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  1. wolfman

    M54 rough running

    Yes I did get the bits from C3 and the old girl is done now, So I will see how it goes. Only thing I must admit is I did do it without removing the manifold and did not find it to bad.
  2. wolfman

    M54 rough running

    Thanks for the help guys I found a couple of splits in the intake boots and a small one by the dipstick. I silicone sealed them to test it out and have done a couple of hundred miles and all seems good. I have now ordered both intake boots and a CCV kit and will get them on soon.
  3. wolfman

    M54 rough running

    OK my 530 touring has been messing about lately. I thought I had it sorted with a dodgy new inlet cam sensor but no. Tonight it is throwing up loads of faults mainly o2 sensors but I don't know which one's Or which bank or pre cat or post cat. It is missing and running rough so I did a data stream here are the pictures of the read out what do you think.
  4. wolfman

    E39 auxiliary lead addition problem

    Thanks for the idea but there is no where to plug it in virtually all pins are spoken for, If you look at the picture of the back of my unit both terminal blocks slide into seperate clips and have seperate blocks to plug in.
  5. As it says I could do with a very good n/s/f spotlight ( round one)for my 2000 e39 facelift wagon and a wide screen sat nav. I does not matter if the screen is shot i just want one with a good tape deck to swap into my unit I hope..
  6. Ok I went to fit an auxiliary on my E39 which has the sat nav screen set up. I took the unit out to add the lead and on youtube a tutorial showed swapping two pins over to the lead then plug it in. On mine it is different and once I checked the terminal blocks only one had the option to add three pins but they were in a different place to normal. Can anyone advice me on the correct placement for mine, I took a couple of pictures to help explain my problem. I would like to sort it out as the tape deck and Cd player are U/S.
  7. I would like to put an auxiliary input on my e39 as the cd is unreliable and the tape deck is shot too. It has i think one of the first e39's with sat nav screen( as it was a show car back in the day) Will my wiring harness on the back have a plug for a auxiliary lead?. I have put a picture up to show the model, can anyone advise me.
  8. Are the E39 saloon rear window elements prone to failure? I have had a close look at the elements and cannot find any obvious breaks. Only a couple of them work close to the bottom and it seems strange so many have failed any idea's before I fit a new rear window
  9. wolfman

    Misfire + fuel trim bank?

    Ok I went out to the 530 tonight and when I started it was misfiring and the eml came on. So I plugged in the Creator C100 i bought and it came up with E4 fuel trimbank 2 E3 fuel trimbank 1 CB fuel trimbank 2 control limit CA fuel trimbank 1 control limit I have done a bit of research and It maybe vacuum related or Maf. Does anyone have any Idea's?
  10. wolfman

    passenger airbag problem

    Ok we have not had this car long, I have been looking into why the airbag light comes on sometimes. It seems to be linked to when there is someone using the passenger seat. So I have had a look under the seat and found a big module thin dangling around so I have re secured it, but at the back of the seat there is a wire socket hanging down and some sort of dongle plugged into where I think it should go(comparing it with my other e39). Do you have any idea's what is going on?
  11. wolfman

    good code readers

    Ok so I thought I had a good code reader on its way to me from a member on here, that seems to have gone pear shaped. So I am looking for recommendations for one, there are loads on ebay but which one?. I don't need anything fancy just something to read and clear codes and reset lights and so on.
  12. Ok bear with me as I have not done a lot of miles in this one yet, It is an 03 520i manual saloon. when driving it on even ground it seems to drive great but when you hit some bumps/potholes it feels to me like there is some bump steer going on at the back. I think it may be n/s but not 100% on that, I have not jacked it up to check yet, I thought I would get some feed back first before I dive in. There was no advisories on the last MOT either have you guys got any idea's?
  13. wolfman

    E39 M5 various - parts for sale

    Can you reset the service lights and eml with it?.
  14. wolfman

    E39 M5 various - parts for sale

    Is the peak code reader good, and how do you use the code reader too . I just bought another e39 so this could come in handy
  15. wolfman

    PDC proximity problem

    All of the senors are working if you go near them, but all have the same short range