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  1. mohammed fas kiyani

    Hazards lights flashing

    Sorry also to mention. When i unplug the bonnet switch its fine the indicators dont flash. When i lock the car.
  2. mohammed fas kiyani

    Hazards lights flashing

    Could it be the bonnet switch or not. Could i just change the relay over? Where is its location. Many thanks
  3. mohammed fas kiyani

    Hazards lights flashing

    Hi guys hope ur all well. Got a little issues. When i leave the car parked up and alarmed up. The indictor lights start flashing after a while. There is no sound just indictors flashing. Any ideas? Doing my head in.
  4. mohammed fas kiyani

    Battery Drain Problem Update - Sat Nav/Radio

    Hi guys hope ur all well. I had a problem with the battery going flat over night a few months ago. It was the heater fsu. Never knew what was happening until one day i switched the car off and tried to listen to any noise. There was a slight buzzing sound coming from the heater controls. Searched goggle and youtube abt it. They all mentioned the headgehog fsu. Replaced it and everything works fine. Might be worth a look.
  5. mohammed fas kiyani

    Factory suspension

    Mmmmmmmm Ok Thanks Clavurion
  6. mohammed fas kiyani

    Factory suspension

    Thanks Clavurion So would the m sport shocks be the same for the petrol and diesal because of the engine weight difference between them.
  7. mohammed fas kiyani

    Factory suspension

    Hi guys hope your all well. Have a question Whats the difference between m sport suspension and m sport suspension ll ? Was just checking REALOEM parts for my car which is 2003 525i m sport. It lists 2 different part numbers for shocks. Real oem attachment vindecorder
  8. mohammed fas kiyani

    To all the newbies :-)

    Hi welcome to the group.
  9. mohammed fas kiyani


    Hi hope u feeling better and well now. yes is mohammedfas@hotmail.co.uk Thanks I might be going to stoke on trent tomorrow. Not sure yet. Email me ur mobile number too please
  10. mohammed fas kiyani


    Hi mike how u doing hope ur well. Did u get any photos of the exhaust. Many thanks
  11. mohammed fas kiyani


    Thanks Dan. What are boge like? I think this is the real part number: 31311096857 for m sport suspension.
  12. mohammed fas kiyani


    Hi Mike no rush. Im in no hurry anyway. Hope u get well soon. Take care. Im in Reading Berkshire so getting to leeds will be a issue anyway. Long journey lol
  13. mohammed fas kiyani


    Hi guys hope ur all well. Right euro car parts dont sell m sport shocks so be carefull when ordering. After i fitted my sachs front shocks and the height being to high. With help from this forum thank u. Found out euro car parts only sell standard shocks. Hav to repay labour and return them they have accepted there fault. Is there anywhere else i could get m sport shocks guys. And any make u guys recommed. Thank you
  14. mohammed fas kiyani


    I liked the look before. But a friend of mine said it should drop abit, let it settle. Let see. Dont really like it being high up lol. Yeah found a exhaust from Mike lets see. Thanks for all ur help
  15. mohammed fas kiyani


    Thank you mike. Where abts r u based. Could u send me some pics on 07769553987. What price u looking at. Thank u