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  1. Tom535d

    Opinions on E60 wheels

    Thanks everyone for their opinions - I bought the MV2s yesterday and the courier is picking them up tomorrow from Scotland. Got a decent price drop that made them a no brainer even though they need a refurb. Will run them to see what I think, then potentially have them refurbed. I love the look of Style 128s but cost was a factor here and they go anywhere between £600-£1200 a set from what I've seen in recent months. Thanks all. Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  2. Tom535d

    Opinions on E60 wheels

    Hi all, Just after some opinions really - I've been off the forum for a while (sorry!) I need some new summer tyres for my wheels - I have a reasonably well spec'd 535d SE that has 17" Style 245 alloys. I need 1-2 tyres for it, and they're currently RFTs which I want to ditch. I drive 30k a year on average, and would be reluctant to get some Style 172s even though I love how they look - the cost of tyres and stories of them cracking put me off. I also appreciate ride comfort. I'm considering MV2s with XL tyres (non RFTs) or could get Dunlop Sport Maxx RTs fitted to my 17s for £520 for 4. I'd be loathe to mix RFTs and non-RFTs even though I only really need a pair. Both the MV2s that I am considering and Style 245s really need refurbing (the 245s are in better condition). I have seen a set of Style 172s that look nice but have budget tyres on which I am also not a fan of - they are also gloss black which isn't really my thing to go with metallic monaco blue. Thoughts from everyone appreciated! Am leaning towards the MV2s and getting them refurbed if I like them - have already asked another forum member's opinion which he happily gave! Thanks in advance, Tom
  3. Tom535d

    Turbo recon recommendations

    Singh, let me know if you need me to talk you through this - I replaced both of them with the new Pierburg version and the updated bracket. Yours definitely sounds like a failure of a pressure converter with the clicking, but mine also threw a code as the resistance of the converter was so high so that could be a useful double check. I have a spare working version or the original Bosch unit if you want to buy that off me instead of replacing the pair. Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  4. Tom535d

    Car no longer stuck in garage

    Have you considered buying a tow pole from Halfords? The one that is spring loaded. The other alternative is to rent heavy duty trolley jacks and push it out slowly. I've moved a Galaxy around a garage when I was 17 on either 2/3/4 trolley jacks.Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  5. Tom535d

    535d over fueling mabie ?

    Number 5 is retarding to combat the positives on 4 and 6, I imagine it doesn't idle that smoothly. Look for obvious signs of fuel leakage or run off, soot around the copper sealing washers and avoiding an obvious mechanical failure and history of running issues. It you are concerned I would suggest having the injectors refurbished. I believe they can be ultrasonically cleaned. Keep an eye on this though as they will get worse over time. Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  6. Tom535d

    535d over fueling mabie ?

    You have injectors 4 and 6 with positive deviation and the limit I normal know of is +/- 3 on my old common rail diesel. Can you watch them or get someone to watch as it is being driven? I'd start looking at those cylinders first, inspect the seals for leaks or anything that could affect combustion.Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  7. Tom535d

    Help torque converter removal

    Not being funny but with no details of your car or gearbox and with the attitude that all of your posts so far have come across, what better help did you want? I had no idea of how far you were through the job nor your level or competence so thought my advice was pretty fair to be honest. Personally I tend to thing of forums along the lines of 'you get out what you put in'.
  8. Tom535d

    rear shock?

    You sure it isn't the exhaust moving? Vibration can travel a long way.
  9. Tom535d

    Question about Torque converter please help

    Bought my service kit from them recently and went there to pick it up, they have loads of stuff in stock and I would recommend them.
  10. Tom535d

    Help torque converter removal

    Pick up your wallet and your phone and call a specialist.
  11. Tom535d

    Looking for another 535d Touring

    Baus sounds good bar the active steering!
  12. Tom535d

    bmw specialist Birmingham (westmidlands)

    What do you want done?
  13. Tom535d

    Glow plug module

    I personally recommend routinely tightening the glow plug routinely while you're undoing it, and go for slight tighten before you loosen to keep the thread moving. I personally prefer Plus Gas as a penetrating fluid over WD40. Plus Gas is available at Euro Car Parts.
  14. Strangely mate, they list some bolts for it in the picture of which 21 would come to £48.30. Perhaps they also do not include the sleeve? Having researched this thoroughly before I came up with the part number, I'd personally be sceptical of their listing and phone them to check what you're getting. EDIT: Looking at the part numbers they list, 050121624301 050121627201 S67109025501, these are individual parts and not the kit I referred to earlier. Their link for the basic kit is http://www.incarmotorfactors.co.uk/en/0088-transmission/1117163-bmw-zf-6hp26-basic-transmission-oil-service-kit-bmw-6-speed-automatic-6hp26-28osk0basic.html Looking at their link for the full kit, they list that it is a full service kit as of 2011. I would theorise that this is the 'full' 8700 252 after I initially looked on WebKat (or whatever ZF's catalogue is on their website) to find that part number to begin with. Your call Billy! Tom
  15. I guess that like Billy, if I'm going to go to the effort of going ZF then I may as well stick with exactly what the manufacturer recommends. Not that I mean to belittle anyone's suggestion, it's useful to air everyone's views and for everyone to make their own opinion. I picked my kit up yesterday from Sussex Autos (well, I sent my Mum to grab it) but haven't had chance to see if it has the screws in although he told me on the phone that it does. Will post back later tonight but may not have time for a pic until Sunday/Monday. Matt at Sussex Autos comes highly recommended, and they do post for what I think is £10.95 + VAT.