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    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Christmas did not go so well this year, ran out of skill in the snow with a heavily laden car. One of those annoying slow motion spills where you get to watch your hard work come to pieces. The damage wasn't actually so bad; engine was untouched, fan spins freely. The sweet irony being the snowplow clearing by all of a minute later. If it weren't for the rust I'd have started rebuilding, but there is rust, hence I've spent the last month looking for 530d with low miles and a relatively clean body to transfer parts into. Turns out almost all E39s have some rust somewhere, so it became a game of finding the easiest to redeem. This came up locally a couple of days ago: It's not the cleanest, but it has promise and the price was fair at 2k. 130k miles, gear box oil changed, vortex breather, turbo reconditioned (as precaution), vacuum lines, engine mounts, rear wheel bearings, rear suspension arms and bags, new windscreen. Folder full of receipts, and reasonable MOT history. There are some bad bits: A replacement bumper has already been ordered. The Style 66s have had a nasty rattle-can respray, and the tyres are not legal. Under trays are missing, replacements already ordered. Traction control light came on after about 10 min on the dual carriage way, which I am hoping is the worn tyres, will be cleaning sensors as a precaution. Something is rubbing on the drive train, an annoying tick like a skipping CD, will getting under it today to investigate. Headlight adjusters were dead, but I had a spare set which have already gone in. The clips for the trim around the rear window have broken, and the trim is rattling, a lot. Auto dim on the mirror is permanently on. The left side mirror glass is loose, and vibrating above about 50 mph. The bonnet is full of stone chips and small dents. While irritating, these problems are easily fixable. It helps to have a donor car. Step one has been to solve the anaemic wheel problem, and get some decent rubber on there: I had a set of E38 staggered style 32s refurbished for the last car, so these went straight on, with 10 mm spacers at the rear and 15 mm up front. I'll get the 66s refurbished, and a good set of snow tyres... It's off to the body shop next week to get the bonnet and some peeling lacquer resprayed, and to have sills and arches done. There's just a little little rust showing, which I want to get ahead of. I'll try to document all this. Once the bodywork is sorted, the mechanical fun can begin, with a manual conversion very high on the list.
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    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Hi @Sagnak I have this working in mine now. I will try to write a proper update tomorrow. There are a few more tables than just the duty cycle that needed changing. @TheEnd has been helping me with this over the summer, he has all the information you will need. Enda's contact details are here: https://www.endtuning.com/contact/ try calling.
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    From the album: 530d LF03

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    From the album: 530d LF03

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    From the album: 530d LF03