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  1. Hi do you still have the seat panels with switches?
  2. RemyNG

    E39 or E38 driver seat switch

    So I really need som help. Im looking for seat switch with memory for the driver side. And finding one here in Norway is more than impossible a new one cost 400£++. I've search mostly on eBay without any result. So im hoping someone have this laying around for a decent price. I will pay for the shipping and for the part. Part number is 61316910718, 61318373742 they may have other part number but as long its driver side seat module with memory it will be fine. I really hope someone could help me with this ☺️
  3. RemyNG

    My two E39

    So a little update. Just did the whole interior in cinnamon now. Did some leather wraping too around the steering column
  4. RemyNG

    My two E39

    Here's some picture of my two E39. The first one is my first E39 523 99' that I used a lot of time upgrading from when I bought it for about almost 4 years ago. When I bought it was all stock with no extra options like electric seats, seat warmer and such. And this is my newly bought E39 535 98' its pretty much stock right now but alot of upgrade coming it's next year as in exterior and interior for the car.
  5. RemyNG

    My two E39

    So a little update its in ordet. Been spending alot of time upgrading the 535. Went full out with M-sport styling im pretty glad that got a hold of all of the parts in orginal. Even bought some used AC schnitzer mirror. So here's a list of upgrade for the exterior M front and rear bumper, m5 trunk lip(will be replaced with AC schnitzer). AC schnitzer mirror Double glazed Windows. Highgloss shadowline Hamann front lip and fog light cover. Eisenmann rear exhaust with resonator delete. M60b40 intake manifold. All of that done, so I started to focus on the interior upgrade. The car needed electric seats and steering column just because its nice feature too have. Had alot of thinking of what type of interior I wanted so I ended up with going for Cinnamon. So here's a list over what I've done to the inside. Extended leather package. M5 door panels Black Alcantara roof lining Electric rear sunshade and door sunshade. Retrofited M steering wheel from dualstage to singlestage. E38 contour seats Retrofited electric seat with memory and electric steering column. Here's the only picture I have right now of the interior. I still have the door cards and rear seat to Dye before im done. I still have bunch more work going on. Its gonna be alot more leather in the future. Thats all from me this time.
  6. RemyNG

    My two E39

    Thanks , alot of work put on that car I do actually agree with you about that one, i'm a big sceptical on gold rims on BMW. But I did try out alot since this rims was in gun metal and I didn't like how it looked in the car. So pretty happy with the end result there. 4 Thanks, I really love that interior. hahaha, thanks Thanks alot
  7. It's a car breaker in Forus, next to Kvadrat. Yes that's right they have 2 E39 in there now and 1 E38 where I got my leather armrest . Just go into knoks.no and there you have their adress.
  8. Wow another one from Stavanger. I got mine working on both side now, just need 2 new contacts for the switch since both of them were pretty much broken. And since BMW dealer here only sell those contacts in a pack of 10 I have to order them elsewhere. Powering the old ones are pretty easy as I recall, you should just head out "knoksen" and cut of the contacts from 2 of the E39 they have in.
  9. Hi Liam, I think I have seen your car around here in Forus a few times, and I love the colour of your car I think I got it sorted out, I changed places with the K-bus cable and now the heater on the passanger side is working, but not driver side. Gonna take a look at the 2 wires that goes to the console and to the seat and see if I can find the problem. Yeah I think most of the norwegian cars do have heated seats, I found later after I bought the car that my car was imported from germany so this car didn't have much extras.
  10. Okey that's relief, I was trying to look around in NCS, SSS and INPA but didn't find anything. None of the lights came on. But seems like I might have place that K-bus cable in the wrong place after looking at those picture in your thread. I just place it on a free slot, since none of the 3 diagrams I found on the wide world web showed in wich slot that cable should go.
  11. I just did this retrofit, but there's nothing happening when I press the button for the seat warmer. The only thing i'm unsure of is did I connect the K-bus cable in the correct place. Do I need to code this option to my car?