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  1. steve911

    530i and 520i G30 difference?

    Different pistons would be quite a big change, is this to do with the extra heat/stress of the higher tune...are they forged over say cast in the 520 as if so that a pretty significant difference (and more expensive to change then swapping for a bigger turbo).
  2. steve911

    BMW Alloys vs 3rd Party Alloys

    i've got the standard bmw v spoke 642 wheels in silver, don't look nearly as good as yours.
  3. steve911

    BMW Alloys vs 3rd Party Alloys

    I have just had BMW 18's delivered from Germany and can confirm they just clear m sport blue callipers on the 540i. I have 245/45 18's and in hindsight I would go 19's next time as: 1. more space around the calliper 2. my 17 inch winters on my f11 m sport would take the same snow chains as the 19 inch wheel option......for some strange reason the 18's need th next size up on snow chains....theres another 200 quid! 3. 18's do look pretty crap hone you are use to the 20's! Steve PS no way would 17's fit the G31 540i, they just cleared the brakes on the f11 however one wheel has a score on the inside where a stone must of lodged between the calliper and wheel...it was also very tight fit, hence recommend 19's.
  4. steve911

    540i M-Sport touring with m sport plus

    fantastic, thanks for the response
  5. I’ve just ordered a set of 18 inch winter wheels and tyres however having looked at my callipers and previous posts now not sure they will clear the callipers. does anyone know definitively if 18’s will clear the brakes? I have read conflicting posts, some say min 19 sone say 18. Uk car with m sport plus pack currently running 20’s. i did ask the dealer for a quote and they did quote me 18’s however concerned that they have quoted me and the 540’s are an exception to the rest of the range with larger brakes? thanks steve
  6. steve911

    V-Power for 540i?

    Being lazy I could probably search fo this however.... Just picked up a new 540i sport touring and filled it with V power. Whats the general consensus with this engine is there any noticeable improvement with V power or do most stick with standard? The motorbike runs far better with vPower however having had diesel cars for the past 15 years not sure if its worth it with the car. I'm sure over the next few days pointless trips for milk and bread will allow me to drain the tank and try standard very soon :)
  7. steve911

    4 more sleeps

    waited all day and told at 5.00pm that the car will now be ready tomorrow.....one more sleepless night for me! Have seen a pic of the actual car and v.excited, thanks for all the comments Steve
  8. steve911

    4 more sleeps

    in a moment of boredom I accidentally found myself in a BMW dealer last week looking at F11's and before I new it I was on my way home having placed a deposit! I had a 530d a few years back and decided it was time to get back into a new one so am now vey excited. I went for a car that was in the system as I could have it in two weeks (not a patient man) however it will have 19 inch wheels and m sport suspension. I asked if they could find one with VDC but there wasn't one available at that time. Whats the ride like...will I regret this! I usually fit winter tyres (usually drive to the alps in winter), I was thinking of going for a non BMW winter tyre and wheel package, probably on either 17 or 18's. Has anyone done this and could recommend a good place, apart from looks I'm assuming 17's are the way to go? Thanks for all your help....I didn't test drive one so lets hope I like the drive Steve