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  1. Nashy

    Swirl Flaps

    Oops, I think this is from 525d. Any other guides available on the forum?
  2. Nashy

    Swirl Flaps

    I've just found a video on YouTube If this works well then i can give it a go
  3. Nashy

    Swirl Flaps

    Done plenty of work in previous cars and have got quite alot of tools and bits and bobs. If there is a guide then I can attempt it.
  4. Nashy

    Swirl Flaps

    I've just did the search and its come up with N47. Please have a look at the screenshot attached. Also are swirl flaps easy to change our self or have to get it done in the garage? If Garage? then What are the costs I'm likely to look at? The engine has done 117k i think from the top of my head. Thanks alot. Nashy
  5. Nashy

    Swirl Flaps

    My 520d is Manual. At work at the moment. VIN number is the one that's visible on windscreen at the passenger side? Thanks
  6. Nashy

    Swirl Flaps

    Hello Guys, I've got E60, 520d 2008 Model (LCI). I was speaking to a friend of mine who owns 535d and he mentioned that he had the Swirl Flaps removed as it could damage the engine due to breaking off. I've been reading up on the net and on this forum, maybe its just me that's having hard time understanding that some models have it and some doesn't? Is that correct? How would I know if my 520d has it? and also is it worth getting it removed? what are the possible costs? Thanks Nashy
  7. Thank you I've give him a ring later today
  8. Hi @The Situation, I'm not far away from East London, other side of the river around Woolwich area, would you be able to give me the garage's contact details so I can take it in for a repair quote. Thanks
  9. Nashy

    E60 Boot light (pre LCI)

    I'm guessing there are no errors from using these LED's?
  10. Nashy

    E60 Boot light (pre LCI)

    I haven't checked the number plate lights yet, I will try and check it tonight, thanks for the heads up Nashy
  11. Hi all, I've got the 520d Gray M Sport, recently had bit of damage to the car, please see the 3 photos attached. Can I please get help on whats the best way to repair / replace the door and side skirt and of course the recommendation of the garage etc will be good and estimate on how much I'm looking at for the repair. Thanks alot in advance Nashy
  12. Nashy

    E60 Boot light (pre LCI)

    That looks awesome, could do with the extra light in the boot, @HappyDays do you have the URL for the light you purchased?
  13. Nashy

    E60 Boot light (pre LCI)

    Hi @shauney, I've managed to find the root cause of it. 4 wires caused the issue for the boot light and boot lid not closing and kept bouncing back I've attached the photo of the loom. Thanks for pointing out the right direction. Nashy
  14. Nashy

    E60 Boot light (pre LCI)

    Hi @shauney I've got the exact same issue as you. Would you be able to take some pics of where and how you did the repair? My boot light used to flicker when opening the boot and goes out completely when fully open but now the light is completely gone Can you please help with some photos and simple guide? Thanks alot in advance. Nashy
  15. Nashy

    Washer jets not working properly !

    Thanks bud, the step by step process really helped to clean the tank, first time round didnt clean the tank and the bloody mould blocked the filter again with in 10 mins lol so had to do the process twice but 2nd time round flushed out the tank properly till nothing but water was coming out.

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