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  1. Quavey

    E60 M5 finally bought

    I thought I had replied to this but obviously no! Mr Vanos in Darlington did mine and a very good service he offers as well. The car hasn't put a foot wrong in the last 12 months, the only fault I've had is PDC. Its always had an intermittent sensor but now since having the front bumper painted and some other body work to tidy it up I've now got a front one that isn't working. More than likely just a bad connection but in the grand scheme of things I can just look out of the window rather than relying on the car to tell me where a wall is! I did initially thing it was the module but as 6 sensors are working and ive got one at each end not working that points more towards those two sensors.
  2. Quavey

    E60 M5 finally bought

    Bit of an update, I had the rod bearings replaced back in October and some paintwork in December to get rid of a tiny rust bleb, a bad scratch and a scruffy front bumper - it now looks brilliant and I'm much happier with it. Coupled with the all clear from rod bearing failure (they wernt too bad when removed but were ready to be changed) makes for a much less stressful ownership experience. Ownership over the last 10 months has been basically painless, a small issue with some water ingress into the boot turned out to be a tail light seal but sadly this appears to have finished of the PDC module so that is currently the only issue. I've now done around 3000 miles in it.
  3. Quavey

    E60 M5 finally bought

    All good so far! Apologies for the delay I hadn’t seen the reply. PDC has actually resolved its self. The rear left sensor is the culprit I think in the winter months it got a drop of water in it. I think I’ve done 1100 miles or so in it and no issues to report. The only strange thing is that it hasn’t used any oil according to the dash display. I’ve made it recalculate twice and it’s come back at the same figure. However I have to say my usage of the car is probably not typical of many owners. I tend to use the car once a week and we go somewhere for a day and then come back more often than not with the family so I don’t drive it hard. In fact it’s not even that bad on fuel, I’m a little bit ashamed and proud at the same time to admit that the dash display a combined of just over 20mpg! I still need to get the paint work sorted out on it but finding an evening when I and my tame bodywork guy are free and we can both be bothered is not easy!
  4. Quavey

    E60 M5 Kickplates

    Thank you! Are they a specific M5 part? I will have a closer look at how bad each of them are and get back to you.
  5. Quavey

    E60 M5 Kickplates

    Hi Guys, Would it be possible to get a price for the kick plates/trims from inside the door for my 2005 E60 M5? One or two look to have water damage could you give me a price for all 4 but individually please? I'm assuming they are different to an Msport one? Thanks
  6. Quavey

    E39 M5 market

    Things have changed dramatically over the years. Back in 2012 I bought an 02 in 118k for £6900 and sold it in 2014 for £7500 on 127k. Asking prices have been raising in a big way but the actual money changing hands for cars? I'm not so sure. As mentioned above its a 160k example so its getting up there and whilst its had a large amount of work done its quite a large amount of money for a private buyer to stump up for what is a higher mileage car. I'm not saying the lower mileage ones are any better but dealers these days offer more protection than ever due to the new rules that came in fairly recently where as buying privately still carries all the risk. The other problem again is now so many people have 10k in cash knocking around, many many people would need to buy on a loan or with a card etc and dealers can offer this. I will echo your thoughts on autotrader though, its dead for the private seller IMHO. I had my Range Rover Supercharged on there on a £60 advert and not a single call or email I couldn't believe it! Eventually sold it through Facebook! Ebay full of the half price brigade, but more specialist websites such as pistonheads can be good for cars like an E39 M5. Its all been said above but take some new pictures with the little bits tidied up, perhaps take it for a full detail it is amazing how good they look after that and it really makes a potential buyer the car has been kept in a showroom like condition all its life. Lastly the wording in your add, in all honesty I could cut the waffle out. There is no need to explain about the lack of notchiness in not having a short shift kit. Just say "Upgraded Genuine F10 Illuminated gear knob" and also the list of work done on that big service. "Extensive preventative maintenance performed, rod bearings, timing chain guides etc etc by renowned specialist phil crouch. " The problem is people just don't read the wall of text.
  7. Quavey

    2000 E39 M5 - auction sale £24k...

    At first glance I thought the screen was aftermarket with the chrome. To be honest the interior looks to have a considerably number of scuff marks etc which I think a good detailer should be able to sort? Plus the leather does look quite tired in the front I'm sure with the right knowledge and products that can be vastly improved and you'd expect it on a car of this "value". It might not have done many miles but it appears to have done quite a few hours!
  8. Quavey

    2000 E39 M5 - auction sale £24k...

    They got rid of the parrot and changed the gear knob! Also is it me but what is going on with the stereo volume knob and the menu selection knob? They look massive and chrome?
  9. Quavey

    E60 M5 finally bought

    It was in at the main dealer on Friday for a small recall job and they couldn't fault the car in any way. (Very unusual!) I've not really used it much this week or weekend with the snow etc any journeys have been reserved for the Navara. I can't wait for the weather to improve. Currently still have the PDC fault, annoyingly the sensor I ordered turned up as an exhaust flexi pipe from something so that was very helpful! That has been returned and I am waiting for the actual sensor to come so I can fix the bong of doom.
  10. Quavey

    E60 M5 finally bought

    This is it, that is with Dr Vanos in Darlington and they are a well respected M specialist. At the risk of tempting fate, there will be cheaper options to complete this job its just trusting someone to work on a mighty S85! I'm going to do the oil analysis soon and see how it stands and then consider my options. Not that I want to spend that money on it but I have factored in the case that I might have to. I think it would add to the value of the car as further peace of mind etc. The worst bit about the s85 is that it sounds rough as old boots when it starts and at idle, it could easily be a 530d! Touch the throttle and the change in engine tone is unbelievable! I looked at 5 cars and all sounded just as rough as one another - certainly nothing like a V8!. The cars I viewed varied from 40k to over 100k and all sounded just as bad as the rest!
  11. Quavey

    E60 M5 finally bought

    I have decided to roll the dice, a warranty is probably very expensive with the age and mileage. I am pretty mechanically sympathetic so tend not to work cars too hard. I have also bought this car carefully and its had many of the big ticket items done, 80k now with a clutch at 63k, SMG pump and vanos oil lines at 70 and throttle actuators at 77k (along with a full service including plugs) Brakes and tyres also at 77k which leaves me with only the rod bearings to worry about. I have been quoted £1200 for those but I do believe that ownership, letting the warm up and driving it gently from cold with the correct oil and observing regular oil change intervals helps. One example with dead bearings was down to someone resealing the sump with some rubbish which had broken up and blocked the oil inlet pipes thus starving the engine of oil. Whilst I acknowledge they are known for it I do believe abused multi owner cars that have not been looked after properly will be more seceptable to the problem than a low owner long term owned car This particular car has had the last owner for 10 years who has looked after it well with the same mechanic for most of those 10 years. Having spoken extensively with the mechanic who said it had been his wedding car and that if he were in the market for one it would be the one he would buy I am filled with some confidence. However, worst case I watched an 05 with 90k on with a broken timing chain go on ebay for more than £8k the other day and whilst I paid a considerably amount more than that even a dead one does still have some value! My next plan, once its done a few more miles, is to send some of the oil off for analysis which should be a good indication of the bearing condition also I have discussed with a tame mechanic fitting an oil pressure gauge to see how things are doing in there.
  12. Quavey

    E60 M5 finally bought

    It is miles better with the gateway, when I bought my house it was on the assumption it would be built, took a couple of years longer than I anticipated but I bet it saves me 20 minutes a day and I don't go at rush hour!. However with greyhound bridge closed its causing chaos for the next few months! I had a 650i a couple of years ago as I said and what an engine, auto of course but it was one rapid car. Not the same as E60, but it was easily as quick as the E39 M5 and sounded wonderful. Mine was pretty much totally reliable, would manage 32mpg on a run and it was monstrously quick for what it was.
  13. Quavey

    E60 M5 finally bought

    Cheers guys. I live near Lancaster so not far from you @d_a_n1979 @zarnd I bet it sounds amazing, to be fair it is now my "family" weekend car so with a 2 year old it needs to keep it fairly tame and to keep the boss happy. I am quite surprised at how loud it is on its standard exhaust! Pleased with it so far, I was intending on washing it today but time has run away with me. Its booked in for a recall on Friday on its battery cable so I better get it clean before we head up there!
  14. Quavey

    E60 M5 finally bought

    So I've been thinking about this for years now, infact I have a thread on here two years ago where I was mulling it over but I've finally done it. For me the story of an E60 M5 goes back more 12 years to a strange time in life when I was considering a career change from IT into the automotive side of things. I ended up applying for an apprenticeship at the tender age of 18 and getting down to the final two. Part of the end of the selection process was to spend two weeks working at a main dealer. I have to say a huge thanks to the master tech at this dealer as I learnt so much in those two weeks about the principals of car diagnosis and how to use. Sadly it wasn't meant to be, I found out the other guy was a relation of the owners of the dealer so really I didn't have a choice which was a shame. Interestingly despite the time I still remember many of the cars we worked on. KDS on an E46 M3 that had been bumped, an early 136bhp 320d with running problems (MAF), a 750il in for battery drain issues (she was a thing of beauty), an E60 with active cruise control, but by far the best one was an E60 M5 in Silver. They were nearly new back then, I seem to recall we fitted a tracker to it. However the treat for me was the master tech took me out in it for a test drive. Looking back I feel sorry for its owner but it was jolly exciting. Lets call the tech Dave, Dave thought he would impress me with this car so off we trundled through Blackpool and once it was warm he gave it an absolute boot full on what was a fairly busy road with small shops either side. I'm not sure if it was in 400 or 500bhp but it was in manual and it must have been at least S4 or S5 and as you might imagine it absolute leapt down the road to 8250rpm at which point Dave had been so overwhelmed by the performance he had forgotten which paddle to pull. This must have only been for a fraction of a second but it felt like a life time. The noise was incredible and when he did remember which paddle to pull the shift into 2nd and the resulting acceleration was a memory I've distinctly held on to all these years. Obviously back then the idea of owning an E60 M5 was utter fantasy. I had an E39 M5 a few years ago and whilst a wonderful car it was getting tired so I swapped it for an E63 650i. I do always wonder if I should have borrowed some money and had an M6 but I've never been a fan of owing money on cars especially as my cars tend to sit all week as I have a company pickup that I use for work. The M5 had crossed my radar again at this point but it was also beyond my budget at that time. After 3 years I swapped the E63 (disclaimer here, the 650i was a superbly capable car here and we both miss it dearly) for a Supercharged Range Rover which was great for doing a tour of Scotland and for family work but it was pretty numb and seriously thirsty and not really that fast. I also had a 330ci Msport which I used for track days but the cost of running two cars (as I have for the last 6 years) had begun to grate on me plus I was at risk of loosing a parking space. I went some through the obvious of what other fast saloon which would provide family space with some fun for me and really there is only one car, an M5 and with the F10 beyond my budget we came back to my old friend the E60. So to my E60, well I happened to join a group and naturally when you say you are interested in buying a car the inbox is rapidly filled with people trying to offload all sorts of rubbish but there was one message of a nice looking car that had plenty of work done over the years and the last owner for 10 years. It was with great excitement I first went to see this car and whilst the pictures look good the exterior cosmetic condition was befitting of its 13 years on the road. Not bad, but not perfect. However luckily I have a tame bodyshop man who will sort out some of the passage of time. It was worth noting that I hadn't actually been in an M5 or M6 E6x since that initial encounter all those years ago but my word it was just as impressive as I remember. Quite an achievement for a car that's a few years old. The car was mechanically wonderful and very well maintained and the only one of the 5 I viewed that didn't have some sort of error on the dash or obvious fault. The problem then was finding a buyer for my other two cars but things fell into place to allow me to finally go and collect the E60 last Monday. It was in Scotland, so a friend and I managed to dodge the snow of the previous week and despite having to dig it out of the previous owners drive my very first driving experience of an E60 m5 was to drive it through the snow onto the main road. Certainly a baptism of fire (ice?) but off we trundled in 400bhp auto default mode. It felt wonderful, even in Mong mode as we could call it. Standard for an E60 there wasn't much fuel in it so a quick fill up and we hit the road to get home before the weather got any worse. In our younger days we might have gone for it on the motorway but it was nice to cruise down the M74 and M6 in superb comfort and it even managed 24.5mpg which I was very impressed by. In similar conditions the Supercharged Range Rover might have done 21mpg if I was very lucky. I did give it a little tickle at one point, we both agreed it was a quick car. 15 minutes later I started to chuckle, realising it was still in 400bhp mode... Since collecting I've done 500 miles in her and apart from the PDC failing (irritating but a fact of life on older cars) its been wonderful. I have rapidly learnt to use the SMG box and in full crazy mode it still one hugely impressive car. Dad had a little go and needed 5 minutes to sit to let the Adrenalin go down. As you might imagine friends old and new have appeared out of the woodwork, very few having experienced a true 500bhp car all have been impressed. It is the only car I've ever owned that I've genuinely thought this is seriously quick and had to learn to respect from the first day. I cant believe just how much more power there is than the E39 M5 and the 650i. Yours, a smitten owner 1 week in.
  15. Quavey

    E87 2008 116i Vanos O Rings

    Hi Chaps, Could I have a price for the O'rings for the vanos solenoids? It has an N43B16 I believe they are fairly unique parts, not the same as the rest of the engines. Part numbers I think are: 11367548320 (24x4.5) 11367561852 (20x1.5) A price for two of each please!