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  1. Now that’s an ambitious sales team!
  2. jannism

    Red speed flashing up

    Check if it’s happening while using cruise control. If not, as has been previously mentioned have look at the settings in the main menu. I set mine to warm me when I hit 80 during my “adjustment” period.
  3. I’m now running on 4 Goodyear non rfts and the difference is already very noticeable. It’s not exactly astonishing but the car is definitely riding much softer and more comfortably. The country roads where I live are a long way from perfect and thanks to driving on rfts for the past 6 years I’ve got to know the bumps and crashes very well. I think if I had these on my previous f10 I’d probably get annoyed after a while as they are that much softer that the car doesn’t feel as taught and sporty, but since changing my driving style and then swapping the f10 for an f11, the springier tyres match the softer driving dynamics perfectly. Plus I can take off like a jet and stop on a penny in the wet again. I bet I get a flipping puncture.
  4. I pressed go on the Goodyears. Having spent a couple of days shopping around, Blackcircles was the cheapest at £434 including delivery and £25 off for 4. I want my local place to fit them because I’ve used them for years and trust them. I was originally going for the Michelins from BC - more expensive but still over £100 cheaper than my guy could do them for but then I changed my mind. At £15 a corner added to the mail order price it was still cheaper that way but the difference is like 20 quid so I’m just getting him to do the lot. Will report back back on whether I notice any differences.
  5. I have to say I'm extremely underwhelmed with my current Contis. That was my initial thought but then this is where I'm not clear. I've got no complaints about any of the summer tyres I've run previously and the GYs are A rated for wet weather where the cross-climates are rated B. I assumed the cross-climate aspect would be more to do with their performance in lower temperatures, so if I'm going to make any noticeable gains I would rather have a marginal performance gain in the wet than the cold - I'm thinking about cold mornings when I'm just pootling about while my engine warms up anyway. I'm overthinking this now.
  6. Right, I'm ditching the run-flats. I've never had a puncture in any of my 4 previous 5 series although I did once suffer what would otherwise have been a blow-out, had my boots not been run-flats, while travelling at speed on the M3. The run-flats undoubtedly served me extremely well that day but in fairness, they were well past their best and if it hadn't happened where it did, it would certainly have happened somewhere else within a very short space of time. I realise that by saying all of this I am probably tempting fate to bite me on the bum. Anyway, I was about to press the go button on a set of Michelin Cross-climate+ but it was then pointed out to me that while they would have been useful in the recentish snow, I still managed to survive on the almost bald Contis with which my beast is currently shod, therefore perhaps I could maybe just stick with summers. That being the case I'm about to commit to 4 shiny new Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3s because several people on here have sung their praises in the past, they rate highly for grip, economy and noise and they are considerably cheaper than any tyre I've ever bought for an F-series before. So in the spirit of wanging on even further about tyres would anyone care to offer any reasons for or against the path which I am about to take?
  7. jannism

    Rear F11 suspension lower that expected.

    I can't help I'm afraid but could we have some more shots of the whole of your car with those lovely (gun-metal grey?) wheels, please? Also, is that Sophisto grey? Cheers in advance.
  8. jannism

    Swap out the F10....?

    Me too. For that money, everything else feels like a compromise.
  9. Gotcha, yes I am always suspicious of the dealers but I (at least would like to) think under these circumstances they now have a keenly vested interest to ensure they bear no responsibility themselves should anything go awry. Meanwhile: problems involving affected cars continue... https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/bmw/105051/bmw-egr-recall-owners-spend-months-without-cars-while-waiting-for-repairs
  10. It hasn't ever leaked and, according to the service department at my local BMW dealer, shows no signs that it will. I can't make them change it. Recalls are done as a very last resort to save manufacturers eye-watering amounts of money in the event of a serious incident occurring as a direct result of their getting something wrong. They have stated that in this instance, there is nothing wrong. I don't understand why I shouldn't take this at face value.
  11. This just prompted me to phone the local dealer that checked mine. I mentioned there was conflicting advice as to whether or not the part would be replaced regardless of fault and was told this was not the case. No leaks were found and the EGR was given a clean bill of health so no further action was taken. The DVLA recall website was updated a few days after I was given the all clear. The invoice itself shows the part on it at a cost of 4 hundred and something quid with an actual cost to me of zero, which makes me think they had the part ready just in case given that they had over a month's notice and had (somewhat unusually) secured me a courtesy car for several days, too.
  12. Any of you lot in Norfolk? https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/cooper-bmw-norwich-stores-recalled-bmws-at-showground-1-5905505
  13. Everything you need to know should be covered by this early post from @Someone and the subsequent post from @535i Andrew at the beginning of this thread:
  14. jannism

    DAB reception issues

    I believe it's used for all manner of communications these days but you could be right. Many manufacturers ditched traditional aerials in favour of looping everything into the (usually rear) windscreens. Either way, it's crap where I live.
  15. jannism

    DAB reception issues

    I've never had any problems in London or any urban environment. The combination of DAB signal strength, living in Somerset, and crappy shark fin aerial have been a constant source of disappointment in all my 5s. I'm on my 3rd F series and the reception is patchy at absolute best out in the sticks.