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  1. High Lander

    E39 Buying Guide

    On the touring, check the glass hatch opens with the button under the wiper
  2. High Lander

    Don't buy an EIS radiator

    Well the vendor refunded me after I left a snotty review on Trust Pilot so that's something
  3. High Lander

    Don't buy an EIS radiator

    As predicted vendor not interested because it was older than their 12 month warranty. Speaking to my local independent, ex dealership mechanic and he says he never uses them as they always send the wrong parts. I guess you live and learn. On the upside I have OEM radiator and header tank installed now and got rid of the chavvy hire car. Very glad to be back behind the wheel of my shabby old BMW
  4. High Lander

    Don't buy an EIS radiator

    Yeah, will teach me to be a cheapskate - 32 valve quad cam 286bhp V8 deserves the very best!
  5. High Lander

    Don't buy an EIS radiator

    I think the Hella and BEHR unit are essentially the same. Aye will have a go with trying to get refund, but pretty sure the standard 12 month warranty will apply. Won't go back to ECP, they keep supplying the wrong parts. Getting part numbers from RealOEM then searching them on eBay seems to work well. Heading home with cable ties still in place and crack still sealed - wish me luck
  6. High Lander

    E39 M5 alloy radiator and LED main beam - Update Video

    Many thanks for the feedback on the Direnza. Looks Gucci AF but thanks to you I will be sticking with OEM
  7. High Lander

    Don't buy an EIS radiator

    1500 mile road trip and my EIS radiator cracks up. Less than 2 years old and not fit for purpose. Currently lashed together with fat cable ties a friendly trucker gave me at a motorway services on Sunday night. Have more sophisticated bodging materials in case this fails, but since it's sealed the leak I'm loth to mess with it until I get home and can do the job properly with a new BEHR rad
  8. High Lander

    E39 Buying Guide

    "* V8s not worth the extra. 2.8iSE and newer 3.0iSE is as far as you need to go" LOL V8 is definitely, definitely worth the extra
  9. High Lander

    LSD conversion for E39 540iT6

    I don't have any expertise in this area, but I know Quaife build bomb proof LSD's
  10. High Lander

    540i cuts out after hot start

    I had a dog of a 535i that used to do this - never did get to the bottom of it. It felt like a fuelling problem.
  11. High Lander

    E39 1998 SLS Uneven air suspension

    Whether you believe the air shock is good or not, I'd change it anyway and see where that gets you. If it's not the shock it has to be the pipework to the compressor as Fred suggests
  12. High Lander

    Original phone.

    You can get credit card sized sims, with the wee Sim in the middle, and the micro Sim in the middle of that. Most Sims come that way, but you just snap it out without thinking about it! My phone is totally dead no matter what I do, checked fuses etc but can't get it to power up
  13. High Lander

    Glass Sunroof

    Hello folks My glass sunroof is rogered, not shut properly and now won't move at all. Doesn't let water in fortunately, but makes a noise when I go over 80mph (on track days, obviously...). Looking to replace the whole cartridge because I can't be doing with the downtime required to take it apart, inspect, order parts, fit them, then put it all back together. Anyone got one please? Or know any tricks to do the job? Mostly when I try to remove internal trim on cars I end up breaking things Cheers, Aaron
  14. High Lander

    E39 540i Misfire Rough Running

    Result! Get a full S/S system in from someone who knows what they're doing and move on. Cats on these beasts break up and can block outflow significantly. E39 exhausts are built to last and it's likely that you're still running the original pipes she left the factory with. Custom built S/S normally about half the price of a full OEM system (around £2k), but that assumes that it's built to the right spec, as NWJW suggests tolerances appear to be quite fine. So there's a decision to made there. Glad you've found a solution.
  15. High Lander

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Ummm, no I didn't - that would have been half the price