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  1. jannism

    New car purchased today!!!

    Congratulations on your purchase - Space grey 535d - I'm a big fan! I've had my F11 over 2 years now. Bought it at 6 years old to replace a 3 year old 530d F10 lci which I'd had from new and have precisely zero complaints about it. I tend to get bored easily and want to change cars every couple of years but I can see me keeping this one until the diesel supply runs dry. It's a beautiful beast. I hope you get as much out of yours as I get out of mine.
  2. Wonderful photo. Let us know how many pieces are leftover once you've put it back together . Very impressive work, fella.
  3. jannism

    temp gauge issue 523i 2010 f10

    Could this in any way be related to your cracked rocker cover?
  4. jannism

    Whats under the bonnet?

    I think the 5 series is one of the best cars money can buy. Badge shmadge.
  5. Yep... https://bmods.co.uk/shop/bmw-androids/bmw-5-f-series-predator-display/ I recently bought the Falcon display (direct replacement 10.25" unit) and I wish I'd gone for this one instead. Relatively painless to install, although I spent an age and a day trying to a: locate the sim slot and then b: install the sim correctly once I'd located it after needlessly removing the entire unit and fiddling about unnecessarily in unnecessary places.
  6. jannism

    F11 Black Kidney grills

    The grilles will fit all F10/11s
  7. If the bars are for a roofbox, you'll be partially guided by where you can place them in relation to the clamps by the box itself - most recommend a 20/60/20 load split. If the box interferes with the tailgate you can set the tailgate lift height in iDrive.
  8. Non-branded sensors need to be coded to the car using software specific to whatever brand you're using. During the summer I couldn't find any BMW ones that didn't cost an arm and a leg so I bought a set of Autel ones from ebay and got my local garage to do the honours. It actually ended up taking about an hour but thankfully it only set me back another 30-odd quid so came in at around £100 all-in. I had been hoping to get them done at the local tyre place for free but weirdly, Autel was almost the only brand for which their machine didn't have the software.
  9. Pics pics pics! I am running a completely standard (M Sport) setup. Bought the car with 18s, replaced Contis with Goodyear non-runflats then upgraded to 19s with Goodyear runflats, Done some light cosmetics, replaced a blown rear airbag. That's it. Oh, and an Android head unit. Anyone wanna buy an NBT?
  10. jannism

    2014 F10 interior lighting

    They can be faint so they may already be illuminated - have you tried increasing the brightness with the little wheel by the headlamp switch? Also, do you have the option for them in iDrive?
  11. Nice wheels! They look similar to mine - what colour are they? I'm interested in achieving a slightly lower look for mine without actually lowering it and I can do subtlety. Any chance you could post a of the whole car so I can see if it's something I might do too?
  12. jannism

    What am I missing

    The main physical aspect of Eco pro mode is in encouraging one to moderate one's driving style and thus leading one to the benefits of the improved economy enjoyed therein. For me, it just makes the car feel like a big, sluggish, unwieldy lump and is almost impossible to get on with unless your main reason for driving involves slowing down other road users and not particularly caring whether you get where you're going or not.
  13. Mate, I feel your pain. I returned from France to find my front right scraped all the way around (although I have no recollection of doing this). I'd had them stripped down, powder-coated and lacquered like brand spanking new only weeks before.
  14. jannism

    Lock button rattle

    Have you tried screwing it tight? They can come loose, I'm not being rude.
  15. jannism

    High Miler F11... risky purchase?

    I thought the same when I got my current F11 as the gap was massive and not quite even but it's never been repaired. The plastic "bolts" that hold the top of the bumper in place allow for a fair bit of movement and given the engine's been replaced it's obviously been removed at least once. I've undone that part several times just changing the front grille - achieving the desired gap is child's play. Also it may just have been leaned on. That bonnet never shuts first time if you're too soft with it.