure from local garage who only use genuine parts. Will have a look. Had quote from catman (found on a google search) and new would be Bmw. Other than that it is 2nd hand which I don’t want.
  8. smashie

    Cats for 550i

    Thanks everyone. Looks like now I gotta find myself a decent exhaust place that can supply and fit.
  9. smashie

    Cats for 550i

    Amongst other issues, the Catalytic converters on my car are on their way out. They should pass an MOT if it was done now, but there is not much life left in them. I don't want to run cat less, so what would you suggest for replacement parts? I will not be spending approx 3k for replacement ones, just not worth it on an 11 year old car. The car is however a keeper as a couple of years ago it got a new block and pistons so owes me a lot more than it is worth.
  10. smashie

    Tailgate release switch

    Ordered. Thank you very much.
  11. smashie

    Tailgate release switch

    Hi could I have the price for a tailgate release switch (switch on the glass part)? VIN number: CR95542 Thanks.
  12. smashie

    Accelerator stopped working

    Well the code was a red herring and his code reader threw up 2ded as the same error that Carly gave 00A463 for. Turns out that code is not related and my issue did not throw up any codes. I will monitor the pedal via the app and if it happens again hopefully it will show which sensor is faulty (engine bay or pedal).
  13. I was driving along today and when I went to press the accelerator nothing happened. The car started slowing down. I pulled over, turned it off, took the key out and started it up again and it worked fine for about another few miles where it did it again. Before it went the 1st time, I pulled out of a side road and accelerated relatively hard. When it went, I was not accelerating. 2nd time was shortly afterwards as I was coming to a faster bot of road, hot the accelerator and all was fine and then shortly afterwards it stopped working. I did a code read via Carly and all I got was: Car Body Module RWP Error Code :00A463 Car is a 2006 550i Auto. Got my mechanic popping over tomorrow to see if he can find the issue, but just thought I would put it out here to see if anyone has any idea. Thanks.
  14. smashie

    Roof Bars

    I keep mine in the shed.
  15. smashie

    545i - smoking exhaust

    It may not be that bad. Could just be a split pipe. I think I had the worst possible outcome, but I have not heard of it affecting anyone else as bad as this.