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  1. JCP

    Remote Key Not Found warning

    I get this randomly every now and again and have to hold the key to the steering column (it normally lives in my pocket). You don't have anything like a rear dashcam with wiring running near the area of the rear antenna do you? If I connect my rear camera then it does this every single time.
  2. JCP

    Power Ports

    Wondering if the cam stays on when parked and the car is disabling those circuits to protect the battery, then after a journey is completed it re enables them again. just a guess.
  3. JCP

    Weak windscreen washer jets

    Seconded. That very mistake ended up costing me a new one from BMW Once broken repair attempts are futile...
  4. JCP

    Weak windscreen washer jets

    Possibly the filter on top of the washer reservoir is getting blocked up - it's a common problem. If so there are a couple of options - firstly put hot water in it, to try and dissolve the gunk. There's a pretty good thread about that somewhere on here. If you can't dissolve it then it may be necessary to get the filter out and clean it - which is a pretty fiddly job and likely to result in much swearing and skinned knuckles. It's located to the rear of the offside front wheel. Wheel off and then you can go as far as unbolting the reservoir, or do as I did and remove the pump and filter by lifting it out of the top (very fiddly). I would try a hot water flush first I think.
  5. It will have the impact that then you are in 'manual' mode and can use the stick of flappy paddles to change gear without it reverting to auto after a few seconds. That said if you hit the redline it will change up for you anyway, and if it REALLY needs to downshift it will do that as well.
  6. I would say so, yes. Mind you they are quick enough in D most of the time
  7. Moving the selector to the left has an additional benefit given that you are then in 'manual' shifting mode, since if you do so and then don't manually change up, it will do it for you, but not until it hits the redline through all the gears. This is most useful if you have a hypothetical need to safely but *swiftly* get away from the lights for example...
  8. JCP

    Indicator Error

    That'll be an F11 then
  9. JCP

    F10 535d wiper trouble

    Hyphenated Non-Hyphenated I'll just leave that there.
  10. JCP

    F10 535d wiper trouble

    How true. Many's the time I have pondered on what strange algorythm drives the behaviour of the wipers, and moreover what stranger algorythm re-writes the strange algorythm before the start of every downpour.
  11. Sytner quoted me about £1,200. I bought Arnott springs for about £350 and did the job myself. It's pretty easy and there are plenty of guides on here as well as the instructions that come with the Arnott springs which are fairly good. You will need a heavy duty jack and axle stands so if you don't have that it will bump your costs up a litte but better than being taken to the cleaners by BMW.
  12. JCP

    N47 or B47

    Yes spot on.
  13. JCP

    N47 or B47

    Mine is a 2014 2.0 (525d) and has the N47 engine according to VIN decoder.
  14. JCP

    Rear shock dust covers

    Failed air springs put paid to mine. One is partially intact, the other is shredded. Having replaced the springs I now have some new bump stops on order. Looks like an easy job.
  15. JCP

    DIY F11 air spring replacement

    Mine looked pretty much like that but both were leaking. I used a jack and axle stands. It's a pretty easy job. Hardest part was getting the lower trim panel off to bleed them from the valve block.