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  1. No probs bud, thanks for getting back
  2. I could be interested if postage becomes an option and if they havent had previous structural repairs. Also, do they really need a refurb?!
  3. Rhysy123

    E39 M5

    Lovely. Keep it.
  4. Rhysy123

    E39 M5 Wanted

    Fail to see what Dennis did to cause a reaction - seemed genuine and decent advice. I think he was just highlighting that the pictures in the first ad were done in poor lighting so it was difficult to judge cosmetic condition. Anyway, as someone who has recently bought an e39 m5, I can't recommend it enough OP!
  5. Rhysy123

    E61 530i - newbie questions

    I wouldn't be at all surprised if the discs/pads are originals. Although nobody ever believes me, my old E60 got to 210k on originals pads and discs. Even then, the rears were only changed because they were showing signs of corrosion.
  6. Did you get around to measuring these? Took it from opening post that you were estimating. Cheers.
  7. Rhysy123

    White F10 M5 - A1 Peterborough

    Lovely looking machine - acknowledged my E39 M5 this morning with a flash of the hazards.
  8. Rhysy123

    2004 E61 545i 6 speed £2,500

    Rare combo. GLWS. Mileage?
  9. Rhysy123

    My 2002 530d Manual Sport Touring - Sold

    Also interested. Cheers.
  10. Rhysy123

    2001 E39 M5 - SOLD

    Very nice indeed. Location? Doesn't show on mobile as far as I can see.
  11. Rhysy123

    Car is no longer for sale

    This looks a nice example. I wish I was in a sensible position to be buying but I really need to shift 2-3 cars! My favourite colour combo too. I know it's personal preference but I really dislike the two-tone seats you often get. GLWS.
  12. Rhysy123

    E39 Touring 530i - Manual

    Thanks Dennis - appreciate it!
  13. Rhysy123

    E39 Touring 530i - Manual

    Hi guys, Looking for a manual e39 touring 530i - ideally with a high spec but I'd consider anything. Won't be my daily runner, just have an itch to try the e39. Open to hear about alternatives (e.g. V8) that don't quite match tick list. Based in East Midlands. Rhys
  14. Rhysy123

    Wheel Offset Data (ET)

    Think it's the opposite if I've understood it correctly, lower offset is more 'aggressive' and sticks out more. Too high an offset will be too far in and catch on your brakes/suspension.
  15. Rhysy123

    Wheel Offset Data (ET)

    As above. The below website is really good for this sort of thing: http://felgenkatalog.auto-treff.com/