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  1. barryblue

    Body shop In East Manchester

    I need to get the jalopy's jacking points, sills and rear arches sorted. Some new panels and a respray. I am looking for recommendations from Bury moving eastwards around the M60 to Stockport. Thanks
  2. barryblue

    E39 Project Bits

    Hello, Please could you give me a quote for the following list of parts Part No: Quantity Description 51168193949 4 SIDE WINDOW SUN BLIND HOOK 7119906720 6 Fillister head self-tapping screw 51168191679 2 SUN BLIND SUPPORT 7119906748 6 Fillister head self-tapping screw 51168200982 2 FIXED SUN BLIND HOOK 7119936410 2 Washer 65138375008 2 Fillister head screw 7146977946 2 Fillister head screw 51168202819 1 LEFT SUN BLIND SUPPORT 51168202820 1 RIGHT SUN BLIND SUPPORT 51417015015 8 DOOR WINDOW RAILING CLIP 7129925765 8 PRESTOL-CAGE 7119907925 8 Fillister head self-tapping screw 51218206541 4 SUN BLIND CLIP 51168237530 4 spacer hook roller blind side window 51228216805 1 LEFT SUN BLIND CLIP 51228216806 1 Right sun blind clip 51347078471 1 REAR LEFT DOOR COVER WITH SWITCH 51347078472 1 REAR RIGHT DOOR COVER WITH SWITCH 7149149399 10 Fillister head screw 63171367868 10 Expanding nut 51218245090 4 Fillister head screw 51712496657 1 Cover, wheel housing, rear left 51712496658 1 Cover, wheel housing, rear right Thanks.
  3. barryblue

    4x wheel centre caps for style 37 wheels.

    Hello Paddy, I have tried to PM you with both advanced and basic uploaders with no joy. I have a Paypal account. The error I got 'You must enter their name in the appropriate field fully.' but your name is automatically in the field! Regards, Barry
  4. barryblue

    4x wheel centre caps for style 37 wheels.

    Hello Paddy, I am interested in purchasing these from you. How do we proceed? Thanks, Barry
  5. barryblue

    Polishing headlights

    I restored mine last summer using wet & dry papers as the headlight beam was an advisory on the MOT. I used the following grades 1000/2000/3000/5000 to remove all the blemishes. Then I sealed them with SprayMax Headlight Sealer and SprayMax 2K Clear Coat from Ayce Systems Ltd