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  1. DatV8

    AlexGSi2000 - e39 M5

    Brilliant work here Alex, the car looks great all polished up. Will have to have a mini meet as mentioned above
  2. DatV8

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Replaced brake fluid and bled the brakes today using a small one way valve you usually use for motorbikes (find them on ebay). Worked a treat and allowed me to one-man bleed all four corners. Brakes feel better now and the fluid's fresh in the system. Had a look round and a clean underneath the engine while I was there.
  3. DatV8

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    Have you checked on both vanos boards that all the solenoids fire with a 9v battery? Also removed the gauze filters, any blockages in the solenoids and cleaned while firing them to make sure all 4 on each board 'click' when activated. I had a single solenoid not firing on one bank, and experienced a misfire/car felt flat low down as you mention. Also worth doing the 'MAF test' by unlocking the ODB
  4. DatV8

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    Nice work B21, reading back through the thread now what's outstanding? I see an o-ring on the thermostat housing was the potential coolant leak. Very tricky those.
  5. DatV8

    E39 M5 Evolve charger kit

    Watched this yesterday, amazing setup! Would love to have the money for that and the brakes to reign it in
  6. DatV8

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    Great progress. Did you get to the bottom of that coolant leak?
  7. DatV8

    E39 M5

    Thanks mate! Yes I was doing valve cover gaskets and some other work including a coolant leak so was off the road. Back on the road now but they're never finished are they
  8. DatV8

    E39 M5

    Same here! I think I bought your rear wheels last year ER! The above pic is them finally refurbed and fitted. If I've got the wrong person I apologise
  9. DatV8

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    Not sure where that's going then if the pressure test is good for that time. What shape is the radiator in? The coolant drain for the rad is right side front so might be worth a check
  10. DatV8

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    Does the pressure remain steady if you leave it at 1 bar for a few minutes or steadily drops down towards zero?
  11. DatV8

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    Had a look on mine earlier and I definitely don't have that hose under the passenger side airbox. Only place I can think that's come from is the corner of the radiator where there's an overflow for the reservoir, maybe in a past life it's been broken off and just left. Couldn't imagine that would leak much though That'll do the job, will show up immediately then, keep us posted!
  12. DatV8

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    I'll have a look on mine as soon as I can and see what that pipe might be. How much does the coolant reservoir level drop when left? (presume it's not running at the moment)
  13. DatV8

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    Can't seem to find what that is on RealOEM either, wasn't aware of that. Is it an overflow from the radiator that's broken off and has been placed there? It also may not be a coolant pipe unless you can visibly see it dripping from that pipe? Could be a vent for something. You're probably best getting a coolant pressure tester to see exactly where it's leaking. Where in the country are you?
  14. DatV8

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    They are at the radiator side but at the thermostat housing mine were replaced with standard screw clamps. If yours are too then double check the hose is seated on the housing outlets correctly and the clamp is OK. That was definitely were mine was leaking. On the side under the oil filter housing also make sure you've not knocked the small coolant pump next to the chassis rail. Should be hard lines there though but another possibilty. It's used for the rest function to pump warm coolant in to the cabin when the engine is off I think
  15. DatV8

    Removing plenum e39 M5

    Double check your hose clamps. I had a leak down the front/right side of the engine, bought a coolant pressure tester (good purchase) and it turned out it was leaking at one of the hose clamps when putting 1 bar of pressure into the system. Reseat the hose and all good now. Coolant pressure testers are only around 40 quid on the bay so probably a worthy addition to the tool kit