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  1. jannism

    Mixing Tyres?

    FWIW I had 3s and 5s (all non-RFTs) as my previous setup - the tread pattern is all but identical. I'm currently running 3s on the front and Excellence on the rears (all RFTs). It turns out that the Excellence have slightly greater durability so that and the fact they were both brand new were the reasons why I fitted them both to the rear.
  2. Treated myself to a tasty rim job...ahem... Slightly darker than I originally intended but I'm getting fonder of it by the minute. It's a fairly standard paint, apparently - M3 Coarse Grey - Really sparkles in the sunshine and is just different enough from the gloss blacks and anthracites that you can get from the showroom to make it that bit more individual imho. Well, that and the fact it's usually on the bodywork of an M3, I suppose.
  3. jannism

    Run flat tyre pressure warning

    As @Oilburner says, check the pressure readout in iDrive. As soon as one or more tyres has a pressure difference outside of a certain tolerance it will alert you (I think this is 7psi from whatever it was last set to). A visual's not going to help - they're runflats - they look the same with 20psi as they do with 40.
  4. jannism

    F11 Roof Bars

    I bought a set of Cruz square steel bars and the fitting kit for my F10 for ~£50 5 years ago. Other than perhaps a bit more wind noise than aero bars (I can't say, I don't know) they've always done the job - done thousands of miles without a hitch. Not sure what the fuss is about. Spanish company - quite well regarded by all accounts. My only gripe is that now, 5 years later, I have bought the fixing kit to enable me to mount the bars to my F11 and the design has changed just enough that I have to find a set of longer bolts to secure the different mounts. Got myself a decent 360litre roofbox from Facebook market place for £90 last week, too. RRP £275. Whichever way you go, https://www.roofbox.co.uk/ will have what you need.
  5. FWIW I've just got one of these for my F11 and I'm very impressed... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07ZZGYRWD/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. I had 19s on both of my previous F10s and whilst it wasn't awful, the ride was definitely not great in either. I had Michelins on the 520 and Dunlops on the 530. When I changed the Conti RFTs on this car's 18s to non-RFT Goodyears the difference was staggering in terms of comfort, although that was at the expense of the aforementioned planted feeling when having my way with the loud pedal. Having driven it a few more times on 19" RFTs I've come to the conclusion that it's the manufacturer of the tyre that makes the biggest difference. That being said, it's Goodyears all the way for me now.
  7. Finally bought some 351Ms on Ebay. £520 with Goodyear Eagle F1 RFTs all round. They're a bit tatty but nothing a basic refurb can't sort and besides, I think a fresh lick of powder-coated goodness in Ferric or gunmetal grey is on the cards for these. TPMS valves didn't register on the brief test drive I just took after swapping the wheels but they're supposedly ok so I need to investigate that. Considering the dramatic difference I felt moving to non-RFT on the 18s I'm very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the ride - I experienced none of the uncomfortable crashiness I was expecting. It just felt less wallowy and more planted.
  8. jannism

    EGR cooler 2nd Recall

    Yes, I got this a while back. BMW got nervous about all the ones that got the all-clear and decided to just change all of them. Mine got the all-clear last year but has since been recalled and now rescheduled more times than I care to remember due to the current lockdown. As luck would have it, my local dealer have recently implemented a collect and return service of which I will now be taking advantage next week. They're going to come and collect it, do the work, and then return it me at home by the end of the day. Result.
  9. jannism

    Rare F10/F11 examples

    I initially ticked this option coupled with Mediterranean Blue paint on my 530 before bottling it and going for Cinnamon brown leather with Carbon black paint. In hindsight I really wish I had stuck to my guns.
  10. jannism

    Hand sanitizer gel

    Forgive me, that was pretty much my point. When new, it's not exactly suede or nubuck but it's also not extremely shiny in the way it gets after several years of use. Using the sponge is not something that you'll need to with anything approaching frequency. Your car will die or just be long-since sold before you find you've irreparably tarnished your steering wheel through gentle rubbing...
  11. jannism

    Hand sanitizer gel

    Don’t know if they work in this exact instance but those “miracle sponges” are absolutely perfect for restoring your wheel back to the original slightly textured finish whenever it gets shiny through age.
  12. jannism

    535d vs M5

    Result! The first part, obvs.
  13. jannism

    535d vs M5

    Eurgh! Gutted for you. Was the M5 stolen?
  14. jannism

    RWD driving style

    Good point. I've only driven M Sports. My experience of tramlining in BMWs started with a 320i touring that had different tread patterns and inconsistent pressures on each corner. Following that in my next 4 5 series, I found that sticking to the prescribed pressures in the door card was a necessity for RFTs. Non-run-flats feel less planted and 18" rims even more so compared to 19s. The trade off is a smoother, less crashy ride, albeit at lower speeds, though my right foot is still heavier than it should be. Either you're driving like you stole it or something's amiss. F10s and F11s are one of the most planted cars I've driven and should generally piss on a Nissan Kumkwat from a great height where handling's concerned.
  15. jannism

    New member

    Yes, welcome! There's always some chatter on here about remapping and a number of friendly people who will happily talk you through it and, depending on your location, maybe even give you a helping hand. I can't help you myself but if you have a dig around and use the search tool you're bound to find something useful.