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  1. 02 540

    *Sold* £2600 2002 E39 540i SE Auto 141k miles

    Thanks guys appreciate the comments, hoping the reduction will prompt some interest.
  2. 02 540

    *Sold* £2600 2002 E39 540i SE Auto 141k miles

    Reduced price to £2600, will leave it exclusive to forum members for a day or so. Thanks,
  3. *now sold* *Reduced price to £2600 in the hope i will get a bit of interest as theres been none so far. I'll Leave it on here for a day or so in case a member wants to snap it up then ill get an ebay advert live.* Hi All, listing my e39 540i se for sale that ive owned for almost 6 years now. Its been a second car for most of this time and ive covered around 10k in my ownership of the 141k. Specs are tu 4.4l engine, autobox, topaz blue, sand beige electric memory sport seats, auto lights, auto wipers, front & rear pdc. Lots of work done under my ownership, brake pipes front to rear, rear disc/handbrake shoes/flexi hose, fuel filter, front thrust arms, arb bushes, arb drop links, water pump, pulley belts, viscous fan, chain tensioner, top radiator hose, usual service items spark plugs, air filter, cabin filter etc..., previous to me owner had the valley pan gasket done and a new radiator. Im sure ive forgotten something but it's all documented with receipts. Generally the car is good in terms of body work, no surface rust on the arches, small amount around the boot lock. Box sections have been wax oiled twice while ive had the car and i havent used it in winter for the last 3 years. Tyres are Goodyear Eagle f1 at the back with a few thousand miles tread left and Hankook ventus prime at the front with good tread. Also a set of Maxxis winter tyres on turbines can be included in the sale for the right price. Selling as another money pit in human form is on the way! £2600. Welcome any questions or things to add to the post. Edit *3 keys: 2 remote, 1 valet key. Location Bradford, West Yorks* Ross
  4. 02 540

    Looking for an E34 Touring please

    Hi Friend of my dad has an e34 525ix that he might be willing to part with. Think its a '93 with reasonable miles on it. Whats your budget?
  5. 02 540

    Wanted E39 535/540

    Hi Pricey, my 540i is for sale (although not currently advertised). Id be looking for a touch over £3k but if you are interested message me. 2002 141k miles, topaz blue, electric sand beige leather, sunroof, auto lights and wipers. Couple of aftermarket PDCs and washer fluid level sensor tempremental but thats it. Edit: in Bradford, West Yorks. Ross
  6. Have got the rear lights if you dont manage to sort from above. P.s. thanks for the headlights, received Wednesday.
  7. As above please. Looking for a good condition one at a reasonable price. Thanks in advance.
  8. 02 540

    E39 525i M sport breaking Titan silver

    Is the passenger side headlight available please? Assuming its a facelift and good condition. Cheers
  9. 02 540

    Rain Sensor Dead? - E39 Sport Touring

    I had this issue on mine. I re-initialised it using INPA and its worked ever since.
  10. 02 540

    Xenon confusion!

    Thanks guys. Does anyone want to buy a set of xenon headlights?
  11. 02 540

    Xenon confusion!

    Could I ask, I need a new headlight (broken glass) and my current is halogen. Ive been offered a xenon headlight, will my halogen bulb holders just fit right in?
  12. Congrats on the sale lightspout. A friend of mine has just bought an e34 525ix, what kind of money do they fetch when in good nick? Its a '94 with roughly 110k on it. Cheers.
  13. 02 540

    The E39 gearbox issues poll..

    Mines a bit of a mongrel as its a facelift but I put a used pre-facelift gearbox and ecu in it so maybe not the best point of reference. It used to do the change down to 1st only when warmed up so I wondered if it was something to do with the fluid temperature. The AC trick also worked with mine but I wasnt clever enough to put a switch on it, probably why I got 17 mpg urban!
  14. 02 540

    The E39 gearbox issues poll..

    Robocop, have you noticed the bang when coming to a stop ties in the the car then pulling away in 1st? Mine did this until it died but my used replacement doesn't and it sets off in 2nd when warmed up. I cant put my finger on why it would do it though? I think im correct in that setting off in 2nd is how it should be.