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  1. Mikeyhc1

    E39 m5 brake judder

    Thanx for the feedback these calipers have been rebuilt by myself so I can't understand why is sticking only after 3k miles. think the next step is to change the brake hoses. Does anyone know how much genuine rubber hoses are. ? I hope my disc is not destroyed either becuase theyes have our been on a few months.
  2. Mikeyhc1

    E39 m5 brake judder

    Belive it or not today. I got to work the car started violently vibrating through the steering wheel. as soon aso I got out the car I could smell hot brakes passenger side front disk is red hot. But I don't understand how a sticking caliper can cause a wobble. surley it would just drag ?
  3. Mikeyhc1

    E39 m5 brake judder

    Hi Hi jagsport I have already replaced the thrust arms with genuine bmw. I'm really scratching my head with this one
  4. Mikeyhc1

    E39 m5 brake judder

    For a while now I've had brake judder through steering wheel and brae pedal from motorway speeds. not at lower speeds. over the past 2 years the car has had front pads and discs (oem) with rebuit calipers, oem thrust arms and track rods. Also more recently tracking and 4 mitchellin pilot sport 3s. Still problem has not gone I know the rear discs are completely past it and we'll over due replacement. but surly they would not cause juddering through the steering wheel as well as brake pedal ?? Now I'm suspecting wheel bearings and maybe center bearing Car has 165k on the clock Can anyone shed any light. Cheers Mike
  5. Mikeyhc1

    M5 running cool after new thermostat

    I opened the expansion tank turned on the ignition to position 2. Heater temp to max. Blower on low and left the aux water pump purge the system. I just left it for 15 minutes. Possibly a combination of all 3 Maybe the leaking air from the manifold was making it run rich.
  6. Mikeyhc1

    M5 running cool after new thermostat

    Update.... Re-bled the cooling system Cleaned thermostat sensor Noticed inlet hose to plenum was hanging off. Car is running at 80c-81c motorway and 84c town center driving Cheers for all the replies. Mite save a few quit on petrol lol
  7. Mikeyhc1

    M5 running cool after new thermostat

    It's still the original rad. But would this cause overheating?
  8. Mikeyhc1

    M5 running cool after new thermostat

    It's still the original rad. But would this cause overheating?
  9. Mikeyhc1

    M5 running cool after new thermostat

    Thankx for all your replies. I will start with cleaning the sensor on top of theach thermostat housing first. I am sure that the thermostat is seated properly. I'm not sure how this step can go wrong as there is only 1 way for it to go in. The M5's thermostat is not like 1 iv ever come across before. I will recommend bleed the cooling system again to be sure. I'll report back tomorrow. Thanx
  10. Having replaced my thermostat with a genuine bmw part the motor is still running cool. 74C and 77C on a motorway run On removing the old thermostat is was not stuck open but decided to replace nevertheless. Both temp sensors were also change. I've checked the auxillary fan and that stays off unless that car is driven hard. Any suggestions will.be greatly recived. Thanx
  11. Mikeyhc1

    Manual Gearbox - Oil Quantity?

    Hi Alex, just searched 530d on Comma And it's states 1.2 liters. You may want to put in your reg to make sure
  12. Does anybody know a decent body shop in Wolverhampton or Birmingham. My Sills and quarter panels are starting to rust and struggling to find a decent garage. Cheers
  13. Mikeyhc1

    M5 clutch replace time

    Also my kit hasn't come with ano allignment tool so have no idea where to get hold of 1.
  14. Mikeyhc1

    M5 clutch replace time

    What do you mean the space installed. The locking plate?
  15. Mikeyhc1

    M5 clutch replace time

    Thanx for the replies. Did your new pressure plate come with a locking plate you have to remove after its bolted to the fly wheel. After some research (from what ive worked out im still not 100%) you only need this tool if 1. Your remove the pressure plate from the flywheel and reuse it 2. If the new pressure plate did not come with a locking plate Cheers