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  1. DatV8

    Buying an e39 M5.

    Thanks Alex! Yes they're doing very well, all sealed up and painted. No sign of anything untoward rust-wise so all good! Wheel refurb next on the list I think. Absolutely, any questions fire away I'll try answer as best I can Good luck in your search for an M5
  2. DatV8

    Rough m5

    When I changed my solenoid o-rings I only changed the 8 larger and 8 smaller on the solenoids themselves. I couldn't find the parts I think you mean on the realOEM link here: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/en/showparts?id=DE92-EUR-06-1999-E39-BMW-M5&diagId=11_2674 You need parts 3 (x8) and 4 (x8) to do both sides. These were about 60 quid all in I think. They're a special 'D' profile so any old standard o-ring probably wouldn't do the job. From reading in the past, any oil leaks from solenoids come from the solenoid o rings themselves. While the solenoid board is out it's well worth checking they all fire correctly with a 9v battery and some wire. There's threads on M5board for info, one or two may need the solder re-flowing due to heat cycled/cracked joins. I did mine and one of my solenoids didn't fire until I repaired it. All should click audibly especially after removing the gauze filters (if present) and blowing compressed air/carb cleaner through the holes while firing to clear them out.
  3. DatV8

    Rough m5

    I'd just clean your existing plastic separators unless they're obviously blocked or cracked/damaged. I ran a load of brake and carb cleaner through them and let them dry out as I did other work, no ill effects afterwards. Yes you need to remove the thermostat housing to access the lower hoses, to put this back you'll need the o-rings for the coolant tubes (plus spares). That's a bit of a fiddly job, on reassembly you have to lube the rings with something like vaseline then be very careful and make sure you don't tear one as you put it back. If you read up on it you'll see what I mean. Ideally you'd pressure test the coolant system afterwards to make sure it doesn't leak otherwise like me in the past you're removing it again and putting a new ring(s) on. I did all the work you mention in a single garage so space shouldn't be an issue. It's all accessible from the front.
  4. DatV8

    Rough m5

    I ordered the following in September last year when I did the work from Cotswold BMW on here, forum members get a discount also I believe. Oil separator hoses top L + R - 11151406952/11151406953 - £60.84 Oil separator hoses lower L + R - 11151407344/11151406902 - £13.76 So in total 4 hoses, top ones are expensive for what they are but shouldn't need doing again for a long time.
  5. DatV8

    Rough m5

    The separators themselves are plastic vortex tube type things which should be fine with a good clean out, I re-used mine with no issues. It's mainly the hoses get old and soft and cause issues, most often the lower ones as they're hard to get to. Yes that tee is somewhere near the idle control valve so worth checking while it's off, also any other of the smaller vac hoses and check the intake gaskets don't have any damage etc.
  6. DatV8

    Rough m5

    At that age and mileage if it's more than a light film it may be the oil separator hoses are getting old and squishy, slightly hindering oil vapour leaving the plenum. The lower hoses ideally need the thermostat housing out the way for access, I did all those on my M5 at around ~150k miles when I was doing the valve cover gaskets, thermostat and plenum off work. I had oil in almost every spark plug well so were definitely due!
  7. DatV8

    E39 M5 rust repairs

    Went through the same process myself a couple of years ago on my M5 and also changed flywheel and clutch at the same time. It's a big expensive job but worth it, great progress so far here
  8. DatV8

    Buying an e39 M5.

    Had mine for over 4 years now, still puts a smile on my face. Nice to have it as a weekend car now to keep of the winter roads and do some leisurely work to. Recently did water pump (bearing failure + leak) and the vanos solenoids w/ rocker cover gaskets. They're satisfying jobs when you can take your time. I got those wings you sold me on and painted! Was a while ago now, I'm Jon and was in the carbon black M5 and met you at your workshop a couple of years ago My old crusty ones went in the bin and I epoxy sealed behind these ones, looks much better now.
  9. DatV8

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    On New Years eve (daytime) I used my newly acquired coolant pressure tester kit to diagnose a coolant leak on my M5. It started to drip out of one of the top hoses at the thermostat so it looks like it was put back incorrectly last time I worked on it. Just had to readjust the hose and redo the clamp and all good now! Holds 10 psi for at least 15 minutes rock steady so it's water tight again. After that I celebrated by doing an engine cleanup/oil change and cleaned inside and out! Roll on the better weather
  10. DatV8

    Rear sill welding

    I posted in the useful guides and info section a couple of years ago. It's called Auto Crash Parts I think:
  11. DatV8

    Xstream® G48® Antifreeze & Coolant Color

    The different colour coolants are made up of different chemical mixtures/spec so wouldn't mix very well. I believe they can gel together and make a thick goop throughout the whole cooling system in bad cases. Whatever colour came out/is recommended I'd stick with that. If you have to change colour you'd have to flush every last bit out so there's no old stuff left.
  12. DatV8

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Trying to track down a coolant leak on my M5. Found a great price on a radiator. My waterpump bearing failed and sent metal filings through the system, getting caught in the radiator so was probably a good time to replace this anyway. The lower hose connection seems loose so I'll have a look in to that. Also ordered 10 litres of oil, oil filter and some brake fluid
  13. Anyone on the lookout for a Hella/BEHR E39 M5 radiator, I've just bought one of these. Ebay link Looks like genuine Hella/BEHR and comes up in the BEHR online catalogue. correct measurements etc. Hopefully turns out to be a bargain
  14. Thanks, payment sent and PM sent across to you
  15. Thanks very much. I see that that's the metal sealing ring within the housing. I mean the rubber seal on the actual thermostat is broken up, I assume this isn't replaceable? Thanks