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    hello from online wheels

    no problem mate
  2. onlinewheels

    hello from online wheels

    Hi Robsey29 thanks for the welcome we are based in Northern Ireland but we ship wheels all over europe. we do not have a physical shop just a warehouse and offices as most of our sales are trade and web based, however if any Northern Ireland members wish to call at our office I can take them and show them any of our wheels. Regarding replica wheels all our wheels are JWL VIA approved and come with 6 months warranty we accept returns if any customer is not happy with the wheels as long as they do not fit tyres as this marks the wheels and then can not be sold on as new. Regarding the shocking quality I assume you are talking about cracking wheels. The main cause of cracked wheels is running run flat tyres the side wall is too hard and with the extra vibration causes wheels to crack. Replica wheels is not the only wheels to crack you only have to google BMW cracked wheels in google and page after page comes up about original BMW wheels cracking again this is due to the run flat tyres. We recomend that no one use run flats here is just a few links to have a read up on http://whatconsumer.co.uk/forum/consumer-rights-television-programmes/7790-bbc-watchdog-some-bmw-wheels-all-theyre-cracked-up.html http://www.whatcar.com/car-news/bmw/3-series/cracks-prompt-bmw-wheel-review/1197865 Hope this helps and as I said we stand over all our wheels so forum members can buy wheels with confidence and know that they have us to fall back on. thanks Barry
  3. onlinewheels

    hello from online wheels

    thanks mate
  4. onlinewheels

    hello from online wheels

    many thanks for pointed that out already sent an email to admin
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    hello from online wheels

    Hi BMW5 members we would just like to take a moment to introduce ourselves as a new wheel vendor on the forum. I will be posting special offers for members in our section and in the wheel and tyre section over the coming days. If any of you require wheels please do let us know and also if any of the members have any questions about their current wheels or setups and would like some fitting information please do send us a PM and we would be glad to help looking forward to being involved on BMW5 many thanks Barry onlinewheels.co.uk