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  1. jannism

    2011 F11 side indicators not working

    I recently replaced the ones on my pre LCI and I wish I'd seen the diagram above first! You absolutely will need a plastic tool and make sure you prise out the front section first as it has a metal covered clip. After that just take it nice and slow and it should pop out. Could just be a loose wire/dirty connection. NB I didn't do the above and cracked the plastic fascia rendering a perfectly serviceable unit worthless to sell on (I replaced them with gloss black units to match the rest of the shadowline trim).
  2. I've just reversed into a sodding post, cracked a reflector on my rear bumper and given the bumper a tiny, new vertical crease. It was one of those posts with absolutely nothing attached to it.
  3. jannism

    Which black front grilles?

    Snap. FWIW mine were £25 from Ebay. Just seen them for £19.99. A few years ago I shopped around tirelessly for double slat gloss black ones with a chrome surround and paid about £100. Complete waste of money. If you have shadowline trim the gloss black grilles are a perfect complement.
  4. jannism

    Pretty hot new members!!!

    Yep. @Amanda282 is among their number. Raise the shields.
  5. You can work out where the clips are from the ones you're going to put in (obviously). I went the route of unscrewing the whole front unit and reaching down behind the grilles. Scratched my forearms a bit. It genuinely helps if you've been out for a drive and warmed everything up first.
  6. jannism

    Old Member - New Car

    It certainly is an LCI. Visual giveaways are: as previously stated the indicator repeaters in the wing mirrors. 10 slats in the grille.
  7. jannism

    Vibration through car at 65-75mph?

    Have a look for bubbles on all the tyres. Even the smallest one can feel like the wheels are about to come off.
  8. jannism

    Jacking both rear wheels/end F11

    I didn’t trust that central rear point either but I only needed to do one side at a time so I just used the front jacking point and an axle stand on the rear one. Do you absolutely need to have both wheels in the air at the same time?
  9. jannism

    Hot / cold wheel between front vents

    It is indeed, genius. I have the climate control permanently set on auto to my desired temp with all the vents closed. This was initially at the behest of my wife who always complained about the air from the vents blowing in her face. I now find it particularly useful in this colder weather when the windows would otherwise have a tendency to steam up. Whenever I want a stream of air I simply open the relevant vent and use the wheel accordingly. Brilliant.
  10. A pair of bellows and some chewing gum, yeah?
  11. Horse for course. YMMV, etc. My indy is significantly cheaper and I know the guy personally so that’s my reasoning but I went to the dealer in the first three years of ownership when I had a brand new f10 because I knew I’d be putting it back into the dealer network at some point and that’s what people look for in a car of that age. If you’ve got a car of an age that falls outside of those parameters then you pays your money and you takes your choice, no?
  12. jannism

    Slight supercharger-like Whinning noise

    Might just be the sound reproduction on my phone but that sounds wicked.
  13. jannism

    Sudden rock-hard rear suspension.

    @Zusurs I know nothing more of the OP's abilities than you do about mine. I've suggested he read all about it like I did. I wouldn't in a million years have dreamt I could do such a thing until I read about it on here and then guess what? Whether he chooses to do it or not is his decision, there'll be no judgement from me.
  14. jannism

    Sudden rock-hard rear suspension.

    FWIW if it is your rear airbags (and it sounds very much like it could be), they are a cheap and easy thing to fix. I suggest making a cuppa, doing a search on here for f11 rear suspension and reading all about it. If it's hoses/compressor etc I'd wager it's probably just as straightforward but without personal experience I'll keep schtum on that.
  15. jannism

    Space Grey F11

    Hope you don't mind me hijacking this thread. Adding mine for contrast. I much prefer your 351m 19" wheels over my 18"s, although I have got used to them now. Intention is to powder coat them gloss black to match the gloss black trim elsewhere, just as the finish on your roofrails matches your wheels.