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  1. nedjones

    High level brake light

    The red brake light lights up the back window which means you are then unable to see out of the back window. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I got my new 535d last Tuesday and am very pleased. I have one issue which I would like to check if this is the same on all F10s. When it is dark and I brake, the high level brake light lights up the back window. This didn't happen on my E60 or on other cars. Is this normal? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. nedjones

    A Glaze treatment

    Is it worth having? Have a new car arriving soon and have been offered A-Glaze at a reduced price of £299.
  4. nedjones

    New car ordered

    Currently own a 535d M Sport E60 (pre lci). It's now 10 years old, just done 90k but still going strong. It's carbon black and has the following options: HUD Active steering TV Sunroof Fold down seats and ski hatch Advanced voice control Adaptive Xenon lights It's been a great car for the past 6 years but it's now time for a new car. Have just placed an order for a new 535d Luxury, due for delivery on 1st Sept. Have gone with the following options: Mediterranean Blue Venetian Beige HUD - Once you have this on a car, you won't be able to go back. VDC - Found my current car quite a hard ride, even without RFT, so wanted the ability to change the ride. Comfort Seats - Wanted the extra comfort and adjustability, 6'3", 19st - not made for small cars Harmon/Kardon speakers - hope it's worth the cost LED lights - look fantastic, find out later in the year if they are as good as they claim Driving Assistant Plus - I'm a geek Reversing Camera - didn't need the parking pack as I can park but thought the camera would be useful Speed Limit Display Managed to over £12k off the list price using a quote from Carwow at my local BMW dealer in Guildford. Nearly went for Audi A6 but their estimated delivery was December, couldn't wait that long! Now all I need to do is wait, like being a kid at christmas. In the mean time have a 2 week holiday to look forward to a new job.